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Dante D. Korag (ダンテ D コラグ Dante D Koragu) is a pirate member of the Redbeard Pirates.[1] Once praised as a menacing tyrant of the sea, he was feared throughout Paradise because of his masterful usage of the Mera Mera no Mi.[2]

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Korag Appearance

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Korag's Strength

Korag's punishing his opponent.

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Korag's Mera Mera no Mi

Korag's Mera Mera no Mi.

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Korag Blue Flames

Korag's masterful usage allows him to produce blue flames.

Korag using fire to walk on walls

Korag using his flames to walk on buildings.

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  1. The Flying Behemoth: Korag is introduced as a member of the Redbeard Pirates.
  2. The Flying Behemoth: Korag remembers a time of how he was feared throughout the sea; burning his foes to death.