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"Demon Eyes" Static Dyson, born Fukuoka Kuroshio" and later going by "Daddy N. Static" is the eldest child of the Yonko, Daddy L. Legs and the older brother of Harlequin W. Heili making him the rightful heir and Prince Of Amazon Lily. He is revered worldwide as "The Demon of the World", after willingly haven his mind woven into two and later undergoing a deep hypnosis he became a double agent for his mother and by extension the Black Widow Pirates, Being takes with infiltrating the World Government and Marines in order to gather, steal and assimilate information on their plans, technological advancement and darkest secrets in order to advance their goals.

While operating undercover in the World Government he quickly proved himself and became as a deep cover agent in different countries for years, while operating under the alias Ward Daemon, while not working undercover he became known as a prominent Commodore in the Marines, who became renowned as the "World Eater" due to his gluttonous and near bottomless appetite as well as his "Devil Fruit’s" unique ability to swallow anything it comes in contact with. He was the temporary head of the notorious Marine Base G-5 and was offered a position in the illusive CP0 however it is currently unknown if he accepted the offer.

He is the Consumer of the Supe Supe no Mi and acts as the consumer Uzu Uzu no Mi as Ward Daemon. He Currently Holds a Bounty of Beli000,000,000,000.


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Static is a muscular and relatively tall, handsome young man and is considered very attractive by both women and men, Heposses complicatedly spiky ebony wind swept hair that at times looks similar to a main rather than hair. One of his most striking features is his skin tone that hold a very unique shade it is a slight pale yet tanned complexion, that results in his skin pigment appearing as a biolumessent pale golden bronze color which makes him appear almost as if he is glowing, both features he inherited from both his Hellpiean heritage steaming from his Paternal Grandfather and his Ancestral Heritage from his Mother. Due to his gentic disposer of being a descendent of Hellpiea and his early upbringing from his Mother, as well as in part to his strict and brutal training regiment, Static's body has developed to the peak of its capability which is shown through his compact and defined Biceps, Triceps, Pectoral, Back and Leg muscles all which are brimming with strength capable of superhuman deeds.

Dispite his good looks and unique skin tone Static's are most striking feature are his very unique and mystifyingly hypnotizinly beautiful eyes, possible due to his Mothers bodily enhancements done by her, Devil Fruit and his Hellpiean heritage mixing and improving his genetic makeup adapting and strength of genes which resulted in a beautiful shade of crimson ruby that is slightly surrounded by a ring of pure creamy lavender on the outer iris and holds slitted pupils, with an additional ring in the iris leading towards the pupil gives them a beautiful yet demonic look and makes them appear to glow in the right light, which bore his epithet of Demon Eyes.

Static weears a white long sleeved form fitting Haori tucked in, above this he wears a long black sleeveless Coat with red, gold and purple colored decoration on it. He wears a pair of black, gold and red belts crisscrossed in an "X" formation, Black Pants that are tucked in to black and gold Boots. He is also known from time-to-time to have done a Black and red Japanese samurai chest armor over a black Haori, Over this is a pitch black Cape, And on his lower half we wears a Black Formfitting leather pants that are held in place by two Red leather belts, two black leather wrist bands and black boots. He also wore a red face guard with a Black crescent moon engraved into the forehead.

He also wears a long, open black coat with an orange collar and shoulder pads and has a gold chain that is connected to the end of the his sword, closed on the bottom of the coat collar is a black Dragon shaped zipper, a Red Arm band with the same dragon from the zipper on it is tied around the left sleeve and black and red gloves. He has a black short sleeved shirt underneath, and is wearing a pair of circular, heavily tinted, wire-framed orange sunglasses with goggle sidings, Black almost leather pants, and Black boots with red and gold straps. Static has also gained more muscle. He also appears to have gotten taller. Senhime is strapped over his left hip under his coat. While in the New World meeting with his crew Static wears a long black and red captain's coat. Beneath his coat, he wore a white cardigan shirt and had a Red sash around his waist where he kept Senhime, black pants, and he wore what appeared to be black sea boots.


As Daemon, his appearance takes on a drastic change with his hair being dyed light brown color and is overall tamed but has lazy look to it and his unique eyes being covered by brow/orange colored contacts along with his skin tone being more tanned. When not on duty as a marine commodore His attire consists of a white long sleeve turtleneck and a pair of black jeans tucked into brown boots with a brown gun-holster on his right leg and a pair of black gloves. Over all of this he wears a long greed sleeves hooded coats and a pair of orange glasses.

While on duty, he wears the typical Marine uniform with a captain's coat over his shoulders and on numerous other occasion he wears a black three-piece suit.

Personality Edit

While outside of battle Static is something of a notorious flirt and playboy, Having an immense interest in beautiful women, whom he tends to charm his way into their good graces, and attempt to woo them over which usually works. Additionally, Static isn't above less dignified advances either, as seen in his tendency to focus on the appealing aspects of the Woman around him, Even still, He has his good points in dealing with them as well, Whenever he senses a woman may be in trouble or in need of help, he usually ends up being one of the first, if not the first in general, to come to their assistance. This goes as far as standing up for a lady who he feels may be insulted or emotionally abused, as seen in his constant bullying of ; partly due to his rough upbringing.

Alongside his womanizing behavior, Static is something of a trouble-maker, often being one who enjoys causing mischeif among his friends and companions As he is of the exuberant sort, playing games with others, usually at their expense, is quite commonly seen. This usually involves some kind of trick, like knocking out others and assuming their role and position, or coming up with schemes to further his own goals, with a bit of playfulness added in. Usually, due to his shady habits, he often ends up easily lulling others into a false sense of security, either through taking advantage of their low intelligence, trusting natures, or manipulating their emotions, and will then show his true colors when least expected. Among some of Static's favorite pastimes is making backdoor deals with others, either for the fun of it, to gain some kind of profit, or even both at once. This can range from selling private information or possessions to others, to making secret plans with comrades to ensure the deal's success. This is such a a common habit of Static's, that his crew has often become wary of him whenever he appears to have hatched a new idea.

When acting a Daemon, he is far more goofy, nonchalant and flamboyantly overbaring towards his subordinates and comrades however While acting under his alias of The "World Eater", He displays a gluttonous apatite (something he inherited from his Mother) devouring large quantity of food and sweets on numerous occasions, this became well known to the point of him always having some kind of Dodd or snack on him at all times sometimes requesting his Crew to pack extra for the chance he should run out.

Another aspect of his Daemon persona is His fondness for gambling, This is most obvious when he expressed how he enjoyed his visit to many casino's and gamble houses sometime before joining the Marines. Typically, when not busy with his other hobbies or activities, He tends to enjoy making bets out of any competition that comes up, Most of the time however, He tends to gamble money or possessions through more traditional means, such as craps, billiards, card games, or even roulette and Given his willingness to hit below the belt at times, he usually finds a way to turn even a lost bet into a victory. Though whether he gets caught doing so or not usually depends on the people he's with at the time, This habit characterizes his Daemon Persona so well, much like his other interests, that his subordinates tend to consider any bets or deals with him to be "deals with the devil." This is somewhat befitting Since, as not only does his Hellpiean ancestry give him a demonic theme but also due to his Epithet and the fact that he rarely shows any hesitation in making low blows when he feels like it. All in all though, given his manipulative skills and unpredictability, people somehow end up forgetting his past transgressions and will continue making bets and deals with him, whether for their own good or not.