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I'm not even far...but, I'm already tired of your lies, you act like you own the world, twisting everything for your own good! Half of you guys probably don't even know what's happening behind everything... some leaders you are, Leaders don't just order or boss people around! They make sure their comrades reach victory!!! THOSE WHO HAVE NO REAL CONVICTION FOR DOING WHAT THEY ARE DOING RIGHT NOW... BACK THE FUCK OFF!
— Damon yells at Mengis's Marines.[1]
Mr. Draco

"Asura" Draco D. Damon,[13][2] commonly known due to his unique powers,[14] is a rogue Pirate[4] and the one framed for murdering the King of the Asha Kingdom.[6] Previously, he was the Wrath (ラース Rāsu) of the Seven Deadly Sins,[3] an elite team of soldiers within the Kingdom, and served as a Martial Arts apprentice to the Marine Bambina.[15]

Damon is thought to be affiliated with the Titan Pirates crew, led by one of the Yonko, and is regarded as the fool responsible for another of Mengis' demotion.[9] Ever since embarking on a journey Apu to search for Montblanc Burling,[16] Damon has further gained notoriety, warranting a position as one of the Horsemen, alongside Apu, Fukuoka Soren, and Benjamin Tabart.[11]

Unknown to most, Damon is a member of the Oni Tribe.[7] He seeks finding the answers about the events on his life, most importantly his framing of the Asha King's assassination. Currently, Damon holds a Bounty of Beli330,000,000.[11]

Appearance Edit

Somewhat relaxed and carefree, nevertheless never letting his guard down, Damon is a tall and muscular young man, who usually bears a neutral expression. His skin is white and offers a constrast with his deep black hair, which is his his most recognizable feature.

As mentioned, his hair contrasts with his skin and has a spiky style, mostly kept in a wild and messy manner, being framed over a good portion of his face, specifically the middle and the borders, and reaching down to his nose and covering msot of his forehead. The eyebrows are thin and sharp, being more prominent at the nose's area. His black eyes have a slight blue tone to them, and generally offer a soft glance. Damon's face has a straight, yet somewhat round triangular shape, matching the sharpness of his eyes and hair.[17] Oddly enough, after staying dormant inside Tabart's vines and receiving quite some stress from his fight with Najeem, part of Damon's hair became greyer.[18]

He is somewhat tall, standing at 6'0" feet and weighting 160 pounds. With these being relative to each other, Damon is also well built, possessing defined legs, arms, shoulders, something which isn't left for imagination as he regularly stays shirtless.[19]

Damon's body is prominently filled with several scars. One in the left side of his forehead, just above his eye, courtesy of Mengis, although it is usually covered by his hair.[20] Another takes the form of a large diagonal gash, located on the right side of his stomach, and being work of Trickshot.[21]

Born a member of the Oni Tribe,[7] Damon has access to his true form, used as if it was some sort of transformation. His skin gains a deep blue tone and a scaly texture, while several claws appear on top of his nails, at both his feet and hands. Similarly, the sclera of his eyes goes from white to slightly blue. Furthermore, his teeth become incredibly sharp. Most notably, however, are the blue curved horns sticking out of his forehead.[22]

As a signature from Asha, Damon possesses a tribal tattoo on his right arm, which is dark and has a distinctive shape. At the forearm, there are three "V" shaped bands circling around, with a dot interrupting the cycle of the lower band and being surrounded by an upsilon. From that lower part, wing-like extensions sprout from and go around Damon's elbow and biceps.[23]

He always wears a silver necklace, which has a sword as its pendant, whereas the sword has a blue stone in its handle. For the set of clothes he uses the most, Damon is actually quite simplistic, even staying shirtless. He wears white, jeans-like pants, held tight by a black belt which possesses several extensions that wrap around the thighs in zig-zag. The ends of the pants are tucked inside a pair of simple black boots, which reach below his knees.[24] Included in his signature appearance, Damon uses his powers to sprout two additional sets of arms above his normal ones, leading to his epithet.[14]

When dressed for cooking, Damon also has a signature outfit, though, not a full one. He takes off whatever shirt he may be wearing and wraps it around his waist, covering the back of his baggy pants. However, the striking change in appearance comes in the form of an exotic-designed headband-cloth, which Damon covers most of his head with. Wearing it is a symbol of Damon's self-taught cooking skills.[25]

During his stay at Ishitani Island, Damon dresses sinisterly, wearing ragged and bloody clothes. These clothes are all dark-brown and take the form of a very large cloak which is long enough to reach his ankles, and cover most of his figure, including his face, but neither his hands nor feet. The clothing around the face has several eyes which allow him to see normaly and is scarlet, due to Damon coughing blood, while the hood ends in a pointy manner. A white sash is tied around them, going from the right shoulder to left arm, its knot visible near the left breast.[26]

After getting helped by the Princess, Damon adorns a new set of clothes. It consists of a tight, dark blue shirt which covers part of his neck and has short sleeves, along with a brown, corset-like piece around his lower torso and straps which cross over his chest all the way to his backside. The pants are formal, slightly loose and grey, having several black stripes placed vertically throughout them and being held by a black belt. The shoes are simple and have a brown color.[27] However, the shirt gets torn away soon during a fight.[14]

For his fight alongside Apu at Bedina Island, Damon changes into a simpler set of clothes. He takes to wearing no shirt, but, uses a pair of dark trousers, which are held up by a white belt and possess white stripes crossing over and around the thighs' area. Damon's boots are dark and reach up the middle of his lower leg, having white soles.[28] Coincidentially, these seem like a color swap of his general outfit.

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Personality Edit

I thank you, y-you've went out of your way to help someone like me... To say you are kind is an understatement, your highness. I know people may feel unease... once again, but if there's anything I could do to help...
— Damon tells Mariel.[29]
Damon Straight

Damon's common expression.

Damon's striking features are his humble, polite, and honest actions, directed even at people he doesn't know,[30] apologizing for actions which have offended others, while bearing them no ill.[31] He demonstrates a very calm and collected demeanor, most of the time, all the while bearing a neutral expression which is sometimes described as bored and unreadable.[32][33] Once he notices it, Damon greatly values the efforts of other people and vocally commends them for such. No matter the situation he is in, Damon seems to put the safety and comfort of others above his own, saying that important people shouldn't worry about him and that he wishes to cause no trouble to anyone. As a cook, Damon is quick to offer his cooking for other people,[34] and seems to itch when he doesn't cook for long.[35] This extends into some degree of humility,[36] thinking of himself as equal to everyone, regardless of gender, race, age, and money.[37][29][38] Even people whom have had animosities towards him don't get spared by this kindness.[39][40]

Another strong point of his behavior is that Damon, despite living in a place such as the New World, expresses shock and confusion to almost everything outerworldly he encounters.[41][40] Knowing nothing about the myriad of races wandering across the world, he openly voices their many different traits and questions how they work.[41][40] This can be considered quite ironic, given that he is aware of his status as a non-human race.

However, when faced with extreme hunger and conditions, Damon is prone to sucumb to ways he dislikes, such as stealing food.[42] He considered stealing the ship of the Veno Pirates, even when knowing who they were, which Veno described as honest and innocent.[43] Despite this, Damon doesn't insist with his bad actions and backs out if people complain too much, understanding their animosity.[44] Similarly, Damon bore no ill towards the shop owners of Chutai and Arnold, apologizing for his actions and swearing he wouldn't do it again.[45]

As stated before, Damon can be rather selfless, even with people he hasn't known for a long time.[37][29][38] Strangely, however, there are matters that he knows he shouldn't stick his nose into. When notified by Arnold that the Island was being taken, Damon tells them to escape while he fought the Marines and bought them time.[46][47] Damon seems keen on dealing with his closest friends' bad mood, thinking of doing whatever comes to his mind so that he distracts them.[25][48] Although he despises most Marines, Damon recognizes when they are genuinely good people and goes as far as to get angry at people who don't recognize their hard work.[49] He is also more willing to talk, instead of simply engage into a fight, with these marines, which shows some degree of self control.[50][51]

First you guys impersonate Pinocchio by spreading lies and you're trying to be some Overlords who are taking islands by force?!
— Damon questions some Marines as his face gets bigger.[52]

Though very subtle with it, Damon has an odd kind of humor, which he is not shy on sharing. He often makes strange comparisons between people and characters, situations, or titles found in literature, exaggerating as he drags his imagination along.[50][53]

Furthermore, Damon may also react strangely and sprout phrases that are less weird than his comparison ones.[54] Which seems to be a direct result of him trying to calm himself down. He may go as far as to use his powers to symbolize his awkwardness, pondering on sprouting a hand to facepalm after realizing why the Marines even shot at him.[40]

Befitting of his politeness, Damon tends to use "Ware" (われ) when referring to himself, showcasing his level of formality. However, when a certain level of familiarity is acquired, he shifts to using "Ore" (おれ), expressing his seriousness and masculinity. When referring to other people, Damon generally uses the suffix "san" or their occupation.[55][56] When talking to the Marines, Damon openly used the pronoun "Temee" (てめえ), indicating his rudeness and opposition towards them. Similarly, when talking to Mengis, he uses "Kisama" (きさま).[1] Like many characters, Damon has his own laughter style: "Dorahahahahaha".[57]

He seems to possess very little shame. When a person of the opposite gender entered his room, Damon didn't panic, and only went in a hurry to cover himself, because he assumed Mariel would be ashamed to find him in such a state. Even when it was a man, Damon didn't flinch at all.[19] However, in certain situations, he can be awkward and even stutter.[58] Damon dislikes unnecessarily speaking bad words, and actively stops himself when he is not angry.[59]

Damon temper

Damon gets angry at the Marines' actions.

