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Personality and Relationships

Personality Edit

As a Yonko, there is no doubt that Legs has committed atrocious deeds to benefit her own well-being. She has demanded wars to be made in her name, territories to be acquired for her own self-interest[1], and assassinations to be made for lands that she believes are rightfully hers. Her very actions garner active hostility from even the most compassionate marines simply upon appearing before them.[2] However, contrary to the rumors that the World Government has spread about the monster that Legs is, she is notably calm and collected during encounters with most individuals, appearing quite polite and well mannered.[3] However, It seems that her politeness does not stem from genuine sincerity, but from her own confidence. When insulted, Legs is not immediately threatened, because she remains under the assumption that she will often have the last word.[4] In fact, Legs often remains extremely calm when faced under pressures because of this innate confidence, treating even circumstances of certain death will lightly.[5]

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