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"Vampire" Drazil is a Infamous and lengendary Pirate, who operates in the New World and was a freelancing Mercenary before being recruited as the Archaeologist of The Jolly Pirates in the past but is now the Captain of the Hell Pirates. He was the twelfth and final member to join the Crew and was the second member to originally be introduced as an Antagonist. He was the one time Commander of the Hellpiean Rebellion Group known as Vesper and is to date considered to be the most powerful and influential individual to have ever been born in the black bowls of Hellpiea due to his status of nobility which grants him with a lot of political power but also thanks to his sharp analystic and exceptional intellectual strategic mind as well and his Great combat prowess. He was sadly however forced to depart from Hellpiea and the Civil war that was taking place to the Blue Sea after he was sold out and ultimately betrayed by his Foster Brothers.

He is feared and Renowned around the world for his unique and devastating Ability to Manipulate, animate and otherwise control Blood, an ability which gained him numerous Epithets, some of his most famous ones being Vampire Drazil. He also gained notice due to his Ruthless way of brutally and savagely impaling his enemies on pikes or tendrils made of blood this act earned him the moniker of Drazil the Impaler or as he's more commonly referred to in the underground world, Dracula.

In his later years after the disbandment of The Jolly Pirates he would go on to continue his Piracy eventually becoming the captain of his own crew and being named as on OF the Big names in the Pirate world. It is heavily hinted that he is the Grandfather of the infamous Revolutionary Static Dyson. In the past he held a bounty of Beli Small300,000,000 which has long since rising to Beli?00,000,000.


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Drazil is a fairly tall, broad-shouldered gentleman with the appearance of a man of relatively healthy middle-age. He wears his long, silbery-white hair in a loose, shoulder-length ponytail with two or three loose strands of hair falling over his brow and sports a full Donegal-style beard on his square jaw. He also wears spectacles over his golden eyes, though whether or not he needs them is unknown. He has been described as "very handsome" by several women over the course of the series. He frequently wears a white dress shirt and tie under a black vest with matching slacks and a brown overcoat. In his youth, Hohenheim looked much like his son Edward, save for slightly increased height and a slightly more pronounced jaw.

During his youth Drazil was a lean yet well-built, exotically handsome man with beautiful Ruby colored hair and a pair of shining gold colored eyes that hold animalistic slitted pupils. He holds a unique skin tone as years of being underground in the dark Caverns of Hellpiea and being locked away from actual sunlight gives him a pale skin tone, however being constantly exposed to the heat from the ever-flowing Lava/Maga under the Ash's of the Dark sea gives him a tanned complexion, that results in his skin pigment appearing as a biolumessent pale golden bronze color which makes him appear almost as if he is glowing. Similar to all Hellpieans He has a pair of Black curved horns jutting out of his forehead as well as a pair of pointed ears and sharp pointed teeth with his canines being slightly elongated similar to fangs. He is noted on numerous occasions to hold an air of "casual elegance".

Unlike most Men in the One Piece World and quiet similar to his future Crewmate and adoptive sister Rose Glory, Drazil was noted to constantly change his attire even while in Hellpiea he would constantly be seen in various outfits. However one thing that never seem to change was his Hair which was styled to fall down towards his shoulders covering the sides of his face and is tied as a loose ponytail with a black hairband in the back and also sported a short goatee.

  • During his time as the Leader of the Hellpiean Version of the Revolutionary Army, Vesper he wore a full white suit along with Black boots and a Black long sleeved button up shirt untucked and has the top buttons in buttoned.

{{cquote|"Because You Study The Past If You Would Define The Future. |2=Drazil's reason for becoming an



World GovernmentEdit

The Jolly PiratesEdit

Jolly D. ChrisEdit

Drazil has great respect for his captain as he was the one who welcomed him aboard the crew saving him from continuing his lonely journey of revenge. It has been shown that he and Chris has a great relationship as on numerious occutions they could be found togeather either playing a game, causing mischeif or just hanging out togeather.


While he dosen't show it Drazil holds Spike in high reguard thats why he often starts some type of drama with Spike weither it being him picking fights or just genurally pranking or bothering him as a way to always keep Spike on guard which would help him in protecting their beloved crew well that and the fact that Glory has a crush on the oblivious Spike which in Drazil's mind equals trouble.