Damon has several anger issues, mostly from having a somewhat stressful childhood. Whenever the topic of his Kingdom is brought up, in a certain tone, or when the Marines show how far they are willing to go to complete their objectives, Damon becomes much colder and serious, showing signs of aggressiveness. When like this, he tends to use bad words way more often. Veins get frighteningly more visible in his forehead and he grits his teeth with intensity, while his voice gets slightly more deeper and rispy, and his eyes' pupils dilate,[1] sometimes to the point they are barely visible.[60] He is also more prone to yelling and making sarcastic comments, specially mocking the enemies if they are Marines and rushing at themm without second thought.[61] Although he doesn't attack all Marines from the get-go and judges them by their views, Damon is openly more threatening in regards to them, giving intense glares,[50] and constantly swearing at them.[60] When the citizens of Groot refused to help the Marines, Damon almost instantly gets angry at their stubbordness.[49]

As mentioned, Damon specially gets angry when the subject are the recent events at Asha. He appears to be so plagued by it, that he mumbles in his sleep and has indications of nightmares.[16]

— Damon snaps at Pine.[62]

Damon snaps at Pine.

Much like many people, Damon has his own limits and, therefore, can only hold his anger for so much. The last straw for him seems to be acts of unfaithfullness and betrayal. His anger further changes his behavior, his breathing gets erratic, his body trembles, and memories of bad nostalgia fill his mind, along with a mantra about betrayal.[62]

Howsoever, Damon still maintains his rationality and keeps going for the decisions he thinks are the best, though only if not extremely angry. Even during a hard and pressuring fight, he comes up with strategy after strategy, actively responding to his enemy's attacks.[63] In fact, Damon still recognizes his greatest weakness, which is speed, and makes sure to keep himself fully wary of an opponent that excels at speed.[60] Notably enough, he is not dead set on getting his revenge yet, being willing to help other people and friends in need.[48]

All this stress accumulates, however, is not just spurr of the moment and seems to extend into serious mental damage.[62] When faced with situations that easily remind him of the worst moments in his life, Damon is prone to grief about all of it once again, demonstrating it with confusing reactions.[64] It has all come to the point in which part of Damon's hair has aged and gone white.

As a result of some insecurities, Damon can be rather wary around new people, even if he doesn't show it or want to believe it himself.[65] Despite this, it is possible for him to swiftly change his opinion, trusting a person over time.[31]

Bring it on.
— Damon refuses to yield at Mengis.[53]

Damon appears to be fearless and has an immense amount of determination. Even when he had prior kwowledge of the Veno Pirates' feats, he planned to steal their ship and escape the island. Facing the Public Enemy himself, Damon instantly stepped out of his hiding spot and confronted the man, even engaging him in talk with a calm tone.[43] Damon is also extremely willing to face against entire squads of Marines all by himself.[46][47] Although Mengis appeared even more intimidating while encased in lightning, Damon only smirked and prepared to continue their fight.[66] Afterwards, even when noticing and being struck by Mengis' attack, Damon not only didn't panic, but simply acknowledged it mentally and braced himself for the impact. Later on, when approached by the Mink, Damon gathered his thoughts and continued to refuse to yield. When Mengis mentions someone capable of matching him, Damon mistakes it as a guy who looked like him, showing no fear of facing another strong Marine.[67][53]


Damon imagines Impel Down's hell.

Similar to how he reacts to "outerworldly things", Damon can express surprise. He is bewildered at Mengis' description of the hell hole that is Impel Down and shuddered at the thought of getting sent there.[68] Upon seeing Mengis' understanding and analysis of the situation, Damon is shocked to the point he questions the Mink if he is really a Marine. He also nearly loses his composure, closing his eyes and cupping his face to calm himself.[31] Seeing the fight with Pine and the Marines so easily resolved by a Den Den Mushi call, Damon can only observe in shock and admit to not having any clue about what happened.[69] In regards to pirates as infamous as the Yonko, Damon also has his fair share of reluctance, though, it comes mostly from how his Master talked about them.[70]

Relationships Edit

Four Horsemen & AffiliatesEdit

Fukuoka Soren:

Apu: Despite thinking Apu was a Marine, Damon was willing to ask for his help. Seeing that the Fishman could fight Pine, he was extremely grateful of him and volunteered to team up so they could beat Pine. As Apu solves the situation with his influence, Damon's grattitude reaches its peak, as he considers him a pretty nice person and wants to know more about him.[71] Apu is also responsible for Damon's decrease in misjudging pirates.[72]

Given their situation and Damon's trust of Apu, they join forces and embark together to the seas.[73] As they travel, Damo's trust in Apu rises, despite their small talks. He is shown to be fond of the Fishman's food,[34] and is grateful of him taking care of him, wanting to retribute the kindess.[35] Damon also seems to be fine with showing his tattoo to Apu.[23]

Damon is shown to be defensive of Apu, standing in front of him during combat and replying at Swain Zander's mockery of the Fishman.[74]

Benjamin Tabart: Due to their rising camadery, Damon has taken to calling Tabart as "Brobart".[75] They seem to be on really good terms, seeing how Damon even teases him about his time with Ashley;

Damon's first impression of Tabart was that of being impressed due to his upfront attitude and seemingly nice behavior. This sparks an interest in becoming acquintances with him, out of curiosity and like.[76] Damon dramatically pouts at Tabart ignoring his conversation and ponders when the man will talk to him.[77]

Due to Tabart's uneasiness at fighting Reach, Damon gets determined to stir not only his, but everyone's morale up.[76]

Fluer Frida: Recognizing Frida to be Tabart's partner, Damon first thinks she is Ashley. Due to Damon's loud nature, he constantly gets reprimanded by her, despite not minding it that much. He does mind and wonder, however, if she stares at him because of his Oni appearance.

Although he knows Tabart and Frida are together, upon discovering whom she really is, Damon has no qualms on talking about Ashley.


Draco D. Helena: Unsurprisingly, Damon loves his mother. He is grateful of being taught many things by her, and is not bothered at all by her need to work out there, leaving him alone.[12]

Draco D. Indiana: It's unknown how Damon feels about his grandfather, they haven't seen each other in years.[78]


Alright then, I may not trust you much...but in this situation, you need to trust me!
— Damon tells Veno as they hear a siren.[46]

Veno: Unlike most people with a common sense, Damon didn't show any fear towards Veno or any of the Veno Pirates, at first. He went as far as to actually plan on stealing their ship to escape Groot Island, but, nevertheless decided against it.[43] When they first met, Damon was willing to engage in conversation with Veno, despite witnessing him murdering Richard Milton. He pointed out that their business was none of his. His demonstration of Devil Fruit powers and cooking abilities made Veno gather interest in Damon, however, that was short lived, as Damon showed respect for Milton's body.[39]

Damon is also pretty honest with Veno, stating that he openly doesn't trust him, and yet, he asks Veno to trust him when the Marines invade the island.[46] Furthermore, when negotiating his escape with the Marines, Damon requested them to not report Veno's presence in Groot Island.[50]

Despite their difference in personalities, Damon and Veno seem to get along fine, at least partially. They joked about the Marines and even laughed together.[57]

Although Veno is not present, Damon often remarks how he was the first pirate who changed his views on pirates.[72]

Titan PiratesEdit

Foxpack: Damon only heard Foxpack's voice, making him curious on who he is, at first.[69]

Meeting Foxpack in person made Damon adopt even more formality, to the point he repressed his freaked thoughts at the man's appearance. The Mink had such a good first impact on him, that Damon mentally complimented his resolve and pondered how much he could get inspired from him, going as far as to feel more relaxed.[79] With this instant respect for Foxpack, Damon is even more willing to help in the Battle for Bedina and hopes that Foxpack won't be disappointed for him not being as strong as he thought.[80] [36]

Despite not knowing his relation to Mengis, Damon quickly tries to reassure Foxpack that he never defeated the Marine and points out that he stands fierce.[36]


Montblanc Burling: Similar to Foxpack, Damon has only heard about Burling, but is nevertheless interested in who he is.[69]

Despite not knowing him, Damon is willing to help Apu find Burling.[73] Upon hearing Foxpack's story, Damon is truly convinced of how great of a man Burling is.[81]

Raptor D. Baron: Despite having not met the Yonko, Damon finds him amusing, being told about him by Foxpack.[81]

Katashi: Although they haven't directly talked, Damon appears to care for Katashi, constantly checking on him during the battle at Bedina.[82][83]

Barney Kettle:

Raptor D. Circus:

Xros PiratesEdit

Al Rauf Najeem: Ever since he met Najeem, Damon could see and feel that he was a self-conceited asshole.[84]

