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"Forge the blade, and cut through the corrupt world."

Dravolos Ashraf, otherwise known as "Ash" (アシュ Ashu?) is a Pirate operating presently in East Blue after fleeing with a Marine vessel in Shimotsuki Village. After chance encounters and conflicts, he has rapidly gained allies in the form of the Black Crown Pirates. Among them, he is dubbed the Captain.

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Ashraf's general appearance.

Ashraf is a youthful man that dons a very serious visage which lies in stark contrast with his bright blue eyes. He has a slightly olive complexion and a solid build hidden underneath his relatively baggy clothing. He is also noted for his lengthy brown hair, which is tied into a single ponytail with a black rubber band and goes down to his waist.

As for his attire, Ashraf wears a white dress shirt with a puffed collar that has a dark blue, thin ribbon around it. At the left side of his shirt, a cloak is fastened with a khaki attachment that goes across his chest with blue string, with the cloak's anterior situated atop his left shoulder. His lower-body wear consists of simple, dark blue pants and calf-length metal greaves. Across his waist, he keeps his pants situated around his body with a brown belt that has two layers to it. The upper layer has a small pouch on his left side, while the bottom layer holds an area where he buckles his primary sword.

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Ashraf was born on Myre Island to his mother, Dravolos Miya and father Dravolos Krauss. He lived a relatively normal childhood, however he noticed that his father grew more distant from him as he grew up slowly. Sometimes he wouldn't see him for days, and he would be covered in sweat and burn marks everywhere. After a lengthy period of silence, one day Krauss revealed the true reason for his isolation. The mainland of Myre Island had been occupied by a large Pirate Conglomerate who waved their banner with the name Three Crow Fleet. They knew of Krauss' unique ability, the Tan Tan no Mi Devil Fruit, and demanded that it be used for the sake of crafting exquisite weapons to conquer even greater territory.

Of course, this was not for long. A group of citizens, incognito, managed to report the state of their island to the Marines. Following significant deliberation, the Marines responded quickly to this uprising Three Crow Fleet with a fast and hard warning. However this was not enough, for they were so confident in the weapons forged for them, "greater than the strongest Meito", that they outright massacred the initial Marine task forces sent as emissaries. Aware that these sorts of people were not going to change, Vice-Admiral Barrett Roland and four others mutually agreed to allow a Buster Call to suppress this alliance and destroy any vestiges of these self-titled "strongest weapons" to preserve trading balance, as requested by Mariejois themselves.

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