Drazil holds timber in high reguard veiwing him as a fellow Prodigy going as far as to refer to Timber as the best Shipwright in the world even proudly stating that he views Timber as his younger brother on numerious occations.

Rose GloryEdit

The Relationship between Drazil and Glory is probably the best among the crew as Drazil views her as his Baby sister and constantly goes outnof his way to please and make her happy going as far as to comming up with numerious plans and tricks to with Glory to get Spike whom Glory has a crush on to notice her.


Drazil and Wyatt had probably the most Comical relationship in the entire series as Drazil constantly forgets and Remembers Wyatt is apart of the crew due to the fact that during his first interaction with the crew he never say Wyatt. However it should be noted that Drazil still cares about his well being.

Dracule SakuraEdit

Drazil views Sakura as a very respectable person whom in his opinion the Perfect Wife and swordsman. They seem to have a mutual respect for each other as there both proficiant swordsman and most time they could be seen relaxing togeather or just enjoying eachothers company. On another note Sakura is one of the Women Drazil has a tendecy to perv on every once in a while.

X AphroEdit

Drazil relationship with Aphro is a funny one as Aphro constantly changes genders Drazil's interaction changes with it. An example is when around Male Aphro Drazil will generally giving to his perverted nature and be sweept up in Aphro's plans on the other hand while around Female Aphro Drazil tends to treat her like a lover always cuddling and giving her presents amoung other things.


Hanuman could arguable be considered Drazil's bestfriend as they can both easily relate to each other both being the only non-Human members in the crew. Drazil seems to spend the third most amount of time with Hanuman since he seems to be the only one who can translate what he's most of the time.

Chiyome LysEdit

Without a doubt Drazil's most complicated relationship is with Lys as if you asked anyone about Drazil's felling towards Lys they would rely he was Madly in Love with her even when she showed no chance of recorperating his feelings but seems to be pretty close to eachother as Wyatt gave them the Nickname of 'The Creepy Couple.


Abilities and PowersEdit

Back in Hellpiea Drazil was considered by many notable individuals to be one of the most gifted warriors of his generation and one of the most powerful Warrior that Hellpiea has ever produced. Even as a young child, he was noted by Elder Exler who was his teacher as a child, to be a skilled prodigy who managed to beat several older and more experienced disciples in his dojo. The fact that he was able to clash with Daz, Gensai and Rygo (his three foster brothers) at the same time, who were all also recognized as some of the strongest Hellpiean warriors, also indicates that Drazil is also one of the strongest of his time. Prior to his departure from Hellpiea, Drazil was able to single-handedly defeat the large group of Hellpiean Knights right after his near death battle with Wan Sho the leader of the Bandit group Othersiders who was considered to be equal in strength to that of an Admiral on the Blue Sea.

Physical Prowess and Martial ArtsEdit

Drazil has grown much more powerful than before. It is shown during his first appearance after his debut that he can cut through extremely large objects with incredible ease, speed, and precision (also considering without the use of his right hand).Drazil is known for having immense raw Strength being able to Punch Through Stone and Steel with ease as well as being able lift object many Times his Weight as well as size with out any struggle. He is Able to Knockout people twice his size with a single punch and is able to Rips Trees out of the ground and pick up Buildings with his bare hands.

Combine his natural superhuman strength with his Mastery of the Shinku Rengetsu-Martial Arts style any opponent struck by his attacks could suffer damage ranging from broken bones, ruptured organs, or even death, as Iyaga learned for his perverted actions among other things. Yokaze Ryu has noted that his strength outweighs that of an small Giant.



Exceptional ReflexesEdit


Hand to Hand CombatantEdit

Drazil was a skilled Martial Artist since childhood, possessing notable physical strength, great speed, and remarkable reflexes, with his overall skill in this area. In his adulthood, he was capable of easily disarming a sword-wielding Pirates, before the latter could react and repel another pirate twice his size with a single spinning back kick, onto an oncoming group of marines, knocking them all off their feet. Added to the fact that he created as well as mastered the Shinku Rengetsu Martial Arts style a close-combat style of fighting which rely's on quick movement and precision combo's



Devil FruitEdit


Kenbunshoku HakiEdit

Busoshoku HakiEdit

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