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Abilities Edit

As a Yonko, Legs is immensely powerful to the extent that she is officially considered one of the four strongest pirates in the entire world, a feat that achieved during an age of excessive piracy. Her individual might has made her a threat against the activities of the World Government, and indirectly other pirates seeking to make names for themselves in an era dominated by herself. Legs has drawn comparisons to Whitebeard[1] because of her fighting power. Similar to the late Yonko, Legs is believed to be a tier above her other emperors, possessing such tremendous might and skill that not even they pose a threat to her operations.[2] Despite all the claims and rumors, Legs greatest evidence of her power is the power of her crew. Her second in command has gone head to head against the Fleet Admiral, Kurama,[3] and Isshin, the governor of her territories, has warred against Warren D. Ralph, a current Admiral of the Marines.[4] Though such feats remain unmatched by her, the fact that her subordinates can engage in battles with Admirals speak volumes of her own power, suggesting that she is indirectly stronger than some of the strongest marines in the world. They are almost all unworthy of her presence, except one[5] for his contention of the title as the Strongest Logia in the World. To those who are met with the fortune of meeting Legs, it is said that her presence is simply unforgettable.[6]

Devil Fruit Edit

Physical Abilities Edit

Legs is regarded as one of the premier physical threats on the face of the planet, supported by her rise to the status of a Yonko. Though, while Legs has demonstrated efforts to maintain her physique, and in her youth made extreme measures to progress her physical skills as a shinobi, she has given respect where it is due, and that it to the consumption of her devil fruit, which she believes has truly made her the monster that she is often regarded as. Having been gifted the fruit at infancy, Legs’ lineage factor has been manipulated essentially for her entire life. With ease, she can maintain her hybrid form, and does so almost subconsciously. In fact, when she reverts to her normal form, Legs seems to use more stamina to maintain her human form, implying that her hybrid form has become more natural than her original being as her humanity becomes foreign. Truthfully, Legs has never felt human, for as long as she could remember, she has always had access to supernatural powers. As a small child, it was evident that she was far superior to other beings. When she fell, there were no evidence of wounds. When she was vaccinated by her doctors, the needles failed to penetrate her flesh, though, even as an infant she never could claim traits of having a cold or any sickness of the sort.

As she grew older, feats of her invulnerability became recognized as her enemies failed to scathe her, and within a few short years, her own allies made claims that they had never seen Legs bleed. For this, she was dubbed the Invincible Woman by her foes, and The Living Legend by her allies. In this time, Legs openly admitted the truths of her powers, revealing that not a single shinobi had pierced through the first layer of her extraordinary defense. Spiders are imbued with exoskeletons that serve as protectors to shield them from destructive forces of the world, whether they be attacks from other living organisms, viruses, or disease. In particular, as their technical ancestor through Arachne, Legs is the protogenoi of the species itself, and thus is host to their traits for It must have been passed down through her. She wields the a rather powerful exoskeleton, having made itself manifest in her later descendants, that is incredibly strong even for an arachnid. [7] In contrast to the spider, this armor is incredibly thick, and when scaled up for a normal human being, the thickness and power is truly monstrous. Yet, because Legs is larger than even a normal person, the power of the armor is scaled even further, providing her a protection that is almost incalculable by default. [8] She is able to withstand explosions capable of destroying advanced machines several times over without flinching, or showing any signs of physical discomfort. Imbued with a natural armor capable of withstanding the full brute of combustive explosions, shockwaves that can decimate cities, and even cannonballs striking directly against it, Legs has had little to fear on the seas of the world.

Though, despite the epithets behind her, Legs’ exoskeleton truly is not invincible, and can be broken with sufficient force. However, such a feat, while not impossible, is highly difficult. Regardless, underneath of an armor is another impenetrable layer that is her flesh. Because of her Devil Fruit, Legs’ flesh, instead of being infused with keratin—the protein used in the toughness of the flesh—is composed of the same proteins that goes into the production of spider silk—a substance that is stronger than steel, Kevlar, and more elastic than rubber. [9] Legs’ flesh is highly durable, having a strength comparable to the steel naturally. By default, her skin is a swordsman’s worth enemy, and is extremely difficult to cut through. In addition, because of the elasticity of her flesh as well, the skin often absorbs blunt forces, thereby meaning there is more pain—though, because she is a seasoned veteran of war, she has come to know pain and understand it on a level most cannot fathom—but there is ultimately less damage to internal organs. Thereby, should any person bypass Legs’ exoskeleton, they meet a flesh itself that is highly durable, and supernaturally dense offering up a resistance to their attacks as well. Though, while there is a natural immunity to force, and there are varying reasons supporting those, the greatest indicator of Legs’ durability is her strength, and her ability to withstand the force of her own attacks. Her exoskeleton is considerably strong, yet such strength does not come without mass. Having been placed upon her flesh, it is necessary for Legs to be able to bear the weight of the exoskeleton itself, and thus, like her descendant spider, she is not only provided an exoskeleton that is several times stronger than the norm, but a body proportionally as much stronger to be withstand the force of the exoskeleton.

With her exoskeleton and extra density, Legs weighs much more than the average woman her size. She possesses a mass well over fifty thousand pounds, and only a fraction is dedicated to fat. Thus, Legs’ size alone is indicative of her power, made evident by her ability to move, wak, jump and sprint. At the very basic level, she would need the strength to move herself, leaving most men subject to her grasp with such strength alone. However, Legs is a yonko, but more importantly a shinobi, and has been educated in martial arts the entirety of her life, and long before she even became aware of the truths of her devil fruit. With a single finger, Legs can erect fissuers in the earth, break bones without any noticeable effort, and fight back most pirates with all but a single arm. The fruits of her efforts through physical training has been recognized as she trains openly with her commanders, viewing them as a means to prevent getting rusty, and in fact believes it to benefit[10] them more further being a testament to her power. She tosses people with such strength they remain unable to move from the sheer air pressure generated by her throw. Most noticeably, Legs was able to match the strength of a giant comparable in size to Sanjuan Wolf with a single arm, but when applying her second arm she completely overwhelmed said individual.[11] Such strength causes individuals to assume that Legs has naturally worked harder to acquire such power, though, for Legs to claim she worked harder than her other shinobi brethren would be complacent. Yet, there is no denying a superiority to her strength. In most cases, she has dedicated more time and effort to being the best, for she was destined to be the leader of her peers, but, simultaneously, Legs’ training begun at a much higher level than it otherwise would have had she not been blessed with her Devil Fruit. The physical amplifier she has been bestowed upon has benefited her incredibly.

Most arachnids, and other small insects, carry leaves, rocks, minerals, and even birds for long distances without tiring. Often, these materials weigh several times their body weight, and, being their ancestor, it was only natural that Legs too possessed such a skill necessary for her to pass down. While a spider is largely capable of lifting one hundred and seventy times their own mass Legs, because of the increase in mass due to the force of her exoskeleton making her muscles, like her body, five times as dense as they would normally be, can lift five times the mass than otherwise anticipated. Thus, instead of the impressive one hundred and seventy times her own mass, Legs can instead generate enough force to lift, and move, something eight-hundred and seventy-five times her own weight prior to any training. As an infant, Legs could lift tons without strain, allowing her to begin conditioning at a far earlier rate. In addition, her awakening has exponentially increased her strength, and because of such power, Legs considers her own strength simply incalculable. She has demonstrated the ability to push and move entire blocks of buildings, resulting her needing to generate a force equivalent to millions of tones at a time. Yet, she claimed to do so with ease, and has yet to truly reach an issue that her power has failed to fix.

Because Legs is incredibly large, many believe that she would naturally suffer in speed. On the contrary, as she grew taller and bigger, she only grew faster, for by the definitions of her devil fruit, she is bestowed the same proportions of a spider’s own speed. [12] By the time Legs was eighteen months old, she could easily run across the surface of water using sheer speed alone, [13] far outpacing many of her peers who were years older than her, and even some of her early superiors with talent. However, in order to assure her supremacy among her peers and enemies, Legs delved into ancient shinobi trainings to perfect her speed, and to utilize her strength in its fullest. Though, besides the weights that she was forced to bear to slow her already immense mass, Legs own physiology worked against her speed during her youth. Having inherited hairs that increase friction between her body and the surface, Legs was forced to overcome the inherent stickiness that existed. As an adult, Legs can forcefully retract these hairs at whim, though, because she was inexperienced as a child, she was forced to develop the necessary skills to pull herself off items. Thus, even while she wasn’t training, basic exercises like sleeping, jumping, running, or sitting and standing contributed to her growth in power, and particularly the power of her core, hips, and leg providing her more strength for her speed. With her raw speed, she is able to erect cyclones and tornadoes around a towering giant with ease, and then shift directions casually without any strain upon her physical body, in addition to crafting flames behind her from the sheer friction that she generates. [14]

Such speed would be useless if Legs did not have the means to utilize it. In the instance that she was attacked before she could realize the attack was happening, her speed would offer no help for the attack has already connected. She has various means of detecting attacks unrelated to her Kenbunshoku Haki, which she uses more for predicting them. For her body to sustain those means, Legs possess vast neural pathways and a larger amount than the average person like that of an Arachnid. Generally, spiders possess the same amount of brain power as a human being despite being a fraction of our size.[15] As a Zoan user, Legs has been blessed with the same proportions as the brethren she created, and while she is human sized, her central nervous system and brain are all engrossed in the same manner as a spider’s own. Her central nervous system is incredibly large, and spools into a quarter of her legs, providing her with more neural pathways. In addition, because there is smaller distance between areas of her body and her central nervous system, there is a faster response time, providing her with synapses hundreds of times faster than the average warrior, without further training. Whereas most people have reaction times of two-hundred and fifty milliseconds, and since shinobi are often on the higher end of the scale with reflexes with reflexes of one-hundred and twenty milliseconds due to training to hone them, Legs holds a record-high reaction time in the shinobi forces with a simple twelve milliseconds. Among her shinobi, her reflexes were recognized as virtually instantaneous, and in truth they are the closest one can get. The human brain processes images at a rate of thirteen milliseconds, thus the time it takes for one to see a picture and recognize what it is, Legs can react to an attack consciously. The benefit to this isn't just that her reaction time is superior to most, but because one cannot react before perception, her ability to perceive is increased tenfold as well. Within two milliseconds, her brain can process images, giving her literal computer like perception. [16] The world around Legs appears to be moving in slow motion, allowing her to decipher movements, techniques, and any other kinds of tricks with relative ease since she can detect changes within a literal millisecond.