Trickshot: Damon and Trickshot haven't met, but the latter has directly opposed the former and the Titan Pirates, firing a volley of special bullets at them. His actions make Damon reminisce his friends' deaths, howsoever, Damon hasn't demonstrated any hatred upon Trickshot.[64]

Reach: Damon finds Reach's name to be simplistic and oddly funny.[48] Upon their first meeting, however, Damon is shown to be unnerved at his presence and notices the oddness in Reach staring long at him.[85]



I will probably bury him later...gonna' inform the other citizens he earnt what he got...if they want to believe me it's up to 'em.
— Damon as he looks at the dead body.[39]

Richard Milton: Damon and Milton weren't on good terms. As the Veno Pirates arrived at Groot Island, Damon opted to steal fruits from Milton's house.[42] According to himself, Damon tried to help Milton by doing work, but the latter constantly refused, even if the payment was just food. After Milton's death by Veno's hands, Damon was willing to bury him and treated his corpse with respect, with Veno pointing out that he was "treating Richard's corpse like it was his dead father". Even so, Damon commented that Milton earned it.[39]

Mariel: Although he hadn't met her before, Damon refers to Mariel as Princess.[55] He is openly thankful of her actions to ensure his life is saved and expresses worry over her being scolded for doing so.[29][37] As Mariel tended to Damon over the course of a week, they got relatively close to each other. It is implied Mariel developed some sort of attachment to him, but Damon paid almost no mind to it, knowing he would leave soon.[86] He trusted her enough to reveal who he really is,[4] and told her to leave because her friends needed her.[47]

Arnold: Damon bore no ill at Arnold for not trusting him.[45] Damon trusted him enough to tell him his identity,[4] and openly told him to retreat, as he would battle the Marines.[47]

Seven Deadly SinsEdit

Baghatur Atraxias: Despite their previous allegiance, Atraxias is shown to be furious with and ready to kill Damon.[87] However, while it is unknown if it is for both sides, Atraxias has some attachment to Damon, calling him "Wrath" still and not searching for him until later on.[88]

Wilhelm Conrad:

Murasaki Rika: Rika is shown to have a hit-list with her, and has Damon as the top kill on the list, showcasing a want to end his life.[89][90]

Fabian: Like most Sins, Fabian has the desire of hunting Damon down.[91]

Jones S. Ban: Damon was apparently friends with Ban, somewhat. Out of all the sins, Ban seems to be the first to think they weren't really betrayed, and believed the man didn't have the face of a murderer. He also felt bad for not being capable of helping Damon.[92]


Regin: Damon was Regin's boss in the Army, yet, the latter has no reluctance in excommunicating and hunting Damon down.[93][88]

Despite this, when they worked together, they seemed to be great friends. Damon has selflessly helped Regin in a variety of ways.[94]

Elias Mirio: Damon had a great deal of respect for his senior and commander, the previous Sin of Wrath, Mirio.[95] He is shown to regret Mirio's death even to this day, carrying on his will.[76]


Bambina: Bambina was Damon's teacher and has taught a lot about fighting to him, including two different styles and even Haki.[15]

Jenkins Paris: Paris has some knowledge about Damon, knowing that he was Bambina's apprentice and recognizing his strength.[15] Despite having beaten all of the Marines, afterwards, Damon goes out of his way to try and convince Paris to help nurse her men. However, he did so while threatening Paris.[50] In the end, Damon felt some respect for Paris and was willing to tell her about Autumn's location.[96]

Mengis: Damon is initially shocked that Mengis is a tiger and talks.[41] He dislikes Mengis at first, seeing how he is just another Marine who is willing to do anything for the organization, with Mengis retributing the feeling. However, upon seeing Damon's Haoshoku, Mengis begins to change his opinion gradually, thinking that Damon could become a beast by gaining experience.[97] Likewise, Damon also begins to change his views on Mengis, noting how the Marine has conviction and is an extremely competent fighter.[98]

Mengis' respect grows as the fight goes, to the point he asks Damon to step down from their unnecessary conflict, after dealing great damage upon the Pirate. He says Damon has spirit, but yet, wouldn't last much in Impel Down, thus opting to not arrest him as Mengis doesn't think he is a bad guy. Mengis goes on to try and motivate Damon to live on and explore all of the hell that is the New World.[31] Touched by the sincerity of the Mink's words, Damon's views of him change even more, to the point he begins to trust him and laments that he should hate him. As Mengis gets betrayed by Pine, Damon's fury reaches its peak and he lashes at the Captain to save the Mink. Even in the end, Damon helps Mengis by catching him and asking the Marines to tend to him.[62]

Carter Pine: Although Damon got angry at Pine's arrival, he recognizes the man's strength. Quickly afterwards, he tells Pine and his Squad to not get between him and Mengis.[51] Though, as Pine reveals his true nature and betrays Mengis for letting go of a Pirate so easily, Damon quickly shifts to hating him. Pine being a "Traitor" only cements this feeling, as Damon opts to viciously assault him.[62]

Swain Zander: Even before they ever met, Zander already sought to find Damon, partially to court, but mainly to kill him. Upon formally meeting Zander, Damon soon deems him a typical Marine and stops bothering with too much conversation.[99] Furthermore, they openly engage each other in a serious fight, not letting their odd talk get in the way.[74]

Damon either doesn't notice or doesn't mind Zander's initial flirtatious attitude towards him, being more confused about his sudden arrival.[100] It goes to a point where Zander offers Apu to flee and leave him alone with Damon.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Damon's bounty of Beli Small330,000,000 indicates that the Wold Government considers him a large threat to their operations and a prodigee in Piracy.[11] Mengis says that the initial value[8] has got nothing on Damon's strength at that point.[101]

As one of the Seven Deadly Sins, Damon was of high rank in the Ashanian Army and thus, had command over most of its forces. He was also regarded as one of the top fighters the Kingdom could offer.[102]

The Princess of the Enji Kingdom, Mariel, has commented that Damon is far stronger than the strongest knight of Ishitani Island, Arnold, and that they could use his strength to save the Kingdom. Although not much of a feat, it should be noted that this was a not-fully healed Damon.[103] Even at such a state, Mariel states that Damon is far above the average monstrosities of the New World.[104]

He has defeated entire squadrons of Marines, including Jenkins Paris', without sustaining any new injury himself,[46] and once beat down an entire enemy army on his own.[3] On his way out of the Kingdom of Asha, Damon managed to escape from every fighter present,[6][8] including six of the the Deadly Sins.[88]

His prowess also allows him to fight against and hold his own against other powerful combatants. Damon engages in a brutal fight against Mengis,[63] and Carter Pine afterwards,[60], and then Swain Zander,[74] all possessing admirable prowess within the Marines.[105] Later on, Damon is also shown to be capable of more than matching Al Rauf Najeem,[106] an officer of the Xros Pirates who is worth Beli320,000,000, and defeat him with Benjamin Tabart's aid.[107]

Physical Prowess Edit

Damon possesses immense raw strength, evident by his muscles and despite his small stature. Paris felt a sensation that if she attacked him, he would easily throw her across the entirety of Groot Island, which is quite a large island, and into the ocean.[50] Even when not fully healed, he could shake an entire room with a mere flicker of his hand and clash against the physically capable Mengis.[103][63] With a mere flicker of his finger, Damon can muster enough strength to easily and completely destroy the large window of the room he stayed in at Enji.[47] In fact, a direct punch can easily cause stronger shockwaves, sending even rocks flying away.[62]

A result of his harsh training, Damon is incredibly fast. Paris went as far as to wonder if he used Soru to approach her, as he closed the gap between them in an instant, provoking a gust of wind, and even robbed her of her Den Den Mushi.[50] He is capable of casually keeping up with an immense volley of bullets coming from an entire squad of Marines, using simply his arms and hands, intercepting all of the bullets which were supposed to hit him.[108] His speed allows him to keep up with a gatling's rapid-fire, and Mengis, a prominent fighter of the Mink Tribe, beings renowned for their movements.[109][63] When in the offensive, Damon is even faster, punching the air several times in the span of a few seconds.[14] Despite this, he is easily overwhelmed by Mengis' top speed and Pine's fruit powers.[67][60]

As much as he can move fast, Damon can also react accordingly to speeds similar and close to his own.[74] He is able to single-handely pint-point and catch every single bullet, using both hands' index and middle fingers, in a swarm of bullets headed for him, all of them fired by a Marine Army.[108] Damon is capable of reacting to even faster bullets, including those of Veno's Battle Smasher, which shoots like a gatling.[109] Not only his speed is shown to keep up with Mengis, but his reflexes as well, as Damon can clearly see and react to the Mink's movements,[63] until he uses his full electro.[67]

Damon is described as Mariel as someone supernatural, with her noting that even the monsters of the New World wouldn't have made it this far. Despite having not eaten food or drank anything for many days, on the top of being severelly wounded to the point his coughs drew blood, Damon kept himself conscious and roaming around the island.[104] When fighting Mengis, Damon doesn't flinch or grunt from the Mink's attacks until the latter starts to use his "Electro" in conjoint with his moves.[63] He can resist high temperatures, somewhat, as he is capable of withstanding the heat of his own attack without any apparent discomfort.[110][111] Even after receiving the mightiest of all of Mengis' attacks, Damon is still capable of standing up, although with difficulty, and trying to continue fighting.[112] Due to his anger reaching its peak, Damon can temporarily shrug off the sensation of pain.[62]

His body is also very durable, capable of withstanding many blows in sucession. In his fight with Mengis, Damon had violent physical contact a number of times with the Mink and his attacks, and only started to receive damage when Mengis used his tribe's inherent skill.[63] Veno's rapid-fire bullets only left a small graze in Damon's shoulder, although only one managed to nearly hit him.[109] Despite flying through the base of the Enji Castle and being struck by Mengis' attack, Damon is shown to be alive, albeit, with many injuries.[112] Although, Damon has suffered these countless injuries, his bones have never been shown to be broken.

