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"Everything can catch fire, even Heaven and its Gods, but before the burning can commence, we need to assemble the Dragon's limbs, its organs. I will be the head, and you shall be my limbs and organs, you will all be essential pieces for this wonderful "Dragon" we're making."
Drakengar D. Shiva's analogy of her crew
The Draken Pirates is a crew assembled by Drakengar D. Shiva, the "Woman Feared by God", a part of her mad crusade for "justice" against "Heaven" and its "Gods". The crew operates in the New World, and most, if not all its members originates from it. 

Jolly RogerEdit

Unlike most Pirate Crews, the Draken Pirates do not have a true Jolly Roger they identify by. This is due to the captain, Shiva, seeing no worth in hanging a flag with a "silly drawing" to show off, but because her crew seemed rather enthused about having one, she opted to let them steal the flags of ship they raid, usually returning them torn and burnt, if even that. It became a sort of "game", to see who would get the enemy ship's flag first and be favored by the Captain. The end result of this, is the crew's more known flag they hang as some kind of demented memento from ships they have raided, a single flag composed of torn flag pieces crudely stitched together and hung up for all to see, typically accompanied by one or more flags of a similar fashion.

The closest the crew has come to an actual Jolly Roger is the red serpentine dragon flag the crew parades, which was also stolen, but due to how it matched them, it is the crew's favorite, though Shiva remains indifferent to it, but not objecting to it.

Crew StrengthEdit

Crew MembersEdit

Draken Pirates
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"Mind and Soul"


  • Each prominent member of the crew is assigned a unique "rank", following Shiva's speech about requiring to assemble the "Dragon's limbs and organs", such as Shiva being the "Dragon's Head", and her first mate, Lionheart Akher, is the "Dragon's Heart".