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On her walls lied the wanted posters of dozens, no hundreds of wanted criminals throughout the Grand line. Some of the most fearsome beasts the world has ever known stared at her, day in and day out. It was kind of a quirk of her's developed through her previous occupation; bounty hunting. It allowed her to visualize her target and mentally prepare herself to slaughter each and every one of them.

Days following the release of the March 25th, 1576 New Coo Vice-Admiral Nakano Takeko found herself updating her wall with new wanted posters. "Be it today or in the upcoming decade, I will kill all you..." she thought to herself, replacing many of her old posters with newer ones. Upon picking up another poster, she had noticed a new face would be joining her collection. "Scum like you are even worse. A king who does not serve his people is not worthy of the position. Frederick Barbarossa, your days are numbered."

And she meant those words. In the upcoming days, Takeko dedicated her time to locating the infamous giant. While his bounty was not large by her standards, it was rare to acquire a bounty exceeding one-hundred million for his crime; especially with no reference to his combat powers. In the eyes of most bounty hunters, Barbarossa is probably a fish not even worth fighting for as his bounty probably did not truly correlate to his skill. But to Takeko, the amount was insignificant. She had a feeling if this beast was not put to rest, he'd only bring about more chaos.

Through her skills she attained during his days navigating through the sea alone along with the expendable resources of the Navy and World Government, it would not take long for Takeko to catch onto Barbarossa's scent. Like wolf stalking a lamb, she patiently waited her time. Following him back to Paradise, Barbarossa's destination eventually became very clear: Little Garden.

Eventually reaching the island herself, Takeko had the crew remain at sea as she knew they'd be no match for a beast of his proportions. "Don't let the ship sink while I'm gone." she commanded, before leaping off the ship. But rather than summoning a loud splash, Takeko gently landed on the surface of the sea, standing tall as if it were solid ground.

"So this is the power of the Ninja Arts. The ability to walk on the sea?!?" one of her subordinates noted, completely blown away by her exceptional skill. But the fact remained aloof to the young soldier as her talent as a ninja had nothing to do with the former. It was a product of her unique uniform; a custom Marine-designed Raid Suit. The power to travel through any surface with no restraint was at her disposal.

Crossing the sea, Takeko slowly drew closer to the island. "I can sense him...he's here!" she whispered, placing her strong hand on the hilt of her blade. Yet, despite her sudden eagerness to rush onwards, she continued at the same pace but from now on with her guard on high alert.

Like a young child who had just arrived at an amusement park, Redbeard was excited to finally make it to island where one of Elbaf's most renowned brawls took place. Arriving only hours before, Redbeard wandered across the island imagining the many battles that had to have taken place during their century long brawl. "It had to have a series of intense brawls, Dorry and Brogy your battle is still remembers to this day." he mumbled, paying his respects to the legendary warriors who never returned back to the country.

Shortly after, the Red Titan found himself chowing down on a piece of meat that was rarely enjoyed. Prehistoric island were rare, even by the standards of the Grand Line. Thus, he made the most of the opportunity and feasted on the islands many creatures. Surrounded by various different types of meats and with container of ale at his side, he waited for the hourly volcano to begin his course. "Thank you for the meal..." he prayed, as molten lava gushed into the skies.

Enjoying his meal, Redbeard suddenly detected the presence of another making her way to the island. "Seems I have a guest." he contemplated. Waiting for her to arrive, Redbeard continued to scrape up his food.

Reaching the shore of Little Garden, Takeko was confident that her target was most-likely aware of her presence. Even if he wasn't, this was a good habit to have; hoping for the best but expecting the worst was a nindō Takeko has lived her life by. Despite her belief though, she would not simply confront the man. Studying the art of espionage or chōhō, Takeko would use Little Garden's prehistoric climate to her advantage.

Barbarossa was surrounded by a thick forest terrain. Using the tall trees and bushes to mask her appearance, Takeko also managed to hide her aura or haki from her target, effectively making her a ghost. In the eyes of her target, she could be anywhere, a thought that could drive almost any prey insane. Making her way through the forest she was silent, barely making a sound.

Upon viewing the titan's massive physique about a mile away, Takeko sealed her eyes and remembers the picture on the wanted poster. "Target Confirmed." she thought, once again grabbing the katana's hilt. As a silently as she could, Takeko chanted. "Llora, captura a los muertos con tu oscilación impío, Muramasa." Unsheathing her blade, her beautiful blue eyes suddenly turned demonic red. "It's been too long."

Closing the gap between her and her target, she kept her killing intent at bay. Once she was in killing range, her speed dramatically accelerated. Applying the mechanics of the marine style Soru along with her already enhanced speed, she moved the wind. Her target was the back of the giant's neck, specifically his spine. Many make the mistake of attacking the front, the throat, but by removing the spine's connection, victory is inevitable. A single horizontal slash, one fluid stroke. The blade, while not covered in darkness was still armed by her soul. In that action she moved with incredible speed and precision. But as fast she attacked, she disappeared at the same alarming rate; leaving only a fading gust of wind in her place. While she was uncertain if she severed the spinal cord, she was hopeful that she managed to deal some damage due to her surprise assault and inhuman speed.

Her moves were both swift and precise, against any other opponent that may have worked. But several missteps led to Redbeard's preparation. Rather than masking her aura prior to landing on the shores of Little Garden, she allowed him to detect her presence; a mistake that could probably be attributed to her hubris. Being on alert, Redbeard heighten his senses and began tracking electrical fields. But what gave her location away was her silent chant. In most cases, her whisper would not be picked up by a target, but Redbeard is able to pick up electrical sound waves that traverse the very air itself. Her whispered was like a scream that gave up her location and allowed Redbeard to track her.

While she was moving at inhuman speeds, Redbeard's senses were enhanced by the devil. His fruit along with his haki worked in sync allowing him to perceive movements at the speed of lightning. Suddenly her unnatural speed became irrelevant. With her attack being a single stroke all it took was a sudden movement right before she attacked to avoid inevitable defeat. It took many factors to reach this point, but in Takeko's eyes it'd probably appear to be effortless.

As she went back into hiding, Redbeard continued to track her movements. But rather than following up with his own attack, Redbeard continued eating. "When a woman tries to kill me, they usually have decency to tell me why?" he spat, chomping his food.