Stated to be above the average person's, Damon's senses have also been trained. He could clearly see Veno's ship in the ocean, despite it standing a large distance from Groot Island, and even notice that it changed forms to dive, whereas Jenkins Paris couldn't.[50] Furthermore, he can easily see in the dark, although not completely clear.[113] Despite the sound being barely audible, Damon could hear lightning coming from Mengis even if he was buried in rubble. He could also hear the confront between a Fishman and the Marines at the coast of the island, while he stood inside the castle.[114] His sense of smell is also pretty good, as he felt the scent of sweat in the Marines, even if they were distant.[115]

Ways of Combat Edit

Described as a pure genius,[116] Damon is extremely adept at fighting with his bare body, using a free-going style along with several Martial Arts application.[63] In conjunction with the Devil Fruit powers of the Hana Hana no Mi, Damon is capable of further improving his fighting prowess by developing creative tactics and ways to employ his powers.[117]

Despite his airheadedness at times, Damon is actually a very capable strategist. He knows how to employ his devil fruit, as stated above, in several miscellaneous ways.[46] Damon thinks fast and can develop tactics admist combat, even if he himself is busy attacking or defending.[117] Even after observing an opponent's power for a small timeframe, Damon develops ways to effectively counter it.[63][115] His quick learning also applies to him recognizing his own faults.[60]

Some of his techniques include:

  • Veal Roulade (調理螺旋 (ヴェールルーラーデ) Buēru Rūrāde (Chōrirasen) lit. Cooked Spiral): Damon summons six arms, one on top of another, from his rib cage, and envelops them along with his torso in armament haki. He rubs his palms over the whip made out of limbs and quickly produces friction, also applying techniques of the Rokushiki to aid him. Then, Damon quickly spins downwards similar to a wheel while encased on fire, ready to hit his enemy with a rotating, fiery punch.[110][118] It has enough strength to break through Mengis' Tekkai and send him flying quite some distance through a building.[111] A Veal Rouladen is a dish from Germany and takes the form of a cooked, spiral meat.
  • Brahmastra (ブラムアストラ Buramuasutora): A trademark technique of Damon, used by combining his Devil Fruit powers and his Haki. By making his Haki take the form of a punch, Damon punches the air with immense strength and blinding speed, sending forward a pink blast of energy which is strong enough to instantly pierce through stone and cross a large distance in a second. He can do it repeatedly, like a machine gun, by having one hand fire after another, taking small intervals.[14] A Brahmastra is a supernatural weapon, an Astra, created by the deity Brahma in Hinduism.
  • Butterkuchen (乳酪ケーキ (バタークーヘン) Batākūhen (Nyūkēki) lit. Butter Cake): . It is first used to counter Swain Zander and Genjo Sanzo,[119] and later to defeat Al Rauf Najeem.[107]
  • Fischbrotchen (圧延魚 (フィッシュブロッケン) Fisshuburoken (Atsuensa) lit. Rolling Fish): . It is first used against Al Rauf Najeem.[120]


The Rokushiki (六式 Six Powers) is a branch of super-human martial arts, mainly practiced by the World Government and its associates, which consists of six special techniques that possess several applications, ranging from offensive to supplementary. Damon was been presented it by Bambina,[15] and has shown to known a few of these skills and use their applications in combat. So far, he seems to focus on the techniques that deal with speed.


Damon using Geppo.

Geppo (月歩 Geppō lit. Moonwalk): A technique focused on mobility, which allows Damon to jump and walk on air itself, using it as platform by kicking it. Damon is capable of using it to cross large distances and stay in mid-air for quite some time.[121] He can also guide himself through orientation in mid-air, and redirect the trajectory of his movements and attacks, shown in his battle against Mengis.[118]

He can use Geppo as a form of attacking an opponent, kicking the air before them or their very own bodies, and allowing for offense and movement.[122] Damon has shown quite some versatility at employing Geppo in many different situations.[74] Furthermore, even his limbs can use it just as effectively, with the technique's power augmented if used by several at once.[116]

Soru (剃 Shave): A technique which focuses on speed, as it requires immense leg strength for its user to kick the ground several times in a single instant, moving at absurd speeds. Damon uses it to move across the battlefield and enhance the attributes of his attacks, applying it for other body movements such as spinning, in order to produce friction.[118]

Great Demon Fist Edit

Great Demon Fist (大魔拳 Daimaken) is a very rare fight style which is Damon's true fighting style. As pointed out by Freya, Damon uses the secret style regarded as the Great Demon Fist because it was taught to him by none other than Bambina himself,[15] although, this is unknown to anyone else. This style seemingly focuses with both ferocity and mind stability.[123]

...Santoku (三徳包丁 Three Virtues)...

Devil Fruit Edit

Main article: Hana Hana no Mi

Damon's pose for activating the Hana Hana powers.

Damon ate the Hana Hana no Mi which is a Paramecia type of Devil Fruit, unknowingly given to him by his childhood friend when he was six years old.[124][125] It grants him the power to replicate and sprout any body part of his into any surface or even on his body, making him a "Blooming Human". Said additional limbs act like extensions of his own body, as Damon can be hurt should one of those limbs get wounded, the same being applied to Devil Fruit effects. Usually, in order to strengthen his concentration, Damon strikes a pose by crossing his arms in the form of an "X", though, he isn't required to do it to summon his powers.[126] If his focus is abruptly lost, all of the limbs will vanish as they came.[42] Additionally, limbs which sprout close to, or even on Damon's own body, are naturally stronger, easier to control, and more resilient.[127]

He can be rather creative when using his power.[117]

Damon can use his powers for a variety of purposes, including support and supplementary ones. In order to make sure the Marines didn't take any optional paths, he summoned many eyes and ears throughout Bole Town, allowing for some espionage.[46][128] He can move objects or people by sprouting limbs in or near them, shown as he made several hands to catch the fruits inside Milton's house.[42] Furthermore, he can cover parts of his skin by sprouting skin directly over it.[23]

To name his techniques, Damon uses this mixture: Spanish for limb number, German to represent flowers, and English for any specific action following the main technique. First seen with "Seis Blumes", whereas "Seis" is Spanish for "Six", and "Blumes" is German for "Flowers".[129]

His most common techniques are "Cuatro Blumes: Asura", which is his trademark one, and "Un Blume: Brahmastra".[14]

Haki Edit

Damon can use Haki (覇気 Ambition), a mysterious power that dwells supposedly in every living being. Haki is said to originate from one's mind and will. One is capable of awakening it through training or even in a situation of extreme shock, though, there have been stances where people unconsciously used it. It is divided into three basic types that are dubbed as Colors (色 Shoku), two of which are obtainable through training.

Having been born and living in the New World, Damon naturally knows about Haki and has been trained in it since his teen years.[15] Although after one day he felt some of it, he had to wait an entire week of resting to recover all of his Haki.[86] When using his Haki, a pink, transparent Halo may form behind him, similar to the other Sins.[14] Damon is shown to know and use three forms of Haki.



Damon's red eye.

He uses Kenbunshoku Haki, a haki that enables him to sense other people's presences around himself without having to actually see them. When activated, Damon's black irises turn crimson with an odd design in them. Kenbunshoku is Damon's specialty in concern to Haki.[130] He can feel the aura of other people, as everyone inherently has Haki, and use it to distinguish their intentions and thoughts to see if they are lying or what are their objectives, seen when he felt the Den Den Mushi within Paris' clothes and determined she would try and lie to him.[131][50] He uses this during battle in order to predict his opponent's tactics and movements, doing so to keep up with Mengis' speed,[63] managing to even later when the latter was encased in Electro, showcasing how great his senses are. Although, his body couldn't fully keep up.[132]

Damon is also capable of determining a person's willpower and strength, shown when he noticed how much stronger Mengis was in comparison to the rest of the Marine Squad. He possesses quite some accuracy with this, capable of picking up even small differences in aura.[133][115] He can sense auras from a fairly large distance, being capable of locating people who are deep submerged or at another island altogether.[96][114][134]

Notably, Damon has also shown to perceive even the faintest of auras, as he could pint-point the presence of Trickshot, Scratch, and Warren D. Ralph.[135]



Damon uses "Buso" against Mengis.