While the greater number of pathways, faster synapses, and greater number of synapses ultimately enhance Legs’ reaction times to unprecedented levels, it’s other purpose has been enhancing her physical parameters. Though, because Legs has always had faster synapses than the average being, this state is simply natural for her, and thus, the energy that her body receives is incredible, and has only contributed to her incredible physique, having bolstered her strength and speed by energizing her muscles. Her synapses are among another reason, prior to training, that she her physical feats were so high. Despite Legs advantages with her physical parameters, there is still an art of dodging that one must learn, and if one is unable to use those skills in combination with the other, they will still be smitten. Blessed with supernaturally dense tissue, she possess rather powerful connective tissues and tendons that are able to endure much more stress than that of a normal shinobi’s, allowing her to move in a multitude of ways without worry of injuring them in the middle of a motion. This natural enhancement, coupled with her training as a shinobi—a particular breed of people renowned for their dexterity and sneaky craft—Legs appears a gymnast on the battlefield, preforming feats that people her size should otherwise be incapable of. She can instantaneously shift motions entirely, effectively dodge attacks point blank, swing from most surfaces and other gymnastic feats consisting of back-flips, somersaults and cartwheels. By combining her agility with her combat, she is virtually untouchable in battle as she can dodge attacks by slithering away from then and bending and moving her bodies in ways that the enemy simply would never predict. Derived from her agility, she has a noticeable sense of balance that allows her to successfully balance on most objects regardless of how unstable they may be, a feat shared by many of her spider brethren.

When she somersaults and dances from place to place, Legs fades from existence, blinking from one pose to another from the sheer speeds that she naturally moves at. Inevitably, she is lost from sight by those who are watching her, or those unfortunate to fight her. However, Legs is equipped with the necessary tools to keep track of herself in battle, and though she possesses a variety of means to do so, her eyes remain a trusted ally. Spider eyes are different than insect eyes, for they are not compound, but rather as simple. They have a single lens, with a thin layer for a cuticle. While closer to humans in terms of function, the Spider would still encounter an issue that we don’t seem to have, being that because their eyes are monochromatic, they would lack the ability to focus onto an object, and has been issue that Legs’ has encountered in her early youth to the point that her parents believed her to be inevitably going blind. The easiest method for Legs’ to focus would simply to tilt her head, allowing the light to strike her eye in a different angle, illuminating the world before her, but such method is limited in foresight. It makes dodging, following an enemy as they scamper across the battlefield so much more difficult. The benefits of lacking the irises that normal people use to focus is that there is more space for other photoreceptive cells, allowing Legs’ to peer into the ultraviolet spectrum.[17]

Whereas a human is born with a single layer of photoreceptive cells, the retinas in Legs’ eyes have four photoreceptive layer, in which the two of the layers contain ultraviolet-sensitive pigments. Thus, sees the world as if it's constantly under black light. Besides authenticating antiques, enjoying paintings severely more than the average person, detecting bacteria and plague, and seeing through counterfeit money and unofficial documents, Legs sees through any forms of invisibility or illusions.
Natsumi's eyes.

What Legs Eyes Look Like when Manifested

However, the inability to focus upon an object, and thus seeing the world in a blur of mess, would make the pallet of colors useless to view. Thus, unlike human eyes, Legs’ are much more tubular and are more akin to telescopes than an eye. The eyes are composed of a lens towards the front, a large tube, and a second lens at the end which, unlike the outer lens, is very flexible. By adjusting the shape and angle of the second lens, Legs’ can focus or zoom onto anything that she is looking at, giving her binocular vision with excellent acuity and the full brute of her color perception which includes her ultraviolet light. Though, more so than providing her the ability to see colors that humans only dream of, Legs eyes work in tandem with her reflexes, allowing her to see the world in slow motion in great detail. Her reaction time ensures she is able to keep up with any quick moving object with ease, and her telescopic eyes allow her to acutely observe them, inspecting every aspect of their essence with amazing insight and clarity. Legs can read lips, and see muscles moving. Coupled with her processing speed, Legs can evaluate each and every movement her opponent makes, and make an accurate prediction of the next based, allowing her to effectively “see” into the future. Since the Jumping Spider can see the moon itself despite being millimeters big, Legs’ vision is amplified, and she is able to see in a cellular level, which has greatly helped her when suturing wounds for her allies. With powers like these come consequences, for while Legs possesses binocular, mythical vision, these two eyes absolutely lack, as they are composed like telescopes, is a wide field of vision. The field of vision is
Natsumi's field of vision

Legs's Field of Vision.

incredibly low, ranging from two to five percent.[18] It was for this reason that Legs actively followed her opponent, and never let them out of her sight. Although they were quick, her visual acuity allowed her to see their every moment and track them accordingly. However, in situations where she was fighting an opponent faster than her, or multiple opponents, she would have been helpless, for it not have been the other eyes that rest upon her head, typically covered by the amount of her hair upon her head.
Natsumi's eyes.

What Legs Eyes Look from an Aerial View

While supplied eyes around her cranium, giving her nearly three-hundred-and-sixty-degree vision, these other eyes are specialized in only detecting motion and not much else. They lack the tubes that her first two eyes possess, and thus lack the range at which they can see, possessing only the photoreceptors that allow them to see the same colors, for that is perhaps the most important aspect of Legs’ sight.

Most animals often judge distance using two eyes. Because they are appropriately spaced apart, a rather far distance, they can see images at different angles and triangulate the approximate distances. Other animals that have compound eyes bob their heads or move them side to side so that the closer objects will move across their field of vision much faster than farther away objects. Unlike either of these animals, Legs judges distance with a process known as image defocusing. [19] Her eyes have multiple layers of photoreceptive cells, with one layer being sensitive to ultraviolet light, and the bottom layers being sensitive to green light. The green sensitive photoreceptors distance from the lens impact the quality of the image however, as only the light is focused in the deepest layer whereas the other sensitive retinal layer receives defocused, or fuzzy images. [20]Dependent upon how defocused an image is, Legs will get depth cues, since the amount of defocus is proportional to the distance of the object from the lens. This happens in real time, and is very quickly processed by the brain, allowing Legs to target and accurately strike their prey a majority of the time with only a single glance. [21] In addition to inheriting this computer-like vision, Legs has acquired the ability that many spend years training for: night vision. [22] In her eye, Legs possesses a layer of tissue that reflects visible light through the retina increasing the amount of light available to the photoreceptors. [23] In the depths of the sea, in a cave, or just under the moon, Legs is capable of seeing almost as perfectly as she is during the daytime. When humans fear for the dark approaching them during their travels, Legs welcomes it, for it gives her an advantage over her mere human brethren.

Yet, the creed that she was taught, especially as a shinobi, was that the eyes could be deceptive. Despite possessing the ability to see ultraviolet rays, the soul of man, in the dark, just to name a few., Legs eyesight is not perfect. She was taught to be aware of her other senses and to use them in tandem with her vision. Thanks to the Kumo Kumo no Mi, Legs possesses an organ capable of detecting vibrations; the organ consist of parallel slits of different lengths, similar to the strings of a harp, which detects movement by opening and closing depending on the force exerted upon it.[24] These slits are directly connected to the nerves that relay the information of the vibrations to the brain, which processes it and determines the size, and location from the creature creating the force. This grants Legs excess to a sixth sense that many spend decades training to achieve, but, simultaneously places strains on her mind, since these physical enhancements relay information to the brain directly. The ability to maintain consciousness of eight eyes, and seismic sensing, is one that would have overwhelmed her mind with its influxes of, what seems to be, unnecessary information. However, Legs—spiders have brains that spools into their legs)—is blessed with an excessively large cranium in comparison to her body, and while it does not spread into her legs, is comparatively bigger than other humans even of her stature.

To deal with all these neural pathways, and the variety of other enhancements Legs has, her body crafts an unusual amount of proteins compared to other humans, mainly because they must supplement both her human and spider traits. Thus, since she has more proteins to meet the unimaginable demands of her body, the more proteins are available to store oxygen, allowing her to hold her breath for over an hour. Unlike devil fruit users, Legs does not fear the ocean as much, for if she were to fall in, she would not immediately die from drowning. Though, Legs typically does not even have to worry about holding her breath immediately after falling in. Possessing tiny, hydrophobic, fine hairs, whenever Legs is submerged into water air gets trapped by the hair and forms bubbles around her that mesh together to a form a much larger bubble that encapsulates the entirety of her body. Because of this natural resistance to drowning, surprising especially considering that she devoured a Devil Fruit, Legs has been more active in solving her weakness than other Devil Fruit users, for she has a protection that they don’t otherwise have.

By encapsulating the bubble in spider silk, most of the area of the bubble is just air-water interface between the fibers of the web, allowing for gas exchange akin to an artificial gill. There is a net diffusion of oxygen into the bubble, and carbon dioxide out of the bubble. As she descends into greater depths, water pressure increases, but due to the outer membrane being webs—a silk that is nearly fifty times stronger than steel—the bubble can maintain itself, and Legs is protected from even the most intense of pressures. Regardless, the concentration of the oxygen in the water is severely less than that in the atmosphere, in some regions of the water, and normally therefore the arachnids are forced to return to the surface once a day. Legs is different. Her ability does not entirely dependent on her ability to gather oxygen through an artificial gill, but rest in her ability to decrease her metabolic rate [25] ultimately decreasing her need for oxygen to extremely low levels. Because of this, she can survive with minuscule amount of oxygen, allowing her to stay underwater indefinitely if she has access to her scuba suit.

