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Dianoir Judith is the Captain of the Round Table Pirates and one of the leading figures of the Pirate Sanctuary Alliance stationed on Brine Island within the New World. Judith is a veteran of the New World, whose goal as a Pirate is to assist those that have been abandoned by the World Government, and fulfill her own code of chivalry without the reign of the "gods" presiding over her.

As her goal in the New World continued, she found herself retreating from her fights due to the overwhelming influence of the Yonko upon the territories within the New World. Her code of conduct would not allow her to be subordinated by one of the Emperors, but she was not foolish enough to fight them endlessly on her lonesome. For this reason, she sought out other Pirates bound by similar restrictions, and founded the Pirate Sanctuary Alliance; they are a faction that exists to allow fledgling and veteran New World crews alike to travel the vast New World without the supervision of a Yonko, for they have the backing of several powerful allies instead.

Due to her standing as one of the founding members of this alliance, Judith has been targeted by both the Marines and Yonko for the considerable disturbance she has caused within the Three Great Powers' monopoly over the world.

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