He also employs Busoshoku Haki with profficency, capable of creating an invisible force around his body, which is represented by a black pigment in his skin to those who can see it. It enables him to bypass the defenses of a Devil Fruit user and augment his abilities. Damon has enough willpower to clash against and defend Mengis' attacks.[136] With enough force, he is capable of producing so much friction that his armament body itself gets set on fire.[110] He is shown to use Koka (硬化 Kōka lit. Hardening) technique to further harden his body. His Busou generally has a pink hue and aura to it, being intense enough to shake his surrounds.[14] He can use this Haki efficently even when exausted, or after getting closer and closer to overusing it.[62]



Damon's haoshoku burst.

Damon has recently discovered that he also possesses Haoshoku Haki, a type of Haki wielded by one in a million people.[1] He first uses it when giving a speech to Mengis and his Marine Squad as they invade Enji. The following burst of Haki is capable enough to make all of the present Marines, with the exception of the Mink, faint.

Culinary Abilities Edit

Damon has an unknown degree of cooking skills, possessing quite some knowledge on how to mix and use certain types of ingredients.[5]

Miscellaneous Skills Edit

Damon has shown quite some capability at catching fish, doing so to survive at Groot Island.[137]

In order to leave Groot Island, Damon has to use a Marine ship, stating that he can handle it with the help of his powers, indicating quite some level of helmsmanship.[128]

History Edit

Early LifeEdit

Caring Parent Edit

Damon was born to and raised by his single mother, Helena, who works in foreign places.[12] However, she only briefly raised him.

Widow Wing Edit


Desire to Fight Edit

Give up! We're Warriors of the New World, you don't have potential like us!
— A member of the army mocks Damon.[139]
Your scores aren't enough to enter the Army, could try cooking for 'em.
— The Colonel's suggestion for Damon.[139]

Despite his efforts, Damon couldn't get into the army, in the traditional sense. After his meals got rated by one of the Officers, he was approved to be one of the newest cooks.[12]

Right Path Edit

Train under me!!! You got fang boy, and I'll show you how to use it!!!
— Bambina notices the potential in Damon.[139]

As a SinEdit

Hell on Earth Edit

Path of a Warrior Edit

As the King, I apologize for your mistreatment, young man. I'm impressed with your feat and bravery, fight for our Kingdom, join the Sins!
— The King of Asha offers at Damon.[139]

During the year of 1566, Damon went on a conjoint mission with part of his Squad at the Kingdom of Linster. However, most of his companions got assassinated and Damon himself had been captured as a War Prisoner for an entire year. Reinforcements were never sent, as it was expected to be a long mission.[140] After some unknown happening, he got lost in his rage and proceeded to defeat the country's entire army.[3] His anger issues and feat lead him to be recognized by the King of Asha, who grants him the position of "Wrath" within the "Seven Deadly Sins" in the army.[139]

Conqueror of the Desert Edit

The Betrayal Edit

You've murdered him!!! FILTHY TRAITOR!!!
— Damon recalls a friend blaming him right away.[139]

In 1576, Damon gets framed for murdering the King of Asha and ending five hundred years of non-stop peace in the Kingdom. Deeming him the culprit, most of the Kingdom antagonizes and hunts him down. He fights against many friends, putting up a fight, and manages to reach the island docks, hurringly setting sail with a small boat, in the middle of a storm. The Kingdom continues their hunt even in the ocean, using their many fighters, Damon lasts some hours in the seas before the Storm completely overwhelms the boat and sends him away, making his previous friends lose track of him.[6][8][141]

Life as a PirateEdit

Jobless Pirate Edit

Main article: Nothing is Written

Days after leaving the Kingdom of Asha, Damon ends up on Groot Island, due to his boat sinking in a storm. He arrived at the shore, miraculously, as he could have drown in the sea.[141] In the Island, Damon always tried to help the townsfolk by offering his manual labor in exchange for food, however, he was constantly denied and attacked by Richard Milton. Milton continued to refuse his offers, even if Damon put more into the bargain.[39] Days later, Damon is shown to have survived by catching fruits and fish, and is about to do it again, only to stop due to the arrival of the recognizable Veno Pirates. Damon decides to steal their ship to leave the island, but quickly shoots down the idea upon inspecting the transport.[43] Seeing that his plans won't work, Damon succumbs to his hunger and tries to steal from Milton's house, using his powers while Milton is distracted with the Captain of the Pirates, the "Public Enemy" Veno.[42]

As Veno assassinates Milton and makes Damon lose his focus, the fruits drop to the ground, making Veno wary of Damon's presence. With Veno's threat, Damon opts to reveal himself right away and apologizes for "spying" into his business, also explaining the situation and why he was trying to steal the fruits. As they exchange small talk, Veno becomes conscious of the "D." in Damon's name, his cooking abilites, and the usage of Devil Fruit powers, gaining interest in the young man. Veno offers a lift to help Damon, but the latter almost instantly refuses due to certain matters, only for their talk to be interrupted by a loud, familiar siren.[142]

Damon tells Veno that he is more than capable of dealing with the Marines, asking the notorious pirate to trust him. With Veno's agreement, Damon sets off to intercept the big group, using his powers to keep track of them. As he hears footsteps, Damon stops into a fighting position, finally engaging against the Squad.[46]

As Veno fights Sengoku D. Autumn, Damon holds off Jenkins Paris and a Marine Squad on his own. Having defeated all of them, and seeing that Veno has successfuly escaped, Damon decides to rob the ship that the Marines used to arrive at Groot Island. As he convinces the townsfolk to help the beaten marines by using his views,[49] Damon is confronted by Paris once again, as she refuses to let him go and questions him about Autumn's whereabouts. Seeing as his words didn't do the job, Damon opts for intimidating Paris by using his physical prowess, so that instead of reporting both him and Veno, she calls for medical reinforcements for herself and the Squad. With the job done, Damon heads for the Marine ship, stating that due to his powers, he can easily manage it, and sets off Groot Island.[50]

Further Digging Edit

Main article: Stronghold of Justice

Weeks after the incident in the Kingdom of Asha, and days after leaving Groot Island, Damon is shown to have reached the island of Ishitani, a poor desert-climated island, and has lived without food and water ever since. Despite his wounds having not healed, he continues to search for food while disguising himself in messed, bloody, and brown clothes. He hears about the ruckus on Dressrosa and questions the Shop owner, all the while his hand tries to pick a fruit, only for Damon to stop himself and another person to call him out on it.[26] Damon apologizes and tries to leave as the Owner swats him away, only for the princess of the nearby Kingdom, Mariel, arrive along her Royal Guards and request Damon to wait. Mariel insists on feeding and nursing him, as Damon responds that he doesn't want to bring her any trouble, as alluded by her Knights. With reluctance, a Knight hops Damon over his shoulder and carries him to Mariel's carriage, with little to no strength left, Damon faints.[37]

After several hours, Damon finds himself naked in a room at the Enji Castle. The Knight from earlier, named Arnold, reports how unpleasant the situation is, only to be scolded by Princess Mariel.[45] Mariel and Damon get flustered at first, due to the latter's lack of clothes, but the former quickly recomposes and gives him food. Damon shows his gratefulness for the hospitality and struggles with Mariel's question about his name, as he deems it the source of problem.[104] Questioned by their gazes, Damon reveals that he is a Pirate and that he was framed for Regicide, apologizing as he deems himself worthless of their care. However, Damon states he meant no harm ever since the start, much to Arnold's fury which only calms down after Mariel pleads at him. Damon and Mariel exchange more words of grattitude, with her making him promise to get better as she tends to him for the duration of a whole week.[86]

After seeing him recover most of his strength, Mariel notes how the Enji Kingdom could use Damon's help, only to receive silence as response. Both see a ship stationed at the docks of the Island, panicking that it pertains to Marines. Arnold comes in and explains that Mariel's father refused to sell the island to the Government, and now they are taking it by force. Mariel refuses to leave Damon, who tells them to escape as he is capable of holding the Marines, Arnold apologizes to him as he snatches Mariel away, the latter crying through the whole ordeal.[47]

Damon uses Geppo to reach the Marines and questions their actions, only to be called out by a Mink known as Mengis. Mengis questions why Damon would help Enji and orders his soldiers to kill him, however, Damon defends all of the attacks and antagonizes the Marines by questioning their convictions and resolve, all the while making his Haki explode forth. Mengis shows surprise at the Haki and decides to take Damon more seriously, beginning their fight.[1]

Mengis uses Soru to attack Damon with Buso, but the latter uses his Devil Fruit powers to keep himself standing. Mengis retorts that Damon is not confident and fears for what may happens to the city if he gets defeated. Damon only gets angry at how far the Marines are willing to. Mengis calls his convictions weak while using Electro and Damon gets grazed in the forehead, all the while trying to counterattack. Protecting himself with Tekkai, Mengis sends Damon flying with a special Electro technique.[63] Damon expresses shock at how odd Mengis is as a fighter, with Mengis reminding him of what Tribe he pertains to.

