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The Dogi Dogi no Mi (動議動議の実 Kinetic-Kinetic Fruit) is a Paramecia type of Devil Fruit that gives the user the capability to absorb and control kinetic energy at will. The user is known as a Kinetic Human (動的人間 Dōteki Ningen).[1] It was eaten by William Parker.


Having eaten it as a kid, Parker recalls only so much about the Dogi Dogi no Mi which was blue and shaped like an apple the size of his hand.




Parker absorbing an attack's energy.

The main strength of the Dogi Dogi no Mi, as showcased, is the capability of absorbing all of the kinetic energy delivered to Parker's body by him being directly attacked. The damage he would have normally received is nullified while Parker's own prowess takes care of whatever other consequences there may be, i.e his strength allowing him to hold a boulder which had been dropped on him. The absorption can happen through any part of his body.

Energy being released.


As pointed out, Parker doesn't necessarily null all and everything hurled at him by absorbing their kinetic energy and must touch whatever's energy he'll absorb. When attacked by blows imbued with Busoshoku Haki, Parker won't be capable of fully absorbing the power and must use his own Buso to null his attacker's, should the latter's be weaker. Similarly, weapons with seastone in them will completely bypass the fruit's defenses. Besides those, the user is affected by the standard devil fruit weaknesses.


Having mastered the use of his devil fruit powers, Parker has, through unknown means as of yet, managed to reach the state of "awakening".



Parker releases his energy for long-range attacks.


  • Lake District ()
  • Northumberland ()
  • Dartmoor ()
  • Cairngorms (青い山野 (ケルンモーム) Kāingōmusu lit. Blue Hills): Once he absorbs a certain amount of energy into his body, Parker bottles it all up along with whatever emotion he has at its strongest by then. He converts part of the emotion into raw energy. Parker then releases all of the energy, all at once, in whatever direction he pleases. This attack had enough power to sink eight battleships at once, kill most of the Marines and send shockwaves of wind in many directions.[2]


  • Dogi is the Japanese word for motion and can also mean kinetic energy.


  • There are in-universe jokes that people expected Parker to have dog-related powers.
  • Parker's techniques are all named after National Parks in the United Kingdom.[3]
    • This is a nod to his name, which contains Park in it.
  • The word Dogi can also mean Loud or Harsh (どぎつい), two of Parker's defining traits.


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