Arachne, the Beloved Edit

Ultimately, how Legs distinguishes her Kumo Kumo no Mi, Model: Arachne from other Kumo Kumo no Mi zoans is by this single ability alone that befits the very myths that Arachne are born from. Prior to Arachne’s transformation into an arachnid, she was a mortal weaver renown throughout the lands as the most talented. Bestowed with skill that even the gods respected, Arachne was arrogant, and believed her own to surpass that of the greatest gods. She paid no respect to them for her skill, for it was ultimately superior, and thus meant that they simply could not have been responsible. Athena, the goddess of weaving, challenged Arachne to prove her inferiority. While the goddess displayed flawless technique, it was Arachne who won the duel; “Arachne, for her part, created a tapestry show-casing scenes of Zeus’ various infidelities: Leda with the Swan, Europa with tbe Bull, Danae and the Golden rain shower. So exquisite was the mortal’s work that the bull seemed lifelike, swimming across the tapestry with a real girl on his shoulders." For this, Athena punished Arachne for her disrespect against the gods of the world, and killed. Yet, when Athena’s anger subsided, the damage she had dealt was far too late, for Arachne’s honor had truly been destroyed. Later that evening, Arachne committed suicide, knowing that she could never derive entertainment from weaving ever again, despite her victory. Athena then pulled Arachne from the Underworld, resurrecting her so that her descendants and she could weave for all eternity. The Kumo Kumo no Mi, Model: Arachne’s powers don’t activate until the user suffers a death, in which it resurrects them, not too dissimilar to what the Yomi Yomi no Mi does.

Thus, when Legs was an infant, the disease that plagued her did, in fact, result in her death. But, it was the Kumo Kumo no Mi that revitalized her, and pulled her form the Land of Dead into the living realm, forever changing her. Perhaps Legs most underestimated skills, but her most powerful to date, is her abilities as a weaver and seamstress. To date, Legs has not encountered anything that she was not capable of seaming herself. She has looked at designer clothes worth hundreds of thousands of berries, and within moments, she crafted a more impressive design. By weaving characteristics, or traits, into these creations, Legs can induce magical effects on each piece of clothing, allowing the wearer to be granted those effects of whatever she conjures. This skill is highly versatile in application, for it essentially allows Legs to craft items of variant abilities with almost no restraint on the power it can provide, making it much more versatile than any paramecia or logia. However, Legs cannot just spawn items into creation infinitely, and must use the power of souls to fuel the creation process, which then sustains the item indefinitely.

There is another restrain on Legs powers which ultimately means she must use trickery and deceit, akin to the traps of a spider, to acquire objects for herself. She is limited in the number of items she can’t create for herself, though by finding those worthy of her powers, she can grant them gauntlets capable of weaving items for herself, though, these crafts are nowhere near as powerful, or of quality as her own creations. Yet, their central purposes are not to be creators of almighty objects, for that is Legs’ job alone, but are rather intended to create small objects that she could benefit from, and then would not have to create for herself. In addition, Legs is not limited to simply enchanting items of her creation; by weaving concepts and commands into existing entities, such as boulders, or the air before her, she can induce special effects onto the world. Because of her inability to craft items for herself, Legs can truly only benefit from her enchanting directly through this means. Aside from spawning life into her objects, Legs has demonstrated the ability to wield things out of spider silk, though unlike her creation of other items, she does not need souls to fuel her constructions spun from silk, and are infinite in their conjuration. She can construct them to take the shape of others, making them rather lifelike in that regards. However, unlike her crafted items, they are not real entities per say, and are limited by their silky material. Yet, because Silk is a strong substance on its own, her silk constructs are rather powerful on their own, and often serve the purpose she have devised them for. It instinctively allows her to create an army of her own within moments of being introduced to an opponent, granting her the power to overwhelm her opponents with raw numbers.

In addition to fashion, Legs weaving has an innate medical purpose, for it allows her to suture wounds and injuries that she or anyone else possess with no complications. With technique alone, she can stitch any injury ranging from removed limbs, for she can even seam nerves and muscles so well that they work immediately without any other complicated procedures, to paper cuts and scratches. However, coupled with her technique, Leg uses a material that befits her skill. Her silk is several times stronger than steel and Kevlar, as flexible as a rubber band, as sticky as the craziest glue, and as regenerative as a zebra fish.[26] For years, people have attempted to replicate it, or to generate it in mass amounts, but to no avail. Spiders use it to craft traps, build nest for their young, to go scuba-diving in the depths of the ocean, etc. Because of her devil fruit, Legs can create the same silk that humanity has sought to produce for thousands of years. She can weave intricate patterns that radiate beauty as it glimmers in the sunlight, annoy those that run into the invisible webs, and capture her prey with their adhesion.

Though, her strongest usage of her silk is using it as a material for her suturing. the silk is composed mostly of proteins, and because it is especially rich in Vitamin K, it stimulates the body to heal itself. The body heals itself in various steps: the blood vessels constrict to reduce blood flow, blood cells clump together to make a plug along the injured vessel, then clotting proteins ensure the plug is held until the wound is effectively healed. Spider silk is sticky, composed of proteins, and rich in Vitamin K. Because of this, it's able to stop bleeding almost entirely on its own. The Vitamin K protein slows the blood flow, and helps clot the blood. The adhesive properties of the silk serve as a plug as well, and its antibacterial proteins quickly disperse of any bacteria that may have infected the wound. When the threat of blood loss and infection have been quelled, the body naturally focuses on healing and rebuilding. Cells gather at the site and begin dividing until it reforms the damaged area. Unfortunately, spider silk cannot proliferate into these new skin cells, but what it is capable of doing is serving as a home for these cells.[27]
Legs Restiches

Legs repairs her subordinates eyes, restoring his eyesight.

The biological molds used to grow tissue outside of the human body are chemically identical to the makeup of a spider web, allowing the spider-silk to serve as a material where cells can proliferate, and divide quickly, but safely. By weaving the silk in different patterns, thus changing its chemical makeup slightly, it can attract a different type of cells. With this, the silk is used to speed up the recovery rate of the human body drastically. Legs' has studied this, and mastered the craft to the point where can cause her body to regenerate cells on command. Thus, she is quite similar to Doflamingo in this regard, yet, unlike the previous Shichibukai, she has bypassed the weakness of his own technique with skill and material. She is incredibly difficult to damage, and because of this skill, Legs can repair damage with near ease. As a result, she is seen as nearly immortal by her opponents, for those who have finally done damage has watched as their efforts are made fruitless.

Venoms Edit

Legs can create a variety of different venoms that affect living things in different ways. Though spider bites are rarely fatal, this is because the dose is administered in such miniscule amounts, for the poisons are truly intended for creature of a much smaller size. However, a spider’s poison remains potent enough to potentially kill humans who do not receive medical intention. Yet, even beyond that, the fact that their poisons enact a reaction in people is highly impressive. That feat alone stands for evidence about the power of the venoms. Due to the nature in how specific spiders employ their poisons, as some inject it through their fangs, others through their silk, and a few through their claws, Legs, the protogenoi of them all, has various venomous sacs spread throughout her body as opposed to one. In addition, since the origins of her poison are situated around major organs, her body has developed antibodies for all the venoms, making her immune to her own poisons entirely, but, due to the nature of the antibodies, it makes her resistant to venoms from other individuals for a period. This ability is further manifested by her excessive size and her body mass that forces the injector of the venom to apply more of the poison to truly affect her. This, coupled with her ability to accelerate her blood flow, which would assist in filtering toxins from the body, fortifies her natural resistance to poisons to the extent that very few even actually harm Legs unless administered in steady high doses. Furthering acknowledging the existence of these venomous sacs near her organs has provided versatility to how Legs creates her venoms.

Some are like how actual spiders administer poisons in nature, whereas some are specifically unique to herself. There is a venomous sac situated around her lungs, and when activated, the lungs are injected with the poison meaning that with every breath Leg exhales her venom is exuded into the world around her. This venomous sac generates a poison that possesses enzymes that destroys cells and cellular tissue upon contact, first tearing apart the flesh, and then ripping apart one’s insides.
Legs Poison

The effect of Legs' recluse poison.

Though a poison such as this one exist from spiders in nature, they administer such a small dosage that it provides humans the time necessary to acquire medical attention from a facility. However, Legs is not as small as a spider, and is several times bigger than a normal human being. Regarding this poison, she administers a dosage large enough to kill herself naturally, for administering a dosage smaller would require more effort. Thus, the instant this venom touches any cell, it is immediately killed, and has been used by Legs to destroy entire systems of ecosystems: people, insects, bees, and plants. By breathing in an excessive amount of air, injecting an extraordinary amount of poison, and accelerating her blood flow in her lungs, Legs can generate a large mist of the venom that can encompass a large area. The mist assumes a purple, and black coloring, making it highly difficult to see and navigate through. Also, because the poison targets cells, its major advantage is that it doesn’t require individuals to breathe it in, a fact which people often misunderstand or underestimate.

