Give basic information about the fruit here: the fruits name, in both Japanese and English if an official version is given, what powers the fruit gives the user, and who ate it.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

Explain the unique strengths given by the fruit's powers as demonstrated by the user, as well as the unique weaknesses that solely belong to this fruit that are outside the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses, provided sources can be shown for them.

It is advisable to split the contents of this section into two subsections called Strengths and Weaknesses.

All of the devil fruit users have one common weakness, seawater, or any kinds of water that is. as long as it is stil water, like the ocean they lose their powers. Use the phrase "The user is also vulnerable against the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses." to end the weakness' section.


Give detail on how the fruit's powers were used in the story, whether for combat purposes or other. Named techniques involving the fruit's power should be listed, in the format:

English name(kanji, Japanese name, literal meaning): description of move, first use.


Contains the Code: <references/>. Any information references in the article appear here.

  1. Supply how the name of the fruit is written in Japanese text here.
  2. Supply what the fruit is called in any official English version if the name exists.
  3. Supply the meaning of the fruit's name.
  4. Supply when the fruit's powers made their first appearance.
  5. Supply what type is the fruit.
  6. Supply the name of the person who ate the fruit.
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