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"Do not compare to me such a harlot; she crafted an empire to fit some lofty ideals of some slave-selling mother. This empire is not meant for me, to fit my desires of any sort. All I desire is a world where my children and grandchildren may live in peace, and if that means being Pirate King is the avenue that will provide them such harmony, then I will claim the banners of all pirates on the seas. I shall not falter in the eyes of the greatest adversity. As long as they exist, I am invincible!"
—Legs resolution made manifest.

Daddy L. Legs (盲・L・蜘蛛 Yūrei L. Kumo?) typically referred to as Daddy by her crewmates at her expense, or Black Widow by the World Government, is the Captain and Sailmaker of the Black Widow Pirates. Because of her dedication to her crew and the seas, the Black Widow Pirates have become a notorious power crew whose reputation instill fears into the other pirates of the ocean, and the marines that operate under the World Government. In recognition of their might, Legs has been named a Yonkō—four pirate emperors who rule over the second half of the Grand Line, the New World. Regardless, Legs is neither an ally to all pirates, nor an enemy to the World Government, instead choosing to retain complete independence from other organizations that are not in her immediate fleet. Though, regardless of her neutrality, Legs has been pulled into battles over her territories, members of her pirate crew, etc. Throughout it all, Legs is rumored to have never been pierced by a single bullet, for which he has been given the epithet: The Invincible Woman. However, like most pirates of the ocean, Legs history is littered with strife, conflict and misfortune.

Born originally as Koyuki Fukuoka into the Wano Country during a period of strife and terror between corrupted aristocrats, her family was one who openly renounced the strict codes of the warrior for the unrestrained life of the shinobi. Because of this, and their particular talents, the Fukuoka Clan were commonly employed by the greedy Shoguns of their country; they fought hundreds, if not thousands of other ninja clans competing for the same positions at their aristocrat’s sides. The Fukouka clan became renown as one of the best, and ultimately they emerged as the most skilled of them all. As the daughter of the clan’s patriarch, Koyuki grew up learning the heirs to the shinobi way, and gained notoriety for her skills garnering her the epithet as God of Shinobi (忍の神, Shinobi no Kami). However, aside from her skill in ninjutsu, Koyuki was more notably renown for the abilitis granted by her consumption of the Kumo Kumo no Mi which bestowed her with the physiological aspects of the spider species. As a result of her varied, but powerful skillset, it was believed that she would lead her clan into an era of prosperity, but because of her might her previous employers feared what the clan could become. While forseeing this outcome, Koyuki did her best to quell their fears and connect with them, but inevitably was incapable of doing so. Due to her inability to connect with them, the extinction of the Fukuoka Clan was marked by the Feudal lords of the Wano Country.

Instead of sitting by and letting her clan get destroyed, Koyuki, along with her allies, waged war against the Daimyo of the Wano Countries. However, since they were heavily outnumbered, the Fukuoka were left on the verge of extinction as they lost battle after battle. While on the brink of utter defeat, Koyuki awakened her Haoshoku Haki, allowing her to dissipate the armies that came after her. With her newfound powers, she paved a road of bodies for the remainder of her clan into the capital of the daimyo, and slayed him. However, though she had won, the people she fought against continued to fear her. They falsely pronounced her the leader of the nation, and then while she slept she was betrayed and imprisoned in jail for the murder of the daimyo. While awaiting a fair trial, she saw a chance for escape, and took it, leaving behind the land that she unjustly tried to destroy her, becoming a pirate and starting her own crew. Because of her past history of the Wano Country, along with her skillset, the World Government, out of fear of her becoming a direct threat, has placed a Beli5,000,000,000 bounty on her head. Upon becoming a Yonkō, following the disappearance of the previous Shichibukai, Boa Hancock, Legs used her reputation to acquire the loyalty of the Kuja and pledged to protect Amazon Lily from any harm. Because of her dedication to their land, the Kuja have proclaimed her the princess of their lands, and have dubbed Legs the Spider Tailed-Horned Viper Queen in reminiscence of the serpent culture, but her arachnid features.