The destructive nature of this poison leaves it particularly unusable by Legs a majority of the time, for the effects it has on the environment is drastic and cannot be controlled by ordinary means. In addition, because the poison must be emitted through her breath, it is not useful in her taijutsu. Another venomous gland exists within her hands, so that they may be injected into her claws that protrude from her finger tips. However, even without her claws manifested, Legs can secrete the poison through the pores of her hands, and cover them entirely in the poison. Due to the nature in which it is secreted, this venom is clear, providing a slight disguise from her foes. The effects of this poison is severely different from that of her other venom, although both are able to cause death. In the venom’s lowest concentration, it has serves a cure for erectile dysfunction, though only a slight spike in the concentration turns this venom deadly, for causes priapism in males which leads to death if not dealt with in time. Partly, because of the nature of how it can kill men, Legs has used the poison to murder those very discreetly. A handshake is enough to transmit the poison for the skin absorbs it without rejection. To investigators who have looked into the murders, the incident looks simply like a man wishing to have a little too much fun, and ultimately paid the price for their consumption of performance enhancing drugs. Although the poison uses a chemical that allows for males to enjoy themselves longer, the method behind it is highly dangerous for it constricts blood which results in poor circulation.

This means that women are not immune to the effects of this toxin in a lower form either, but because they typically do not take performance enhancing drugs on average, it looks less like a suicide and more like an actual murder. In the highest form of its concentration, the venom works as a neurotoxin that affects calcium uptake, glutamate release, and glutamate uptake in neural synapses. Because it interrupts these processes, the communication between one’s brain and their body is lost and the victim’s body begins shutting down on them. First, there becomes a loss of function between the muscles which renders them paralyzed, and then eventually the communication between brain and lungs is forgotten and they suffocate. During battle however, this toxin simultaneously excites the nerves when it prevents glutamate release and uptake—an amino acid highly involved in neural activation among the muscles—meaning that while they lose control of their functions inwardly, outside forces are still interpreted by the body, and the oversensitivity of the body results in intense pain. This means that blocking her attacks become gradually harder over the duration of the fight, both from a loss of muscle power, and from an overstimulation of the nervous system.

Pheromone Generation Edit

Scientist have debated for millennia on whether human beings truly possess the ability to release or use pheromones to induce social responses onto society. Regardless, since Legs emergence into the world, their debates have met stagnation and have focused on how to prevent the influence of pheromones onto the world. Because of the diversity of her mythical zoan in the application of what spider she pulls powers from, Legs can emit a large variety of different pheromones, and by combining aspects of two, she can discover other pheromones that can trigger different responses. These pheromones are chemical messages which can influence hormones themselves, allowing her to effectively control the messages between cells in an individual’s body, like the powers of the Horu Horu no Mi. Like hormones, pheromones are invisible and scentless, making it nigh impossible to detect without the use of Kenbunshoku Haki which detects intent. Thus, without the proper tools equipped to combat pheromones, such as an enhancement of the senses, combating it in battle has proven particularly troublesome for most. Airborne pheromones are traditionally much less discernable, but require far more to be effective against opponents at the speeds in which Legs wants them to be. Direct contact injects the pheromone directly into her opponent’s body ultimately causing the pheromones to affect them at a much quicker pace.

Though, among her pheromones, there are specific ones which have different speeds at which they affect her opponents, making many fit for combat use, and others fit for immediate meetings. Released pheromones are the quickest category of pheromones to influence their intended target. When airborne, the pheromones act within ten seconds of initial inhalation, yet, when transmitted through touch, the pheromones act almost immediately. However, these pheromones are typically restrictive in what response they can initiate, and are mostly limited to sexual based social reactions. Signaler pheromones are the second fastest category to implement, and typically require fifteen seconds upon implementation when airborne, and ten seconds when dealt through physical contact. These pheromones transmit information, such as when a mother can discern her newborn through scent alone. The third fastest type are modulator pheromones which have a response time of thirty seconds airborne, and twenty seconds through physical contact. Modular pheromones alter or synchronize with bodily functions. The last type of pheromones are primer pheromones which, in contrast to the others, Is slow. When airborne, it takes a minute to a minute and a half to implement, and through physical contact it can take upwards to fifty seconds. Primer pheromones influence menstrual cycles, puberty, pregnancy, and other long term, more important processes in the human body. In addition, the effects of this pheromone are the hardest to reverse, as released pheromones simply require the individual to be aware that they are being manipulated

Techniques Edit

  • Unravel Technique: A spell that Legs has become quite proficient in wielding is one she dubs the Unraveling. She constructs whatever she sees before her with her webs, and then, starts ripping it apart, simultaneously breathing life into it as she tears it limb from limb. In this case, similar to that of mystic magic, the creation before her begins to fall apart, until it is no more. With this, Legs can unravel her enemies’ attacks: their fire, their earth, their swords, etc. She can deconstruct landscapes themselves, allowing her to erase entire mountains, trees, ships, and whatever else stands before her. However, because she claims to be loved by all souls, Legs is incapable of unraveling people and destroying them. Yet, this does not mean she is incapable of unraveling any being, for she can, but she must put them back together. Thus, Legs can incapacitate her enemies by unraveling their arms, and placing them somewhere rather poorly placed, such as on their backs. Or, Legs can place their heads onto that of an animal’s body, and so forth. Just if she places their body part with that of any other living being, she can unravel them. However, unraveling entire people is a very soul-taxing ability, and thus Legs has dedicated herself only to using it when provoked, or find it necessary.
  • Scuba Suit: The Diving Bell spider is the only arachnid known to live its entire life completely underwater, but what makes that impressive is that they don't have gills, nor any way of taking the oxygen from the water directly into their bodies. Most people assume that they frequently return to the surface to get more air, but a diving bell spider surfaces only once every twenty four hours. Using the tiny hairs on their body, air naturally gets stuck to them, and when they submerge again a huge bubble encompasses their body due to the presence of the air. They then take this bubble to a web spun between vegetation, in which they live. Because the bubble is supported by the web, most of the area of the bubble is just air-water interface between the fibers of the web, allowing for gas exchange. There is a net diffusion of oxygen into the bubble, and carbon dioxide out of the bubble. Legs has managed to engineer the same creation herself, albeit her bubble is often much larger. Her webs are spun in the form of a scuba-suit more than anything, allowing for her to stay submerged underwater while also being capable of maneuvering. As she descends into greater depths, water pressure increases, but due to the outer membrane being webs—a silk that is nearly fifty times stronger than steel—the bubble is able to maintain itself, and Legs is protected from even the most intense of pressures. Regardless, the concentration of the oxygen in the water is severely less than that in the atmosphere, in some regions of the water, and normally this is why the arachnids are forced to return to the surface once a day. Legs is different. Her ability does not entirely dependent on her ability to gather oxygen through an artificial gill, but rest in her ability to decrease her metabolic rate [28] ultimately decreasing her need for oxygen to extremely low levels. Because of this, she is able to survive with minuscule amount of oxygen, allowing her to stay underwater indefinitely as long as she has access to her scuba suit.
  • Ballooning: As if spiders weren't unnerving enough, they're some that use the electric fields of the earth to leap for miles. [29] Because thousands of tiny hairs exist on the spider's body, when the webs are released through the spinneret into the outside world, they brush against these small hairs creating a relatively negative chakra. The earth itself has a negative charge of about six nanoCoulombs per square meter on average. Because of this, the two negative charges reject the other, propelling these spiders into flight, allowing even the heaviest spider to take flight. Legs has managed to replicate this effect albeit on a larger scale. Proportionally, her spider silk is proportionally negatively charged to the earth as the gossamer spider, allowing her to lift up several hundred feet in the air with little issue. However, unlike these gossamer spiders, Legs does not slowly return to the earth's surface unless she wants to. While she uses the silk parachute to launch herself into the atmosphere, once she acquires her desired altitude, Legs creates wings made of silk that have a curved upper surface, but a flat lower surface to generate and sustain lift. When the air rushes over the upper surface, it has to travel further and faster than the air underneath, creating a pressure lower that is lower above the wings than there is underneath. Though, by this design, Legs would be incapable of flying upside down, which she has shown the ability to do. As a result, her wings are not completely parallel to the earth, but are slightly tilted backwards so that the air is pushed downwards, pushing them upwards. These two design principles work in conjunction to sustain her flight. [30]However, when turbulence is introduced, it greatly reduces the speed of her flight.
  • Healing Techniques: Several times stronger than steel and kelvar, as flexible as a rubber band, as sticky as the craziest glue, and as regenerative as a zebra fish is the mystical[31], mysteriously crafted spider-silk. For years, people have attempted to replicate it, or to generate it in mass amounts, but to no avail. Spiders use it to craft traps, build nest for their young, to go scuba-diving in the depths of the ocean, etc. Because of her devil fruit, Legs is able to create the same silk that humanity has sought to produce for thousands of years. She is able to weave intricate patterns that radiate beauty as it glimmers in the sunlight, annoy those that run into the invisible webs, and capture her prey with their adhesion. Unbeknown to most, Legs' favored usage of her webs are to ball them up and plant them on a bleeding scrape and wound. Because
  • Blood Acceleration: Though Monkey D. Luffy, the late pirate king made this move renown throughout the world, using it to bolster his physical abilities not too dissimilar to blood doping, it has been one used long before his discovery it. Spiders possess an exoskeleton that protects them from outward harm, though this defense greatly simplifies their muscle system, resulting in only a singular set of muscles that don’t exist outside the exoskeleton. Due to their size, and the heaviness of the muscle set, this would mean that spiders would be unable to move their legs. However, by accelerating their blood flow to their legs, they use hydraulic pressure to pump blood outwards, and in some cases, when needed to flip over, they pump blood into their abdomen as well. What becomes impressive about this is how quickly a spider can do so, and how they monitor this process is no different from how an individual breathes. It is all conscious, and does not require them to learn the craft in any manner. Thus, when Legs devoured the Kumo Kumo no Mi, Model: Arachne, she gained access to this subconscious and conscious ability. Unlike the late Pirate King who had to physically pump the blood through his body, she can activate it with no noticeable effort, doing so with a simple mental command. Legs can also deactivate with the same method, allowing her greater control and versatility over the technique that Luffy possessed himself.
However, the reason that Luffy could accelerate his blood flow so carelessly was because of his rubber body, allowing his vessels and organs to contract so easily without tearing. While Legs is not made of rubber herself, her vessels and tissues are infused with the same proteins that go into forming spider silk, just as her skin, making them as durable as steel and as flexible as rubber. Stacked with this, Legs’ body is supernaturally dense because of her extremely thick exoskeleton, meaning that her tissues have been equally empowered as the density of her body increased. This provides her the necessary requisites to further her blood acceleration. In fact, because she has conscious control over her blood’s flow, for it is ultimately a system of pressure she uses, Legs can increase the blood flow several times its normal speeds. Even more directly, she can accelerate it not only proportionate to how strong her inner body is due to the silk infused proteins, but because of how it was proportionally made denser due to her exoskeleton, meaning that Legs can accelerate it exponentially without sustaining damage to herself. Only when she passes this threshold does her body begin to wear and tear, but because of the elasticity of her body, It refrains from breaking immediately when pushed beyond its limits, and gradually weakens over time.
A major advantage that accelerating her blood flow has on her body is that the friction from the speed in which the blood is flowing greatly heats up Legs body, which, in turn, activates more enzymes and increases her metabolism, for that is ultimately how a spider’s physiology works. Yet, what comes from this is that by doing so, Legs uses a tremendous amount of energy when activating this technique, even more so than the old Pirate King. Thus, while she can increase the speed of blood throughout her entire body, Legs attempts to be efficient and reduce the waste in nutrients and energy that comes with using the technique. Her control over her blood acceleration is much more controlled as a result, and she often uses it for brief moments at a time to garner the necessary power, then releases it. By controlling and isolating her blood acceleration to specific regions, Legs greatly accelerates the power of the muscles involved in the movement of the limb, but also the pressure that is manipulated assist in moving the specific region. Increasing the blood flow in her arm allows her arm provides a boost in which it can explode forward after being pushed by her muscles, providing an extra boost of speed and power to her blows that would otherwise be incapable. This technique is highly similar to the Rokushiki principle of Geppo, and by doing the same process in her legs, she remain constantly in the air by rocketing herself, using solely her ability to move her limbs with hydraulic pressure. Thus, this means that she can maintain Geppo with only mental effort, and doesn’t even require the use of her muscles resulting in very little to no loss of stamina at all.

