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"Minnie had no time to talk but formulated a prayer in her head. In that moment, she recognized her utter finitude, weakness and total dependency on greater forces. Even if she could see the future, even she had fought with everything she could, fate remained high in the sky, so above her grasp. The raveling of fate spinning out of control, only to coil back to Legs. Maybe was that strange dominance over improbable events, even more than strength and charisma, what makes a true king. To take the events and, inevitably, turning them to their will. To transform the absurd into reality…"
Minnie’s thoughts about Legs in Vision of a New World.

Daddy L. Legs, also known as Black Widow[5] is the captain of the Black Widow Pirates[2] and a member of the Yonko that rule over the New World.[3] As the only female member of the Yonko, Legs is recognized as The Strongest Woman in the World. Born originally as Fukuoka Koyuki, Legs is the matriarch of the Fukuoka Family, a powerful shinobi clan of Wano.[1] Having successfully rebelled against the Shogun of Wano, Legs has restored the Imperial Power of Wano and has instated herself as the Empress. Since then, Wano has undergone significant systematic changes to create a utopian society where all people can thrive, and has since shifted from an isolated nation to a world superpower.

Appearance Edit

"Your dress is lovely by the way, it does wonders to hide the many-legged monstrosity underneath. I almost mistook you for Elbaf nobility for a moment, like many species of carnivorous spiders it would seem you rely upon camouflage in order to catch your prey. Will you also liquidize the innards of the proud people of Elbaf, I wonder, make them easier to swallow before you spit out the bones of a trusting people?"
Admiral Fuyuki addresses Legs' Enchantment in Cast Away

Despite being one of the more well-known people in the entire world, Legs remains incredibly illusive regarding her plans and face. Just as spider demons in myth disguise themselves, Legs also uses a powerful Glamour to frequently change her appearance. She can take on a myriad of different features based on her desires, and thus most are unaware of her true face, even her greatest generals due to their inability to deduce one appearance as either glamour or reality. Still, there is a face that most identify as Legs, even if it may be an illusion. To the world, she publicly appears as a giant-sized woman, with light blue hair tied into two braids, and green eyes. Most of the time, Legs eyes are left in a half-closed position which indicates the fatigue she experiences from her responsibilities. She has full eyelashes, and a thick, but curvaceous figure. Legs is considered attractive and has been sought out by men from around the world.[8] She is host to prodigious quality cloths that she enjoys adorning, thus there is no consistent outfit that is synonymous with her authority.

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