Recovering, Damon uses his powers to execute Veal Roulade and clash against Mengis' Tekkai again. As Mengis gets overpowered, Marine reinforcements arrive, expressing shock at the battle. Carter Pine tries to enhance everyone's morale, but Damon remarks that the fight isn't over yet, even if damage had been done. As Mengis reveals himself conscious, the Marines get surprised, Damon enters his Asura form and decides to use long-ranged attacks such as Brahmastra, as the Mink is completely encased in Electro.[14]

Mengis more than keeps up with Damon's attacks, and moves in such a way that he gets closer to Damon with each dodge. Praising him for his prowess, Mengis says that Damon is more than his Bounty. Damon had applied fire to his techniques in order to gather clouds, but it was soon for naught, as Mengis uses Blue Viper and instantly overwhelms him, who can just try and defend. Damon flies and destroys the base of the Enji Castle, taking heavy damage.[67]

The Pirates celebrate Mengis' seeming victory, but Pine quickly shuts them down, wondering what Mengis is truly up to as the Mink walks towards Damon. As a Pirate Fishman greets Pine's squad, Mengis tries to convince a strong-willed Damon to back away from continuing their fight.[112] Damon recalls words said to him and ponders if he will get sent to Impel Down, only for Mengis to quickly deny it and state that that prison is too much of a hell hole for someone like him.[31] With Mengis telling Damon to live, they prepare to depart, only then Carter Pine backstabs the Mink and says that his convictions are false and too weak. A bewildered Damon loses his mind at the sight of betrayal and lashes at Pine.[62]

Damon develops a counter to Pine's speed, holding him in place, and asks for Mengis' assitance.[60] Despite calling for Mengis' help, the latter doesn't help Damon, as he has not truly become his ally, which makes Damon snap out of his berserk state and decide to get both of them away from Pine, kicking him with Geppo. They fly to the coast, where they find the shambles the ships have been in and a Fishman, whom Damon mistakes for a Marine and asks for help.[40] The fishman's name is Apu and he was prepared to fight Mengis and Damon, but quickly notices Pine's arrival and his hostility, deciding to save the duo by clashing with the Captain. Pine gets overwhelmed and wonders if it was Apu's special technique, Sudden Burst, prompting a stare-down while Damon uses his powers to get Mengis away. Apu uses a Den Den Mushi to call Foxpack, his superior in the Titan Pirates, who uses his talkability to threaten Pine into not fighting Apu and Damon.[69]

As Pine gets away, Damon silently thanks Mengis. Turning his attention back to a laughing Apu, Damon remarks how easy that was and ponders why Apu is even on the island.[71] As Apu explains himself, Damon comments that wandering alone is a pain in the ass, prompting the Fishman to think about his life up until then. Apu decides that, given the circustances, he and Damon should travel together for the time being, quickly snatching the younger man.[30] Due to his lack of an actual ship, Apu rips a house off its foundation and sets it to the sea, as both men embark wherever the ocean would lead them to.[73]

Yonko Wars SagaEdit

Battle at Bedina Edit

Main article: Across the Line

Damon is revealed to be asleep ever since him and Apu left Ishitani, the latter has been constantly feeding the former and notices how Damon sleeps unquietly.[16] As Apu wakes Damon up, the latter begins to eat, offering some to a refusing Apu, and they engage in conversation, talking about some bits of their own life. Damon compliments Apu's food and they talk about being Chefs, only to shift into the dark subject about the nearby island.[35] Apu explains where they are, revealing some information about the Xros Pirates as Damon comments about the Yonkos. Foxpack then calls Apu, saying that this nearby island, Bedina, is to be attacked by the Titan Pirates due to a rising opportunity[70] Though reluctant, as Burling is nowhere to be seen yet, Apu agrees to fight at Bedina and turns at Damon to ask for help. Almost instantly, Damon agrees to fight alongside the Fishman, and, after some small encouragement, they set off to fight.[48]

Due to Damon and Apu mishearing Foxpack's message, they arrive at the wrong side of the island, getting in-between two Marine ships. Recomposing themselves, as their ship nearly gets smashed, the duo gets greeted by the Commodore Swain Zander, who heard all the noise and begins oozing over Damon, though he quickly recognizes them as Pirates.[143] They all begin to fight, with the Marine Captain Genjo Sanzo joining the fray. Zander and Damon both use Rokushiki, seemingly entering a stalemate, which is interrupted by Apu, Zander remarks on Damon knowing it and then asks for Sanzo's assistance at sinking the house-ship. As they get assaulted, Apu sees no other choice and utilizes his powers to enable him and Damon to escape the sea, making use of air-bubbles and his Sudden Burst.[119]

As he and Apu arrive to the designed cave, Damon greets and observes all of the Titans there, instantly recognizing Foxpack. Damon tries to ease Apu's mind, and Foxpack comes to talk to them, making Damon instantly turn to take in his presence, which made him feel at ease.[79] They exchange some talk, with Foxpack happy to see Damon is strong, having defeated Mengis, however that is quickly brought down and Damon reveals the truth.[36]

Damon ponders if his strength is really enough to reach his objective, and listens to Foxpack's story. It makes him reminisce his time with his friends, as he takes in the information about some of them having been Marines.[81] Seeing the low morale, Damon tries to stir everyone's spirits and delivers a speech about their teamwork, telling everyone to trust one another. Finally, he exchanges talk with Tabart and settles to calming him down as well.[76]

Everyone heads to the battle, coming face to face with none other than Al Rauf Najeem, who uses his Holograms and reveals that the Xros have been surveying them all the time, revealing Trickshot's presence, as the sniper begins to assault them. Damon almost loses his mind at the severity of the situation, being reminded of his friends.[64]

Seeing how it is hard to act normally in a situation like this, Damon decides to aid another of his comrades and finds the perfect opportunity when Benjamin Tabart goes underground, digging down in search of him.[82] Upon Trickshot's defeat and Foxpack's calls, both Tabart and Damon come back, stating that they have come up with a plan to defeat Najeem, which prompts Foxpack and Apu to go further into Bedina.[83]

Najeem gets infuriated due to the scratch on his blade, Bilqis, as it holds a memorable part of his life.[144] They both get caught by Najeem's Spotlight, but Damon uses his powers to create an eye from afar and recover his vision, at this chance, Damon lariats Najeem, who questions how he was seen.[106] Tabart tries to convince Najeem to back off, reminding him of when they were comrades. However, Najeem denies it all, reinforcing his allegiance to the Xros Pirates and, through his sword, strengthens himself.[145]

Damon directly faces against Najeem, using his Butterkuchen against his Morning Falcon, however, Najeem manages to hit Damon, who uses the chance to get a grip of him and call out for Tabart. The chance on his face, Najeem continuously attacks Damon, but then, their clash gets interferred by Tabart. Recovering, Najeem uses Evening Falcon, which Damon partially defends from through his Fischbrotchen, managing to send him flying.[120] Najeem jumps to exchange a few blows with Tabart, and then, spins towards Damon, who responds with his Geppo, sending Najeem flying into Tabart's trap. Vines burst from the ground and manage to get ahold of Najeem's body, as Tabart gives off the signal, it is revealed this Damon was a Hana Hana clone, and the real Damon was hidden in one of Tabart's vines, dormant.[146]

The young pirates made use of both their powers and the situation to prepare this trap, which would end the fight for once and all. The real Damon, who had been lying dormant until that point, bursts off of one of the larger vines and deals a devasting blow to their opponent. The Trickster had been tricked.[107] Najeem rockets through the vines and into the ground, creating a crater, and then refuses to go down, his life before his eyes. Landing close to him, Damon tries to recompose himself, noting how he felt all the pain and stress his clone felt.[18]

Damon ponders, through his Haki, if Najeem really felt any guilt after his defeat, and softens his mood as Tabart pays his respects to the Pirate. They both sheathe his blade and set it atop Najeem's conscious body, leaving off to fight the rest of the Xros crew.[113] Shortly after, Damon and Tabart run through many terrains on Bedina, before luckily spotting the fight between Reach and Foxpack. Interrupting them, both of them declare their protection and support over Foxpack.[75]

Tabart and Damon stare down at Reach, who remains silent and spares a quite glance at both pirates, moreso upon Damon, who gets unnerved at it.[85] .[147]

. .

. .

Peace at CoachellaEdit

Main article: Peaceful Horizon

Shuffle at PermisEdit

Main article: Out of the Loop

Bounty Edit

"Asura" Damon[13]

Damon is regarded by the Government as a dangerous, fool pirate and monstrosity who devastates Kingdoms, even as a lone warrior. Though, so far, the Government hasn't been keeping much attention on him, due to his relatively new ascension into a Pirate.