Miscellaneous Skills and Weaknesses Edit

In accordance with her other similarities to spiders, Legs is not able to internally regulate her body temperature as a result of being cold blooded. Thus, in order to remain warm, she must bask in the sun, or if she is too hot, she must find shade. Because of this, Legs is fairly sensitive to extreme temperatures, shown by her inability to tolerate excessively hot baths, and her innate disdain for snow. Depending on the temperature, Legs metabolism is proportionally affected, and thus if she is hotter, her metabolism is much quicker, and if she is cooler it becomes slower. While it is possible for her to overheat, it is rare for her to complain about overheating rather than being too cold. When too cold, Legs metabolism slows to the point where it forces her into hibernation, but, like many cold blooded animals/spiders, Legs undergoes a weird cellular process in which the water around her cells are frozen, but a antifreeze protein, glycerol, prevents the water within her cells from freezing and rupturing the cell membrane, allowing her to remain in a near frozen state up to negative forty degrees Celsius.

This particular ability proves beneficial should Legs sink to the bottom of an ocean where the temperatures often dip into the freezing spectrum. Because her metabolism slows to a point of almost non activation, Legs requires far less oxygen than she would otherwise, allowing her to stay submerged, if necessary, for months on end before needing to be pulled out. Simultaneously, this means that if Legs is hot, or in an environment with an excessive amount of heat, her metabolism is far quicker. Thus, while her reflexes will be enhanced, she will use far more energy, water and oxygen than she otherwise would requiring her to eat and drink even more food than she normally demands in order to prevent her body from cannibalizing her life energy. Only when engaging in drinking contest does Legs ever desire to be hot, because then her metabolism rids her body of the alcohol at a superhuman pace increasing her already superhuman tolerance. Because of her size, Legs needs to drink gallons and barrels of alcohol to become intoxicated, and thus many never take her up in the challenge. However, among her crew, there is a standing challenge that she rarely turns down, but is one she often loses against her division commanders. Like spiders, Legs is incapable of processing caffeine correctly, and is intoxicated by it.

Legs consumes an inhuman supply of food daily to support her unique physiology. On average, women eat fourteen calories per pound, and active women require eighteen calories per pound. Because she weighs twenty-five metric tons, the energy that Legs needs to move her body is immense, far eclipsing the requirements of most human women. Based on her size alone, Legs consumes calories that equates to the average woman’s consumption for two months and a half. Yet, there are some who believe that because she is cold blooded she does not necessarily use as much energy as a warm-blooded entity her size. While this is partly true, in the assumption that her cold-blooded nature does not require her to use as much energy, Legs has various other functions that outweigh the efficiency of her being cold blooded. The quantity of extra proteins she produces to allow her access to both her human and spider features result in higher amounts of energy needed. Her larger nervous system exponentially multiplies the demands for there are faster synapses and more synapses being transmitted. Finally, the size of her organs, and the extra number of organs she possesses also adds upon the demands of energy to fuel her processes. To simply maintain her bodily functions on a basic level, Legs requires approximately 250,000 Calories, a hundred times the average woman daily with exercise included. Yet, because Legs simultaneously zips through the world at speeds surpassing lightning, and utilizes punches that can reduce sand to glass through sheer force, she eats much more sustenance to cover for her activeness. In part, Legs’ ability to accelerate her blood six times the average speed at any given time has resulted in her eating six times the amount of calories per day to ensure that she is always prepared to unleash her techniques, and thus, the amount of calories that she eats per day to ensure she is not only healthy, but able to perform to the best of her abilities is 1.5 million, equating to 830,000,000 meals a day.

Although Legs is a skilled shinobi and a veteran of the seas, which would normally allow her to overcome other opponents using experience alone, she is notably excessively dependent on the powers of her Devil Fruit for her power. Against lesser pirates in paradise, she could potentially defeat and win, but even Legs has admitted that without her devil fruit powers, she would stand no chance against many in the New World, and would easily lose against any of the Three Admirals within moments of engaging them.

Fighting Style Edit

Having been exposed to the ways of the ninja since her complicated birth, Legs has been etched into the traditions of the warrior for as long as she can truly remember. Though, she was originally only meant to serve as a housewife, it was Legs' physical enhancements that proved to her elders and father she possessed a talent that should have been drawn out, allowing her to undergo the entirety of the training. Though, not in hopes she would become the best of her ability, but in hopes that this would raise her reputation and provide them the opportunity to wed her to a more noble house than intended originally. Regardless of intentions, Legs came to master the principles of the ninja. A samurai is defined by their swordsmanship. Their ability to use a blade correctly, and almost supernaturally is why people cherish their services. To them, a blade is an extension of their body, and for their sword to be powerful, their body must be equally strong. Though a ninja by definition, Legs was trained to resist the might of the samurai. For them to fulfill their role, they require a physical condition that far surpasses that of the average civilian. To leap from rooftop to rooftop, to survive countless numbers of minutes underwater without any air, and to be able to escape murder scenes within relative short periods of time is just a few of the various things that a shinobi has to be capable of doing.

Despite her natural talents, Legs' conditioned herself in a variety of ways (weights, shadow-boxing, countless hours of severe punishment), but more severe than all was her battling the elements themselves: standing nude in deep snow, voluntarily going without food and water, and sometimes extreme drinking were some of the practices used to increase endurance and vigor. In terms of application, taijutsu is simply the name for a collection of martial arts that shinobi use. True to her theme as a shinobi, Legs was exposed to these fighting styles as a child so that she could truly excel as a ninja. Several martial arts are used to makeup Legs' general overview of taijutsu: Karate, Jujutsu, Judo, Aikido. Through the art of Karate, Legs' uses their principles of striking, kicking and blocking. Through, Jujutsu and Judo she has mastered their grappling and throwing techniques. Lastly, by studying Aikido the Yonko learned about joint locks and pressure points. Because of her strong emphasis of combining several martial art styles together which focus on specific techniques of combat, her taijutsu is more of a free form which allows her to adapt in battle just as a shinobi should. Rather than have complicated steps and stances that attempt to dictate the battle, Legs uses the solid foundation that she has in each respective martial art to counter his opponent and bring them down by striking where they are weak. Naturally her ability to adapt proves as an formidable offense, but because she can respond with various techniques and styles it seems that Legs' defense is much more impressive.

Taijutsu Edit

Taijutsu is the art of using one’s body, and is a set of techniques and principles that revolve around the optimization of martial arts or natural, human abilities. Displayed from a young age, Legs excels and specializes in taijutsu, possessing such natural aptitude for the shinobi art; so talented that her skills surpassed those of her mentors, to the point where she could teach them how to improve their own abilities. During her training to perfect her abilities, she mastered perfected the Wudang Chaun and combining its principles and techniques to develop her own unique fighting style known as the Crazy Fist of the Black Widow (黒後家蜘蛛狂拳, Kurogokegumo-kyō ken). This martial art accounts for Legs’ superhuman physical skills, extra limbs, organs, appendages, etc., With every attack Legs unleashes comes gust of wind, and ripples in the world making her form of taijutsu nearly impossible to truly combat against.

Because of her ability to use air pressure in tandem with her taijutsu, Legs is revered as one of the greatest martial artist to walk the face of the earth. While her fierce strikes, with her ability to double the width and length of her attack using air pressure is enough to cripple most people there is an equally dangerous ability lurking in the shadows of his power. She possesses the skill to release poison through the pores of her hands, akin to a spider manifesting them through their claws that is able to scald the skin of her opponent akin to acid. Thus, dodging each attack suddenly becomes a necessity for those who face her, but even moreso, it truly limits the range and what they can do to attack. Legs’ strength revolves heavily around controlling the area where damage can be done, and that is why her taijutsu is particularly dangerous, and revered.

