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Devi L. Daemon is the captain of the Black Daemon Pirates and a member of the Mazoku race. He is the illegitimate son of the current Head of the Mazoku clan and the only high level Mazoku to appear in over a thousand years. Despite this, due to issues concerning his birthright and in fighting amongst the royal family, he was sent to surface world for his protection but instead of hiding he sets sail and in hopes gain the power needed to return home.


Daemon is a tall man with wavy, pitch black hair, pitch black eyes and a mole under his eye. His mother often said that looking into his eyes was like looking into an abyss, cold and profound. He has dark metallic skin and he dresses formally.He is occasionally seen smoking when relaxing.



Dreadful HollowEdit

Born the illegitimate son of the Mao of the Mazoku and a Hell's Guardian, Daemon was at first accepted into the royal family. However, soon after his birth it was discovered that he was not a mid level Mazoku like the rest of the members of the royal family but a high level Mazoku, which is only seen once every thousand years, and one with an incredibly pure bloodline a that it cause huge stir in the royal court. It is Mazoku tradition that the son of the Mao would be the first inline for the throne followed by those with highest purity bloodlines, that is however only in a situation where there where no high level Mazoku among the Mazoku. In which case it that Mazoku would become the next Mao and marry a daughter/son of the royal family if he/she was not of royal blood.

At this time current Mao already had two other sons and a daughter all of whom where mid level Mazoku and with pure bloodlines. This eldest son Devi L. Slayer had the purest bloodline in the entire Mazoku royal family and was guaranteed to be the next Mao, a position he had been cultured for ever since his infancy, that was until this new development. His mother, the Empress, was also feeling the effect of this stir as the current Mao was already nearing the end of his reign. Though he was a mid level Mao and could live for two to three hundred years, He had already been The Mao for 119 years and Mazoku tradition stipulates that a Mao should never reign for more that half his/her life span. The empress would no longer be the mother of the Mao, and would loose her position in the royal court. This cause those who where in support of the first prince to start to plot against the young Daemon and his mother forcing them to move to higher levels of Dreadful hollow. Eventually as the Mao neared his 136th year of reign, the empresses pursuits became more vicious and Daemon's mother could no longer protect him by herself as such she sent him to the surface in hopes of him begin safe.

Surface WorldEdit

New WorldEdit

Black Deamon PiratesEdit

Abilities and PowersEdit


He is a high level member of Mazoku race and has an extremely pure bloodline.

Physical AbilitesEdit

As a high level member of the Mazoku race he has an incredibly powerful body. He was born with almost 30 times the strength of a normal human and his skin is as hard as the highest grade refined steel rendering him immune to swords, bullets and poisons alike. He has train himself to a extreme level while in Dreadful Hollow and during adventuring in the new world. His physical strength has reached a level where ordinary giants are not his equal and can easily sink galleon sized ship with a single punch even without the use of Haki. His seemingly unlimited strength along with the vast quantity of destruction he leaves in his wake have earned him the Titles of "Mao" (not related to Mao of Mazoku) and Black Devil. He is almost immune to heat (begin able to leisurey swim in lava) and can easily dive to bottom of the ocean without fear of the water pressure or air as his lung capacity is extremely high as well as his usage of oxygen is extremely proficient. He easily chew through base metals (iron, nickel, lead, copper and zinc) and crystals but it takes him some time to eat more refined/ferrous and noble metals (iron alloys, gold, platinum) and harder crystals such as tempered steel and crystals such as corundum (a quarter of the absolute hardness of diamond). He doesn't seem to mine this as he is often quoted as saying

     " A meal that is rushed just means it wasn't worth savoring ".

Fighting StyleEdit

He has mastered akuma kempo (see Mazoku overall strength),and uses it in unison with the fighting style of the hell's guardians and several martial arts that he has learned form his mother and His master on the surface.


As a high level Mazoku he was born with Vedas(Mantra, Kenbunshoku Haki). He has was trained by his mother in the use of it as well as Prana(Busoshoku Haki). He is extremely proficient in use of both though his Vedas is the stronger of the two. When he uses prana(Busoshoku Haki) his skin turns pitch black, and due to his racial traits his physical body become harder than diamond while this type of haki is active rendering him almost invincible against all physical attacks except for those from sources that have more powerful haki and sufficient strength to pierce his skin.

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