  • 1st Bounty: Beli Small80,000,000 - Damon got his first bounty as soon as he was framed for murdering the humble King of the peaceful Asha Kingdom, then resisting arrest by harming authorities such as Royal Guards, stealing food supplies and fleeing from the country.[6][8]
  • 2nd Bounty: Beli Small170,000,000 - His bounty gets updated once he is framed for attacking the Marine HQ at Ishitani and defeating Commodore Mengis. Damon has also supposedly alleged to the Titan Pirates, having escaped before his eventual defeat by Captain Pine.[9]
  • 3rd Bounty: Beli Small330,000,000 - Further regarded as a ruthless killer, having laid waste to Bedina, and for having defeated Al Rauf Najeem of the Xros Pirates, Damon not only gets a bounty update, but, recognition as one of the Four Horsemen.[11]

Quotes Edit

But the business was between you and him... I have no right to intervene, nor I will.
— Damon reassures Veno.[39]
It's not about taking orders... They are in need of medical attendance. If you truly are good people, you would help them without a second thought. These guys protect you all with their justice, no?
— Damon confronts the citizens of Groot.[49]
I trust you, even if you don't fully trust me... so, ensure the safety of the people, I can handle the Marines for you guys!
— Damon tells Arnold and Mariel.[47]
Wait, what?! There's a Tiger talking!!!
— Damon expresses his shock at meeting a Mink.[41]
W-What the fuck?! We got talking fish now?!
— Damon meeting a Fishman for the first time.[40]
Nope. NOPE. NOPE! My answer is no, but it's not the answer for the help. NO, that's not what you should be worrying about, I'm itching myself to go and help you guys. You should be worrying about this damn island's name, like, what the hell? I get a territory and give it a name like that? Feels like those shitty dog owners who just get them to defend the house or some shit. Yeah, you guys need to conquer this one, I don't like this name.
— Damon tries to cheer Apu.[48]
Devil fruit powers, you sick fuck!
— Damon snarks back at Najeem.[106]
It's as Brobart here says, back off, Batman.
— Damon threatens Reach.[75]

Major Battles Edit

Trivia Edit

Behind the scenesEdit

  • He is based on Gray Fullbuster from the Fairy Tail Series.
  • Damon's name has not been inspired by any real-life pirate unlike some others of the author's characters.
  • Damon is an English name which means To tame, and Draco is a Greek name which refers to Dragon and Draconian, an old synonym for "unforgiving".


  • His name is alliterative, as in, the first letters of the names are the same.
  • Damon shares his birthday with the Author, June 10th.[148]
  • His blood type is F-, which is equivalent to real-world's B-, something he also shares with the author.[148]
  • According to the author, if Damon lived in the Real World, he would be either German or Italian.
    • This is alluded to in his usage of German to name his attacks and techniques.[110][129]