The stance Legs normally assumes is is ’’’ Sāntǐshì’’’ (三體勢) in which Legs holds her head, torso, and feet along the same vertical plane with her left arm held out, her palm facing her opponent, and with her right arm spread across the bottom portion of her abdomen. This inevitably allows Legs to quickly protect both her head and torso simultaneously with ease, along with attacking and with her feet, usually preforming low sweep kicks to cause her opponent to lose balance then defending herself with her hands; essentially a perfect offense and defense. While it isn’t really known, this stance also allows for a state equilibrium, for when she does strike it allows more power to be generated from both of her legs, increasing her power and chances of defending from attacking, almost able to switch between these offense and defense instantly.

Within her martial art, there are five natural elements that Legs attempt to imitate for responding and reacting to attacks: lightning, water, wind, fire and earth. When imitating lightning, Leg uses her arm in the form of an axe, lifting up and chopping over, using her air pressure as an extension for her technique allowing her to chop over a distance, akin to lightning strikes vertically falling towards the earth. With this technique, she can use the air pressure to slice through various projectiles, whether elemental, metallic, or any other substance. The second element is water, in which Legs imitates that of a geyser and drills forward; typically using air pressure to extend the range of her technique, which normally sends the opponent flying backwards.

The third element is wind, which takes the offensive side of combat, resembling that of arrows exploding forwards. With this, Legs normally throws multiple, powerful strikes with her hands, using the air pressure to enhance her blows and to extend the range, to the point where if Legs misses her opponent with her hand, the air pressure will still strike them. The fourth element is fire, which utilizes both offense and defense simultaneously, with Legs exploding forward while blocking, using air pressure in the environment as a shield to protect herself, which she then uses as a weapon to injure her opponent. The last element is Earth in which one stands their ground, similar to that of a rock, completely unmovable. When imitating this element, Legs uses the air pressure in the environment to form a protective wall in front of her. This isn't really a move meant to deal any damage but is instead a move used to defend her from incoming attacks.

In the Crazy Fist of the Black Widow, there are four distinct animals in which Legs imitates personality-wise and movement wise, utilizing several unique techniques with each animal.

Snake (蛇, Hebi): The Snake often represents intelligence, happiness and is normally a sign when something needs to be done. Snakes are normally portrayed as supernatural creatures, which hold serious supernatural powers. As a result, this fighting style is not as ferocious or truly “Straight forward” in the slightest and instead relies on secret techniques and hidden attacks to truly deal damage to its opponent. As a result, snakes do not rely on sheer power, or size. Instead, snakes rely on supernatural-like abilities and unique attacks fueled by their extremely refined intellect. The snake prefers a quiet, lone environment and will often walk away from conflict than engage in it. Where the crane is a graceful dancer, the snake stylist is sinuous, sexy, flexible, rubber-like dancer. Every movement is deliberate, precise, well controlled and is very alluring, if not borderline hypnotic. The snake requires a well-positioned head for detail, eyes for precision and requires some strength which does not inhibit the rhythmic flexibility it possesses.

When using the snake stylist, Legs mirrors the snake’s teeth and body attacks with Sudden Strikes and Holding Locks. These two attacks seemingly contradict one another. One requires quick and precise strikes from the hands and feet while the other requires strong arms and body for locking. Though, where both join together is that they require the knowledge of where and how to strike certain portions of the human body. She condenses needles of air pressure along her fingertips, and with each strike, she throws them into her opponent’s body, attacking their pressure points, internal organs, and even their nerves. Legs’ studies about the human body, attributed to her severe physical conditioning, provides her with such experience that she can normally attack and strike an opponent in these specific weak points without a complex thought. There are five main principles of the snake fighting style that Legs has mastered to further improve and truly perfect the imitation of a snake.

The first principle is commonly referred to as Order. Naturally, order is the key to all success; it is the building block for entire civilizations, enlightenment, and coexistence in general. When there is order present, chaos, and mischief are absent. Without order, which essentially is composure, this style would simply not exist for it relies on preciseness and random and uncontrolled attacks. The second principle which is needed to achieve a perfect imitation of the snake is Knowledge. Like order, knowledge is also a major factor which leads to success. Simply possessing the knowledge of knowing what is possible and what isn’t; such as knowing what works best and what does; knowing your opponent’s weaknesses and your strengths; knowing how to maximize efficiency with minimum effort. Without knowledge, one’s actions cannot even remotely be successful in any way.

The third principle is skill, which is essentially the transformation of knowledge into successful actions. With this, one knows how to do the best movement to the best place in the best way possible. Without this principle, there is simply theory and words which do very little in a battle designed for only two opponents. The fourth principle which Legs applies is Accuracy and Timing which is derived from the principle of Order and is used together with Skill and Knowledge to truly achieve the best action possible. With this, she can strike/move at the right time, right place and in the most effective manner. Lastly, the principle of Patience is simple waiting for the perfect time to strike, dodge or fight. With these principles all combined into one fighting style, it truly makes Legs offense and defense nearly unstoppable by normal means.

Evasion, Speed, Accuracy and fluid motions are physical attributes required to fully master and imitate the style of the snake. These physical attributes make for alluring movements, which are somewhat hypnotizing in a sense. When utilizing this fighting style, Legs’ attacks and defense are the best for the best with the least amount of effort. Techniques are short and long but very quick, precise and sharp. Whipping, thrusting and wrapping are normal techniques that the Yonko use in battle to truly damage her opponents. Snakes strikes are short, sudden and surprising. Their grabs are long and painful. As a result, Legs has strong figures for these short strikes and extremely powerful arms and legs for trapping and holding. The Snakes Core Strength is crucial as is a good center of balance; strong legs and low stances to allow it to twist and bend and still encircle a large opponent and squeeze the air out of them.

Tiger (虎, Tora): The tiger is the king of the land, attributed to the fact that it asserts its ferocious power and dominates. Armed with claws, strong jaws and perfect size, the tiger’s objective is completed through absolute power. Dominating, controlling and large, the tiger relies on pure physical conditioning and inner energy to unleash their explosive force, making it the ultimate predator. As a result, the tiger doesn’t need to defend, as it is suited for quick, direct strikes and absolute offence. The tiger’s techniques are not strategic, but are instead reactive, instinctive and dominating.

The tiger animal form is direct, sudden and absolute. It lacks the complex steps, maneuvers and blocking techniques, solely relying on Legs physical prowess to deal damage. The attacks are powerful and final, with the Yonko usually aiming for the weak points in the human body to take them down. These weak points are several things, the first being the throat and the second being the joints of the human body. Typically, she’ll look to target the throat for various reasons, being the bridge that allows for oxygen to cross into the body and also being the home to two major arteries. The joints are targeted second considering the fact that they are weak but are responsible for movement in the human body. Using ferocious strikes, Legs can damage both targets, injuring the throat and breaking the joints to incapacitate his opponent, leaving them vulnerable to a finishing blow.

Considering the fact that Legs isn’t a tiger, he cannot make use of actual claws and powerful jaws to damage his opponent. However, he has invented three basic techniques, if not steps, which emulates and allows him to mimic the movements and attack styles of that of a tiger in the best way possible. The first is the tiger maul, a technique where Legs extends her two first fingers, bending them slightly, while keeping the rest closed and extending her thumb as well, creating a little cup-like shape. With this, she can strike her opponent’s neck, closing her fingers after gripping their neck to effectively wound them; depending on the amount of strength he puts into this move, Legs can even crush someone’s entire neck with this move, killing them instantly.

The second movement that Legs emulates from the tiger swipe, in which Legs places her palms towards his opponent to represent a tiger swiping at his opponent. As opposed to grabbing her opponent's neck, Legs instead focuses on attack her opponent's joints with this move, slamming her palms onto their joints to break them, using her Busoshoku Haki to fortify her physical prowess even greater than what it is. Because this technique is more for striking than grappling, it is even possible for Legs to defend with attacks; something unique to most fighters. By meeting her opponent's attack with her own, she can ultimately use her own strength to deflect their attack with one arm and then attack their joints with the other. If more attacks are needed, Legs can sprout extra limbs to compensate. Although tigers do not need to defend, this is not actually a defense move but is instead meeting an attack with an attack.

The third and final movement that Legs emulates is called the tiger hind claws, which is perhaps the most dangerous of his techniques, relying on pure muscle strength which resides in the legs; these muscles being the most developed out of all of Legs’ muscles. The typical movements of this revolve around complex sweeping, breaking and powerful roundhouse kicks which are capable of breaking most people’s bones with a single strike and breaking their necks with relative ease. The tiger hind claws strikes are purely aggressive, offensive and lacks finesse. This technique revolves around eschewing absolute pin point strikes which seek to end the battle with a single hit, or several hits but no more than ten hits; usually creating an opening for the strong roundhouse kicks and sweeping kicks which act as both an attack as blocks in a single movement.

Dragon (竜, Ryū): The Dragon is often the most spiritually adept out of all creatures on the earth. For centuries, people have studied under them hoping to obtain a fragment of the wisdom that these creatures have gathered. Dragons may live in the heavens, ocean, in a swamp, the wetlands, etc. They are the most versatile thus this animal style stands as one of the more adaptable out of the five that Legs uses. To imitate the internal proficiency that dragons often has, this animal form calls upon more than physical prowess to truly prove efficient and requires one to have full command over their air pressure to maximize the potential of this fighting style. Secondly, a developed physical body is required but one where strength and speed are not primary concerns. Instead, agility and fluidity is required to make the smooth transitions from the hands to the feet without slowing down or choreographing your movement. The ability to adapt to any possible attack and defend against it is the dragon's concern and greatest attribute: Fluid like water, but unbreakable like earth.

