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Let me paint your death...
— Daniels D. Dominic

Daniels D. Dominic (ダニエル・D・ドミニック, Danieru D. Dominikku) is a Giant hailing from Elbaf, and is currently a 'swordsman' of the Redbeard Pirates. Born as a noble on the island of Elbaf, Dominic went on a voyage at a young age and was seperated from his family, washing onto an island on the Grand Line and befriending a young boy by the name of Sai Reid. After undergoing a 'trial' of sorts, Dominic joined the Redbeard Pirates, becoming one of their most prominent members. Dominic is the current consumer of the Hake Hake no Mi, making him a Paint Human (墨人間, Sumi Ningen).




Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Devil FruitEdit


Sumikendō (墨剣道, Ink Swordsmanship) is a form of swordplay unique to Dominic, as it... TBA



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