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  4. 4.0 4.1 4.2 4.3 In Tender Care: Damon tells Mariel and Arnold what the Government deems him as.
  5. 5.0 5.1 Propaganda Machine: Damon mentions his cooking skills.
  6. 6.0 6.1 6.2 6.3 6.4 Saddle of Conviction: Confronting the Marines, Damon mentions the crime he has supposedly committed.
  7. 7.0 7.1 7.2 7.3 Waking Up: Soren calls Damon by an odd nickname and reveals his inheritage, reminding everyone that he is fine.
  8. 8.0 8.1 8.2 8.3 8.4 8.5 Bounty Issued: Draco D. Damon's initial bounty is revealed
  9. 9.0 9.1 9.2 9.3 New Bounty Issued: Draco D. Damon's bounty gets updated.
  10. Foil of Prosperity: Carter Pine confirms that he and Damon have the same age, 23 years.
  11. 11.0 11.1 11.2 11.3 11.4 Declaration of War: Damon's bounty gets updated after the battle of Bedina.
  12. 12.0 12.1 12.2 12.3 Hitch-Pike: Damon recalls his mother and how he got into Cooking.
  13. 13.0 13.1 Ripped Tides: Paris calls Damon by his Epithet.
  14. 14.0 14.1 14.2 14.3 14.4 14.5 14.6 14.7 14.8 Stronghold of Justice: As Mengis is back, Damon uses his trademark techniques and shifts into his signature form.
  15. 15.0 15.1 15.2 15.3 15.4 15.5 Ripped Tides: Paris mentions that Bambina taught Damon a lot about fighting.
  16. 16.0 16.1 16.2 Hitch-Pike: As he brings food over, Apu recalls Damon's unquiet sleep.
  17. In Tender Care: Damon's prominent features are shown as Mariel finds him clothless.
  18. 18.0 18.1 Born to the Purple: As he reunites with Tabart, Damon notices the color of the strands framing his face, pondering on what triggered it.
  19. 19.0 19.1 In Tender Care: Being naked, Damon's build is more easy to see.
  20. Stronghold of Justice: Damon gets grazed in the forehead by Mengis' attack.
  21. Citation needed.
  22. Wall of Silence: The stress of having his spine broken by Reach uncovers Damon's appearance, as he wails in pain.
  23. 23.0 23.1 23.2 Hitch-Pike: Damon notices that his tribal tattoo is now visible.
  24. Propaganda Machine: Damon debuts with his usual set of clothes.
  25. 25.0 25.1 Hitch-Pike: Damon and Apu talk about their homelands.
  26. 26.0 26.1 Falling Grace: Damon appears at Chutai's Market.
  27. In Tender Care: Mariel arranges new clothes for Damon.
  28. Hitch-Pike: Damon changes into new clothes.
  29. 29.0 29.1 29.2 29.3 In Tender Care: Damon questions Mariel if there is no one else in need of food.
  30. 30.0 30.1 Foil of Prosperity: Damon thanks Apu, whom he had just formally met.
  31. 31.0 31.1 31.2 31.3 31.4 Foil of Prosperity: Mengis praises Damon and enlightens him with some of his views, convicing his instincts to trust him.
  32. Falling Grace: Damon apologizes for his actions and presence to the shopkeepers of Chutai, all the while keeping his cool.
  33. Ripped Tides: As he leaves, Damon apologizes for causing trouble to the Groot residents.
  34. 34.0 34.1 Hitch-Pike: Damon eats the food Apu has prepared and offers some of it.
  35. 35.0 35.1 35.2 Hitch-Pike: While he eats, Damon ponders when Apu will let him cook.
  36. 36.0 36.1 36.2 36.3 Within Reach: Recalling his battle with Mengis, Damon remarks on how fierce the Mink is, and even then, asks Foxpack to let him help.
  37. 37.0 37.1 37.2 37.3 Falling Grace: As the Princess orders her Knights, Damon expresses worry over people getting rowdy over his presence.
  38. 38.0 38.1 Doom and Gloom: As Veno asks if he is hungry, Damon mentions cooking for some street people, instead of eating alone.
  39. 39.0 39.1 39.2 39.3 39.4 39.5 Doom and Gloom: After Milton is killed by Veno, Damon offers to bury him.
  40. 40.0 40.1 40.2 40.3 40.4 40.5 Foil of Prosperity: Damon and Mengis get away from Pine, meeting the rest of the Marines and a Fishman.
  41. 41.0 41.1 41.2 41.3 Stronghold of Justice: Upon meeting Mengis, Damon shows shock that an animal can talk and walk.
  42. 42.0 42.1 42.2 42.3 42.4 Propaganda Machine: Damon tries to steal some fruits from Milton.
  43. 43.0 43.1 43.2 43.3 Propaganda Machine: As the Pirates arrive, Damon sees an escape opportunity.
  44. Propaganda Machine: Just before the Veno Pirates arrive, Damon decides to get food.
  45. 45.0 45.1 45.2 In Tender Care: Arnold is honest with his dislike of Damon.
  46. 46.0 46.1 46.2 46.3 46.4 46.5 46.6 46.7 Gloom and Doom: Damon engages the Marines for Veno.
  47. 47.0 47.1 47.2 47.3 47.4 47.5 47.6 Saddle of Conviction: Damon bids farewell to Mariel and Arnold.
  48. 48.0 48.1 48.2 48.3 48.4 Hitch-Pike: As they listen to Foxpack, Apu begs Damon for help, which Damon quickly goes for.
  49. 49.0 49.1 49.2 49.3 Ripped Tides: Damon asks the Citizens of Bole Town to help the Marines.
  50. 50.0 50.1 50.2 50.3 50.4 50.5 50.6 50.7 50.8 50.9 Ripped Tides: Damon tries to convince Paris to back out from attacking him again.
  51. 51.0 51.1 Stronghold of Justice: Damon tells Carter Pine and the Soldiers to back away.
  52. Saddle of Conviction: Damon sprouts some weird phrases when meeting the Marines at Chutai.
  53. 53.0 53.1 53.2 Foil of Prosperity: Despite his state, Damon doesn't back away from a calm Mengis.
  54. Through the Grapevine: Apu and Damon get caged between two Marine Ships, and try to recompose themselves.
  55. 55.0 55.1 Falling Grace: Damon refers to Mariel as "Princess".
  56. In Tender Care: Despite Mariel's insistence, Damon continues to be midly formal.
  57. 57.0 57.1 Doom and Gloom: Damon laughs with Veno.
  58. Foil of Prosperity: Damon stumbles in his own words as Pine goes away.
  59. Hitch-Pike: Damon constantly tries to hold back his words when speaking to Apu.
  60. 60.0 60.1 60.2 60.3 60.4 60.5 60.6 Foil of Prosperity: Faced with Pine's speed, Damon lashes at him and manages to think of a way to counter it.
  61. Doom and Gloom: Damon intercepts the Marines.
  62. 62.0 62.1 62.2 62.3 62.4 62.5 62.6 62.7 62.8 Foil of Prosperity: As Pine betrays Mengis, Damon loses his composure.
  63. 63.00 63.01 63.02 63.03 63.04 63.05 63.06 63.07 63.08 63.09 63.10 Stronghold of Justice: Damon holds his own against Mengis, despite his own condition.
  64. 64.0 64.1 64.2 Battle for Bedina: Damon stresses at how familiar the situation with Trickshot is, grieving at how his old friends had been killed.
  65. In Tender Care: Damon struggles to use Kenbunshoku so he can feel if the people around him are being genuine or not.
  66. Stronghold of Justice: Despite Mengis' might, Damon continues to fight.
  67. 67.0 67.1 67.2 67.3 Stronghold of Justice: With his buff, Mengis manages to strike Damon and send him flying.
  68. Foil of Prosperity: Mengis tells Damon about Impel Down.
  69. 69.0 69.1 69.2 69.3 Foil of Prosperity: As Foxpack resolves the situation, Damon can only express his bewilderement.
  70. 70.0 70.1 Hitch-Pike: With Apu's words, Damon recalls that the Xros and Titans are Yonkos' crews.
  71. 71.0 71.1 Foil of Prosperity: Damon thanks Apu and shows to be curious about him.
  72. 72.0 72.1 Foil of Prosperity: As he thanks Apu, Damon remarks that he reminds him of Veno.
  73. 73.0 73.1 73.2 Foil of Prosperity: Apu and Damon discuss, and set off to what they will be doing next.
  74. 74.0 74.1 74.2 74.3 74.4 Through the Grapevine: Swain Zander confronts Apu and Damon inside their temporary boat.
  75. 75.0 75.1 75.2 75.3 Wall of Silence: Tabart and Damon save Foxpack from Reach's attacks, declaring that they will help Foxpack defeat him.
  76. 76.0 76.1 76.2 76.3 Within Reach: Damon tries to stir the morale of the Titan Alliance up.
  77. Within Reach: Damon comically pouts at Tabart ignoring his greeting.
  78. Demon of the West: Indiana sees Damon for the first time after a while.
  79. 79.0 79.1 Within Reach: Damon meets Foxpack in person, directly, for the first time.
  80. Within Reach: Damon is worried with disappointing Foxpack and thinks of him as a possible inspiration.
  81. 81.0 81.1 81.2 Within Reach: Listening to Foxpack, Damon reflects on the story about the Titan Pirates.
  82. 82.0 82.1 Battle for Bedina: Noticing Tabart's intentions and knowing how he can't help anyone else, Damon recomposes and decides to follow the man into the underground.
  83. 83.0 83.1 Double-Crossed: Tabart and Damon come back from the underground at Foxpack's word, claiming to have a plan to deal with Najeem.
  84. Born to the Purple: Damon reflects about Najeem and Tabart, deeming the fight as solely theirs.
  85. 85.0 85.1 Wall of Silence: Reach decides to continue attacking, advancing on the trio all at once.
  86. 86.0 86.1 86.2 In Tender Care: Mariel spends a whole week helping Damon recover.
  87. Demon of the West: Atraxias sets off to hunt Damon.
  88. 88.0 88.1 88.2 Pond of Weskham: Regin tells the other Sins that Damon got away, because Atraxias didn't help them at all.
  89. Demon of the West: Rika swears to end Damon's life.
  90. Pond of Weskham: Rika checks her information on the other Sins.
  91. Demon of the West: Fabian reads about Damon.
  92. Pond of Weskham: Ban reflects on Damon.
  93. Pond of Weskham: Regin reflects on Damon.
  94. Pond of Weskham: Regin wonders why he never talked properly with Damon.
  95. Within Reach: Due to Foxpack's story, Damon reminisces about his time with his squad from Asha.
  96. 96.0 96.1 Ripped Tides: Damon tells Paris about Autumn's whereabouts.
  97. Saddle of Conviction: Damon is recognized by Mengis as a threat.
  98. Stronghold of Justice: As they fight, Damon and Mengis compliment each other's skills.
  99. Through the Grapevine: Zander and Damon formally meet for the first time, proceeding to have an odd exchange.
  100. Through the Grapevine: Zander deems Damon as handsome.
  101. Stronghold of Justice: Mengis states that he misjudged Damon's prowess.
  102. Power of the Seven: Official word on the Sin's abilities.
  103. 103.0 103.1 In Tender Care: Mariel notes about Damon's strength.
  104. 104.0 104.1 104.2 In Tender Care: Mariel notes about Damon's condition as she tends to him.
  105. Hitch-Pike: Mengis' backstory is shown.
  106. 106.0 106.1 106.2 Born to the Purple: With his powers, Damon escapes from Najeem's blinding attack and saves both himself and Tabart by attacking with a lariat.
  107. 107.0 107.1 107.2 Born to the Purple: Tabart and Damon's plan is revealed, as the real Damon comes forth along the vines and sneak attacks Najeem with all his might.
  108. 108.0 108.1 Saddle of Conviction: Damon intercepts the marines' attacks.
  109. 109.0 109.1 109.2 Propaganda Machine: Veno assassinates Milton and nearly catches Damon in the shooting.
  110. 110.0 110.1 110.2 110.3 Stronghold of Justice: Damon uses Veal Roulade against Mengis.
  111. 111.0 111.1 Stronghold of Justice: Damon overpowers Mengis and the fire vanishes.
  112. 112.0 112.1 112.2 Foil of Prosperity: Mengis notes how Damon is still alive and somewhat fierce.
  113. 113.0 113.1 Born to the Purple: Tabart and Damon pay their respects to Najeem, and then set off to join the fight with the rest of the Xros Pirates.
  114. 114.0 114.1 Foil of Prosperity: Damon notices Golden Arm's arrival.
  115. 115.0 115.1 115.2 Stronghold of Justice: Reinforcements arrive to fight Damon, who insists that the fight is not over yet.
  116. 116.0 116.1 Wall of Silence: With the use of his fruit and martial powers, Damon manages to keep Foxpack from Reach, surprising the both of them.
  117. 117.0 117.1 117.2 Stronghold of Justice: Damon applies his limbs to support his self and augment his abilities.
  118. 118.0 118.1 118.2 Stronghold of Justice: To complement his attack, Damon applies Geppo's and Soru's usage.
  119. 119.0 119.1 Through the Grapevine: Apu and Damon clash against Zander and Sanzo, all of them using their techniques.
  120. 120.0 120.1 Born to the Purple: Najeem continuously switches between attacking Damon and Tabart, both of whom manage to hold their own.
  121. Saddle of Conviction: Getting out of the Royal Castle, Damon performs Geppo to reach the Marine Squad.
  122. Foil of Prosperity: Seeing Mengis' unwillingness, Damon tries to escape by attacking with Geppo.
  123. Stronghold of Justice: Damon recalls Bambina's words about the Great Demon Fist.
  124. Propaganda Machina: Damon reveals his powers to Veno.
  125. Foil of Prosperity: Damon responds about Apu's inquiry on his Devil Fruit powers.
  126. Stronghold of Justice: Mengis notes how Damon's powers work.
  127. Stronghold of Justice: It is stated that Damon's arms are more resistant by blooming in his body.
  128. 128.0 128.1 Ripped Tides: As he sets out to leave, Damon mentions being capable of sailing a whole ship due to his powers.
  129. 129.0 129.1 Stronghold of Justice: For the first time in the battle against Mengis, Damon names his techniques.
  130. Stronghold of Justice: Damon mentions that he specializes in Kenbun.
  131. In Tender Care: Upon waking up, Damon feels that some of his Haki is back, enabling him to use Kenbun.
  132. Stronghold of Justice: As Mengis moves around, Damon's senses are shown to keep up.
  133. Saddle of Conviction: Damon senses Mengis' willpower upon arriving at the battlefield.
  134. Double-Crossed: Damon remarks on Trickshot's aura disappearing, and two other immense auras stationed at Bedina.
  135. Citation needed.
  136. Saddle of Conviction: As Mengis tries to push him back, Damon defends by using Busou.
  137. Propaganda Machine: Damon shows that he has managed to live by eating fish and fruits.
  138. Demon of the West: Indiana looks at a small trembling figure on the corner of an unknown room.
  139. 139.0 139.1 139.2 139.3 139.4 139.5 Foil of Prosperity: Staring at his condition, Damon remembers words which were crucial in his life.
  140. Pond of Weskham: Regin recalls Damon's mission at Linster.
  141. 141.0 141.1 Doom and Gloom: Damon reveals to Veno his history.
  142. Propaganda Machine: Veno assassinates Milton and nearly catches Damon in the shooting.
  143. Through the Grapevine: Damon and Apu mistakingly arrive on the west side of Bedina.
  144. Born to the Purple: The katana, Bilqis, makes Najeem reminisce about his good times, prompting him to antagonize Damon and Tabart even more.
  145. Born to the Purple: Najeem denies the friendship Tabart claimed them to have and, as Reach encases the island, increases his strength through a new technique.
  146. Born to the Purple: Najeem tries to attack both his opponents, but, Damon catches him off guard, allowing for Tabart to set their true plan into motion, trapping Najeem in his plants.
  147. Wall of Silence: Damon and Tabart try counter-attacking Reach through their Devil Fruit powers and individual tactics, backing up one another, however, it is all to no avail.
  148. 148.0 148.1 Author's Page: Data on the author.