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"Demon Eyes" Daddy N. Static, born Fukuoka Kuroshio" is a Pirate and a man holding a great lineage being the child of the Yonko, Daddy L. Legs and Marine Marshall D. Reed which makes him younger brother of Fukuoka Soren and the older brother of Harlequin W. Heili on his material side, the grandson Charlotte Marié, great-grandson of the former infamous pirate Blackbeard and the Great Great-Grandson of the former Yonko Big Mom on his paternal side.

After willingly haven his mind woven into two separate pieces and later undergoing a deep hypnosis he became a double agent for his mother and by extension the Black Widow Pirates, tasked with infiltrating the World Government and Marines in order to gather, steal and assimilate information on their plans, technological advancement and darkest secrets in order to advance their goals where he operated the alias Ward Daemon prominent Commodore in the Marines.


Static is a slim, yet muscular man, of a relatively tall height and is considered very handsome and attractive by women all over the world with his ebony-black hair that he dyed from it’s original pale blue, that has natural wind swept hair style to it and at times looks similar to a mane rather than actual hair, a very unique skin tone being a slight pale yet tanned complexion, that results in his pigment appearing as a biolumessent pale color which makes him appear almost as if he is glowing and extremely distinctive mystifyingly hypnotizing beautiful eyes, which are possible the result of his very own bodily enhancements done by his mother and his inherited unique body from his paternal Grandfather mixing togeather to improve his already incredible potent genetic makeup that resulted in the beautiful shade of crimson that is his eyes, which are slightly surrounded by a ring of pure creamy lavender on the outer iris and holds slitted pupils, with an additional ring in the iris leading towards the pupil gives them a beautiful yet demonic look and makes them appear to glow in the right light.

Static posses a tattoo that coveres the entirety of the right side of his chest and arm, the tattoo is an image of a black dragon coiling up his entire arm with it’s head resting on the back of his shoulder blade, a sun tattoo covers his entire left pectoral region, and on his back is a large tattoo of a Black Widow Spider a homage to his mother.


Static’s Dragon sleeve tattoo.
Static’s Sun tattoo on his pectoral.
Static’s Black Widow Tatto.
Baby Static with His Parents.
Static training with his parents.
Static at age 10.
Static at age 16.
Static at age 20 during the start of his spy mission.
Static at age 24 as Ward Daemon.

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