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Personality Edit

"See, the world itself is akin to a stormy wasteland. The path is arduous, unknown, and unclear. In history, there have only been a few who have demonstrated the ability to transverse this wasteland, carving paths for others to follow. For Wano, it was me and Aoi. Together, we would prove the worth of a Kunoichi and revitalize the strength, honor, and reputation of our clans. It was us, who singlehandedly brought the Fukuoka and Daija to the top. But no matter how further we wandered into the wasteland, the world expected us to keep going. Yet, as your travel further into the storm, as you near the eye, it only gets that much murkier. Your body and mind tire, and you grow slower and slower with each step, until you eventually stagnate. This has been true for all individuals; it was no different for Aoi and I. However, we both stagnated at different points, and slowed at different speeds. The pressure of the world, the storm, consumed Aoi. And while I was busy trucking ahead, thinking that she was right behind me the entire time, I left her to be lost in the endless void. That’s why, no matter what, I won’t leave my friends behind. No one will follow in my stead; instead, we’ll carve a path through the barren wasteland with our hands locked. That’s why the marines will never win."
—Legs' philosophy

Because she is a Yonko, Legs is usually perceived by others to be a ruthless, barbaric beast in part due to the propaganda spread by the World Government in their attempts to discredit everything that she is.[2] However, contrastingly, Legs has demonstrated unmatched charisma befitting an Empress rather than a pirate. She is very polite to all individuals she encounters, even when those she’s conversing with directly insult her.[3] When speaking to other royals, she uses the proper titles that they have been bestowed upon,[4] and allows her own subordinates to call her simply by her last name to make her status and power seem less formal.[5] Because of her charisma, Legs has formed allies with very powerful individuals,[6] and upon meeting people, she has garnered soldiers who are dedicated to her cause[7] with only a single conversation. Although she can acquire allies quickly, this does not mean that Legs believes them to be expendable. In fact, it is the opposite. She cherishes her allies, friends, and subjects greatly.

Thus, while on Elbaf, Legs tolerated Fuyuki’s verbal abuse to prevent a conflict between the two from arising to ensure that the island would not be destroyed in the catastrophic battle that would occur between the two to protect her newly acquired allies from harm. However, in situations where Legs does not have to tolerate rudeness, she does not, especially should someone’s insincerity put her crewmates at risk.[8] She respects those who service her greatly, believing that not a single person in the world should ever put them at harm. Because of this, Legs often opts to take care of responsibilities revolving around combat herself to ensure that none of her own subordinates are injured. [8] Yet, even against her enemies, Legs offer mercy, and often provides them the choice to simply listen to her demand, or for her to force them upon them.[8] She greatly looks out for the benefit of her kingdom, and by extension the greater majority of the people, and if one openly declares themselves an enemy of her, they are subject to the fullest brute of her ruthlessness, a concept that she is quite familiar with. As a product of the environment she has grown up in, she is extremely desensitized to violence whether she is responsible for it or not. She has used the blood of her enemies as lipstick,[9] and watched nonchalantly as hundreds of people have perished,[3] and have even made threats to remove the guts from people who defy her.

Before all else, Legs is a warrior bred for combat, and she derives entertainment from battle.[10] Particularly, Leg enjoys

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