Footwork is essential in this style for with poor footwork the transitions stiffen and slow the body regardless of how fast one may be. The lower portion of Legs’ body is often moving in zig-zags so that she may access floating and sinking movements so that her body becomes very calm and relaxed, opening up her joints and meridians allowing for a greater internal energy circulation and much more power and stability with every movement. With every step, the rear foot eventually becomes the front foot with each step taken which she always does at an angle of around thirty five degrees. Overall, this makes the footwork appear circular which often makes creates an angle where Legs is capable of reaching her opponent (albeit with the help of her air pressure extended range) while making it harder for her opponent to reach her. Such a technique forces her opponents to reposition their bodies almost constantly to attack and defend leaving them void of any true power due to a lack of stability and focus.

Often times, Legs utilizes a five finger technique in which she’ll use chakra to enhance the power of her pinching techniques which target the muscles, tendons and meridians. Similar to a dragon’s tail, Legs’ lower body’s movement consist of tactics that target the sensitive areas of her opponent such as their groin, ankles, feet and the knees. Each attack used in the dragon's art is to weaken or cripple her opponent through a rather aggressive form of defense. When her opponent strikes, she simply takes a zig-zag step to avoid combat while dealing damage to the appendage they struck with or their body by using natural energy to enhance the range of her attacks so that he doesn't have to make true contact to deal damage.

Monkey (猿, Saru): Monkeys are known for their cleverness and playfulness. They are the mischievous beings of the jungle causing mayhem by either swinging from vines or flinging their poo. Truly the most unpredictable animal due to their intelligence, this fighting art emphasizes speed, flexibility while being completely unpredictable. One of the more intellect-reliant forms, Leg uses a broken rhythm to hopefully confuse her opponents in an attempt to force them to "guess" when his attack will come or when she’ll roll. In this instance, she’ll weave her Kenbunshoku Haki, and subsequently toss it to confuse her enemies. She causes them to multi-task with guessing both the time of her action and what action will she take.

As it relies on flexibility, most of the movements of this form are not movements that occur on the ground and instead consist of sideway flips, rolls, backflips, hand stands, walking on her hands, and many more random acts of motion. The kicks and strikes are often weaved into these flips and superb acrobatic acts as these flexible movements are simply disguising his attacks/defenses. Like the monkey, the strikes are often cheap and directed to the eyes, groin, throat, knees, or areas that her opponent least expects her to truly act upon.

In this style regardless, Legs’ defense does not lie within allowing her opponent to make physical contact but instead relies on evading and staying several steps ahead of them. When they strike, she has already registered their move and has made another movement to force them to change trajectory, but then she makes another to force them to move again. For such reason, speed is heavily required in such a style thus he often makes use of her speed miracles to boost her speed to levels where it allows her to move in such a manner.

Swordsmanship Edit

Although Legs is revered through the world as an artisan, and a creator of some sort, before all, she is a shinobi from the Wano country. Thus, even before she was aware of her Devil Fruit’s true potential, she was educated in the craft of ninjutsu by her parents, and her educators. Due to the physical enhancements her fruits supplied, which borderline made her superhuman, Legs was allowed a greater deal of time to deal with techniques rather than conditioning, granting an earlier lead to higher level techniques that she would have otherwise been unable to access. In particular, like many of the warriors of Wano, and especially due to shinobi being a common enemy of the Samurai, Legs is immensely talented in swordsmanship to the extent that she has laid a personal claim to the title as the best swordsman in the world.

While there are some swordsman who hold the belief that trickery or devil fruits have no right in the affairs of the blade, Legs is an avid believer that these qualities are not only crucial in the development of one’s skill, but in their individuality as a swordsman. As such, she often incorporates various aspects of her unique powers into her swordsplay to enhance her techniques, and to bring about a variance in her attacks and defenses. For example, Legs’ immense strength has naturally provided her the ability to swing her sword with such force it compressed the wind and used it as an extension of her swing to launch long ranged assaults. Though, what perhaps makes her swordsmanship the most dangerous is her ability to use channel poison through her sword. Because this poison is corrosive, destroying anything it touches, it makes her highly skilled when fighting against other swordsmen, for the acid she spits can dissolve the steel of another's.

This incorporation of her powers often confuses individuals to believe Legs lacks formal training, an often deadly mistake. A samurai is defined by his swordsmanship, and their philosophies revolve heavily around the blade. How one advances through the ranks is not through proving their physical abilities, devotion to bushido, but whether they have good sword-techniques. Growing up as a warrior to combat these samurai forces, Legs too learned the ways of the blade. Everyday, Legs trained with bamboo—a plant blessed with the same density as human bone—to cut it perfectly. If the end was slightly curved, it meant that her technique was flawed; one precise cut is the way of the samurai. She would start over until she was able to cut one perfectly, then would continue to cut the others in rapid succession to create fluidity.

But, in the Wano Country, a samurai's swordsmanship is measured by their proficiency in their most favored art: Iaidō. Though, despite what many think, Iaidō is not a technique meant for combat. In fact, the samurai view using such a technique as impractical, however many have used it effectively in combat. It uses a combination of feigns, speed, and reflexes. Fortunately, Legs's devil fruit blessed her with the speed and reflexes necessary. Taking advantage of her computer-like reflexes, Legs uses the essential principle of Iaidō: feigning. By pretending to move in one direction, she forces her opponent to respond, then as they are responding she switches her position to surprisingly deal damage with proper Kenjutsu techniques. Her Iaidō is so spontaneous, and quick that she renders parrying nearly impossible in her presence. Whereas samurai that use Iaidō pick their attacks carefully, Legs tends to blitz her opponent with a barrage of sword-techniques, relying on her incredible reaction time, and her ability to sense vibrations, to accurately detect and respond to an attack should an opening present itself.

In addition, due to her possession of several other appendages, Legs is an innate user of the Eight Sword Style technique, manifesting eight arms as a result of her spider devil fruit. This style, unlike the others, is based more on overcoming her opponent with her speed and force rather than through her technique, and her elemental and mana based attacks are manifested in a particularly large degree to accentuate her desire to overwhelm her victim. Although many who engage with this Yonko are formal swordsman, the formality of their techniques are often overcome by her physical attributes, nigh-undetectable attacks, and magic assisted defenses.

Ninja Art Edit

Shinobi are considered mythological creatures throughout the world, including the New World. They are rumored to have supernatural powers that allow them to bend the laws of reality itself, and thus are highly coveted by employers outside of the Wano Country. Although Legs appreciates the comments of her might, she has admitted those rumors are beyond truth. However, she, herself, claims to be capable of the feats people speak of alone. Unlike the shinobi of her country, she does not use illusions or tricks, but rather the powers of her devil fruit to bring her tactics to fruition.

  • Shunshin no Jutsu (瞬身の術, Body Flicker Technique): It is an essential ninja technique used by most—if not all—shinobi throughout Wano, and is the foundation of a variety of more advanced ninjutsu. While all ninja utilizes it, there are varying levels of proficiency. Legs usage of the Body Flicker has eclipsed her into a league unprecedented by her people and into a realm of true superiority. The mechanics of the technique are identical to the Soru that the marines use. It requires the user to kick off the ground several times to effectively propel them in another direction. Any high-speed movement that a normal shinobi uses is often a result of this technique, however, because Legs possessed an immense untrained speed herself, she did not rely on the technique early on, and often matched others Body Flicker with her raw movement. Ironically, she was also the first to use the technique among her generation, for the Body Flicker requires an individual to be in superhuman condition to even initiate. As a result, Legs’ raw speed was used against shinobi seasoned enough to even use the Body Flicker. Thus, when Legs finally tunes into her Body Flicker, it is almost akin to teleportation itself. Particularly, Legs’ Devil Fruit directly benefits her usage of the Body Flicker. Because the technique benefits from the user kicking off the ground, one can increase the speeds at which they travel by increasing the kicking power of their legs, or by kicking off the ground more per movement. Since she was supplemented with immense strength, allowing her to accelerate her training on par with other adults thereby providing her more time to truly grow stronger, Legs can kick off the ground with a tremendous amount of power. In addition, by using the ability to accelerate her blood flow, she can effectively launch her legs akin to a rocket, not only increasing the speeds at which she can strike the ground, but also further amplifies the strength of each kick. Whereas a Soru user is said to kick off the ground ten times, Legs has claimed the ability to kick off the earth hundreds of times per movement with only a fraction of her power.
  • Enton no Jutsu (煙遁の術 Enton no Jutsu?, literally meaning "Smoke Escape Technique"): Taught by her parents and tutors for an unquantifiable amount of time, the Enton no Jutsu is a technique that Legs is extremely comfortable with. This technique is perhaps the most famous of the shinobi's arsenal. Those without their secrets equate it to a form of mysticism in which the user teleports from their area to another. In truth, the shinobi simply use a form of high sped movement, and disguises such with the smoke around them; it is a valuable technique for any ninja. For someone of Legs' craft—a true assassin who tends to avoid confrontation with other ninja—this proves valuable as it allows her to assassinate whomever she needs to and escape without a trace. For such reason, this technique is perhaps Legs' most used technique even during hand to hand combat. Credited to the effects of her devil fruit—which allows her to move thousands of time her body length naturally—Legs is able to relocate to other areas at greater speeds than the average ninja. Because of this, the range of where she is able to "teleport" to is much larger.
  • Bunshin no Jutsu (分身の術 Bunshin no Jutsu?, literally meaning "Clone Technique"): Although most people are unaware of this, there exist a species of spiders dedicated to crafting decoys of themselves to deceive their targets. [32] Their bodies naturally reflect ultraviolet and other light, and by crafting silk that does the same thing, they are able to give off their same color, which confuses their predators. In hindsight, this is similar to a ninja who make use of clones and decoys based, but typically their clones are speed-based illusions. Unlike her fellow shinobi, and similar to a variety of other devil fruit users, Legs is able to form tangible clones of herself, spun from silk, and by molding them to reflect her color, she is able to create a perfect physical replica of herself indistinguishable by appearance from her own.
  • Kawarimi no Jutsu (変わり身の術 Kawarimi no Jutsu?, literally meaning "Substitution Technique"): By combining the Enton no Jutsu, and Bunshin no Jutsu, Legs pioneered the creation of the Kawarimi no Jutsu, which allows her to substitute herself with a clone. By di
  • Bajutsu: (馬術, literally meaning "Horsemanship"): Having perfected ninjutsu in its entirety in part due to her ability to start training at an earlier age than most and advance at a pace uncommon to even the most gifted of Wano, Legs’ has come to master all that is considered the principles of ninjutsu, including the art of horse-riding. She is a skilled rider, capable of directing her stallion through even the most perilous courses, typically by subjecting it to her will using Haoshoku Haki, allowing for greater, or even ultimate, control over the horse’s mind.
  • Ryōshi (猟師, literally meaning "Huntsman"): Blessed with hundreds of thousands of subordinates, Legs’ rarely must lift a finger daily. She is a Queen, an Empress that commands an army of several countries, and a grand pirate fleet that serves as her navy to combat the incoming flux of foes that seek to claim her lands. When she desires to meet with any one individual, her messengers, and spies ensure that such fortunate recipient of her time are provided the invitation in a timely manner. Yet, this does not mean that Legs’ is incapable of searching herself. In fact, due to her ability to see ultraviolet light, and thus placing the world under a constant backlight, she can see bodily fluids, such as blood, urine, semen, etc., along with footprints and fingerprints, she is an excellent tracker, and is regarded, among her crew, as one of the best.

