This article of, Dyson Pirates, is the Treasure belonging to the The Perverted God-King.

The Dyson Pirates nicknamed the Demon Eyes Pirates are a uniquely formed Pirate Crew that was created and led by the Revolutionist Static Dyson, who's sole purpose of establishing the crew was to reduce the amount of attention the World Government and Marines have on the Revolutionary Army's more recent movement as well as to keep his Affiliration to the army in the dark by reckon havoc all throughout the Blue Sea and bring forth the next great Golden Age of Piracy.


Crew MembersEdit

Crew StrengthEdit

Pirate FlagEdit

The Dyson Pirate's Jolly Roger is a grey almost black colored demonic horned grinning skull with slanted demonic shaped eyes which pays tribute and is a homage to captain's epithet and a pair of crossed sabres behind it.



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