Appearance Edit

Since many of her powers require her to access them by transforming her body, Legs tends to remain in her Hybrid Form, to such an extent that many are unaware that she is already in a transformed state. In fact, Legs has retained her transformation publicly for so long that only four individuals (Aoshin, Isshin, Thatch, and Blackbeard Jr) and her children are even aware of what she looks like in this current day and age. Whereas other Zoan’s hybrid forms consist of several animalistic features that distinguish them from the general population, Legs’ hybrid form is different in portrayal rather than application. Arachne, the mythological being, was a demi-human liminal creature, with the upper proportions of a woman, and the lower physique of a spider. Thus, for her to assume any spider features, or mainly the lower proportions of a spider, would simply be the entirety of her transformation. Instead, Legs’ transformation consists of Arachne’s upper portion of her body, and Legs’ lower portions of her body, resulting in very little physical differences, and makes her indistinguishable from another human-like being. Though, just as many Hybrid Forms, her height is greatly increased upon assuming the transformation. Legs hybrid form is that of incredible physique, standing at 14 meters or exactly 45 feet, putting her into the realm of the smallest Giants (12 meters) though remains shorter than the average giant by several meters. She possesses a notably thick build, in the contexts of being well-built rather than fat, with signs of muscularity that stand indicative of her strength.

Legs possesses wavy teal or light blue hair that is braided into two parts that reach the beginnings of her ankle, with two smaller plats braided along her face that stop above her chest. All her braids are tied at the end with a green and black band, with balls resembling cotton at the end, and she wears a blue headband decorated with white squares and white lines. Her headband hides her extra pair of eyes, with two large ones positioned directly above her eyebrows, two smaller ones above those but positioned one each end of her forehead, and two medium-sized ones located at the top of her forehead. Her eyes tend to remain in a half-closed position, showing that she is usually tired from her various responsibilities. Legs also has notably long eyelashes, and a curvaceous figure to her even with her size. Her outfit is mildly revealing, showing much of her upper body with the exceptions of her breast that are covered in their entirety by a blue, thick, and cotton bra-like covering that is connected to her purple trousers by two lines of fabric. Her purple trousers are short, covering just to her knees. She tends to go without shoes but will occasionally wear sandals. To complete her outfit, Legs sports wristband and ankle bands. In addition, because of the size her breast in her hybrid form, she uses a white cloth that hangs on her shoulder to support them so that the strain is not solely upon her back. Legs has been considered attractive by various men across the pirating world and is consistently sought out for her physical features.[2]

Despite being 50 years old, Legs’ hybrid form does not seem to be indicative of her age, and that mostly rest in her half Giant heritage, providing her the benefits of their incredible lifespan and slow aging in addition. When she was 18 years old, in both her hybrid and human forms, Legs appeared no older than a pre-adolescent teen despite being several years older. In her hybrid form, she possessed long, light blue hair as she does now, with red, monochromatic eyes. In her human form, she had brown eyes, with equally as long, teal hair. However, despite her youthful appearance, Legs was already several meters tall, towering over even the tallest humans. By the time she was five years old, Legs was already taller than 15 feet.[3] Yet, by this point, Legs was rarely seen in her human form, and had already begun maintaining her hybrid form due to the constant warfare she was subjected to. Due to being imprisoned in seastone, she was unable to transform back to her human form even in jail, and retained her hybrid form the entire time, never showing her true face to anyone during her time.

Because the hybrid form often results in an implosion of height and size, Legs’ human form is much smaller than her hybrid form, as she instead stands at 11 meters tall. While this is small in comparison, for it moves her from essentially a regular’s giant’s height, to just below the minimum require height to be classified as a giant (12 meters), Legs is still incredibly tall for a human and close enough that she is just thought of as being a short giant by other giants, and humans alike. Thus, as she appears, her true form is that of a curvaceous and well-endowed giantess with long, wavy, teal hair that extends 4 inches past her waist, hazel eyes with long eyelashes, and a tanned complexion. Between her nose and forehead, Legs has a scar that is typically covered by her hair. In addition, Legs has a crimson line of paint that runs across her face horizontally directly above her nose—a features that she keeps on her face as tribute to her father’s Elbafian tribe. Legs is described as youthful looking, appearing as a woman in her mid-twenties rather than her fifties, a trait that is a result of her giantess physiology. As custom o her tribe as well, Legs has the number three tattooed onto her back.

References Edit

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