Haki Edit

A shinobi works at understanding and developing an unprecedented knowledge of themselves. They hope to learn their strength, their weaknesses, their personal power, but more importantly their nindō; a nindō binds a shinobi to their convictions. It justifies murder, rape, sabotage, and if they ever betray their nindō than a shinobi is worth nothing. As much as a shinobi is a physical warrior, they are philosophers. They are moved by their love and reverence to battle. Having undergone spiritual refinement, for a shinobi to not notice their own Haki would only prove that they failed to truly master the principle of spiritual perfection. Yet, even then, the only way for them to prove their proficiency in the first principle of ninjutsu is to control these energies and utilize them in combat. Unlike the rest of the world, Haki is not a mysterious energy, nor unknown to the citizens of the Wano Country.

The people believe in the existence of inherent energies that make up human life. To them, the person is simply a reflection of the earth. There exist three hundred and sixty-five meridian points in the body that imitate the number of the days in the planet's rotation, and each point is responsible for a change in a new phase of energy. As each organ is associated with a range of meridians, they believe that imperfections come from a disturbance in the functions of these organs that disrupt the flow of the energy; the basis of their medicine revolves around purifying the energy of the body. Like Onymoji, shinobi work on manipulating these energies, but instead for purification and healing, they hope to improve their own abilities and channel Haki for use in combat. Having been educated in the arts of ninjutsu, and trained by an Onmyoji to perfect his powers of sorcery, Legs is extremely proficient in application of her Haki.

Even for a Yonkō, Legs has a noticeable impressive grasp and control over her own inner energies. For any person, spending decades on anything would lead to progression and development of that skill that very few could rival. Those who spend their entire childhood training to be martial artist rarely do very much else, and that is the case for most people regardless of whatever skill/profession they pursue: medicine, music, etc. For Haki, marines spend years attempting to simply become aware of their own energy, and then they spend the remainder of their time learning to harness it. Legs was fortunate to skip the first portion of her training, and even more fortunate to have been blessed with the ability to continue using and mastering its power for decades without her age hindering her. Because of her immense life force—since life is defined as the combination of the mind, body, and soul, thus each component of the person must be powerful for the overall life force to be powerful and immense—Legs possesses an incredible supply of Haki (Kenbunshoku Haki (Soul), Busoshoku Haki (Body), and Haoshoku Haki (Mind) ),so much that It would occasionally leak from her being.

She is noted to have the ability to weave her Haki together, creating differing colors that provide a variety of new powers accessible to her.

Kenbunshoku Haki Edit

In practice, Kenbunshoku Haki is relatively simple. It involves the spiritual energy that governs the consciousness, the mind, and the soul. When one's individual spiritual energy connects with the spiritual energy of the universe, it generates what the world knows as Kenbunshoku Haki. Yet, to do so requires tremendous spiritual refinement. It requires being in tune with one’s senses to levels that allow them to feel the flow of the universe, and they require the mental energy needed to understand that flow. They must have the willpower necessary to stand against the emotions and malice of the world, elsewise they'll be corrupted and destroyed. For a shinobi, sometimes the sense of sight, hearing, taste, isn't enough to keep them from life and death, and those who can use this power have an advantage over the rest of the warriors that some may not have. Despite having been exposed to Haki, in her youth, Legs found it extremely difficult to tap into Kenbunshoku Haki, having been far too unspiritual aligned and confident in her physical abilities. Eventually, such would come to be her undoing in a battle against Isamu, where the powers of his Devil Fruit tempted her mind and sent her on the brink of insanity. However, not through willpower, nor skill, but rather through necessity, she awakened Kenbunshoku. Because of her powerful soul—acquired by stealing the souls of other people—Legs has found that her Haki is unusually strong, and her practice over it is quite polished for a novice—a feat she can, yet again, credit to her consumption of souls and essence.

Like Enel, Legs can combine her Haki with her devil fruit to further her powers. By injecting her web-creations with her Kenbunshoku, she can extend the range of her sense from herself to her webs, allowing her to perceive the world through her constructs in addition to her own. In theory, this makes her an excellent spy. With a web in the garden, a spider on the sidewalk, just to name a few, Legs can pick up information about her opponent. In combat, by injecting her webs with her Haki, she can monitor her opponents always, ensuring that she has no blind spots when it comes to his enemies' attacks. Simultaneously, it throws off others who possess the same ability as Legs. Because they sense presence, and since she can spread her presence to other organisms, they are generally overwhelmed and fooled by their own senses as they sense her creations around them, disabling, or at least hindering, their ability to predict her attacks.

Busoshoku Haki Edit

Because the art of magic is a delicate art, for it involves commanding the will of nature itself to bend to the will of man, Legs is noted to possess a remarkable willpower that is supported by her innate talents, and completely mastery of the arcane arts. Her Haki is incredibly powerful, almost supernaturally so, and it would be the impression to many that such Haki would be impossible to control and contain due to its immense size. However, like most great users of Haki, Legs does not keep her Devil Fruit’s talents and her Willpower separate. Like she is able to weave her mana into new forms, Legs is capable of weaving metaphorical pathways for her Haki to follow, allowing her to control her own willpower with a remarkable precision matched, if not outright surpassing, some of the greatest that have existed on the planet.

The people of Wano have always had use to this mystical power, even if they had no context of the name for such strength, elsewise their samurai would pale in power to the swordsmen of the New World, to whom they often aptly defeat due to their strengths. Thus, during her childhood, while undergoing training to manifest this common power, Legs had no difficulty in doing so due to her subconscious tendencies to weave the energy in any manner she desired as her Devil Fruit provided. Coating her blade in excess reserves of Busoshoku Haki to solidify it was a task she mastered very quickly, and soon, she succeeded her masters in the respective art. With nothing left to do, Legs soon devised her own strategies to make use of her Busoshoku Haki even more, devising a fighting style from the entirety of it.

With physical contact, Legs is able to weave her Busohoku Haki into the body of another individual, allowing her to target their pressure points accordingly, or other areas.....

Haoshoku Haki Edit

Symbolically, the universe seemingly bestows innate conqueror's with Haoshoku Haki. The ambitions of their ancestors transcend time itself. The third Haki is the rarest Haki, but in the New World it is almost as common as the amount of devil fruit users on the grand line. In the Wano Country, what separates the gods from the kings is this Haki. Having been born to rule over one of the most powerful shinobi clans in history, and revered as the God of Shinobi, there was no surprise that Legs was bestowed with this ability. Yet, ironically what awakened it was the extinction of the clan she was intended to rule, but what it did was save her own life and allow her to extract revenge on those who commissioned it. From that point, using it was as easy as it was for her to use the others. It was a form of energy that she had suddenly become aware of, and upon achieving that awareness she spent time trying to control it and master it. With it, she is allowed to use her own will to dominate, and subjugate the will of other living creatures, whether they are sea kings, wild beast, or people.

Those who strengthen this Haki through experience, and by directly strengthening their individual will, acquire advanced techniques revolving around subjugating more individuals at a certain time, and even those with relatively strong wills. For a shinobi, their will is as absolute as a steel blade; they have a nindō, and through that nindō they draw their sword, take their breath, murder child, and interrogate their victims. It is the only thing that binds them to their morality, and that is strong enough to convince him that there evils are for a cause. For, Legs, her nindō is to uncover the secrets of the world, and she is resolute in his goal; her will is as unbendable as a tempered glass, and as unwavering as a titanium flag. Through her strong will, and years of devotion to perfecting her Haki, she has a level of control over the first stage that is legitimized by her progression to the second stage. With it, she can move her Haki and target specific individuals in a crowd, and when unleashing it, her will causes the nightmares of her victims to materialize in their mindscape. It contorts their dreams, and desires into hellish realities. Either from trauma, or fear, those influenced by her Haki find themselves sleep within seconds of exposure. Though, despite only being under for a mere moment, the influence of Legs' haki remains forever. When they sleep, they see her dominating their spirits in their dreams; they realize how truly helpless they were, yet they truly learn the powers of a God.

References Edit

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