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Edith, nicknamed "The Queen of Worms", and commonly referred to as "Edith the Deathless", Is the Queen of the Nazgûl Empire and the Fleet Admiral of the Koschei Grand Fleet. She is a direct descendent of the Royal Solomon clan being the former Crown Princess of the Majin Tribe through her Grandfather and is revered for her great and vast intelligence and political prowess which held a bright future for the clan. During her teenage years with the tribe she was something of a rebel and had a rebellious streak using her own brand of "Magic" which led to her commonly being referred to as the Genie of Majin Tribe and later on the Sorcerers of the Black Sands due to her Mastery of her Self-Proclaimed "Black Art" Enchantment.

She later defected from the tribe after brutally massacring the King and all members of the Royal Family along with the majority of the Clan. During her self imposed exile instead of ruin she found prosper as she would go on to labeled as a criminal by the Gorosei for the numerous Injustice she would commit in her quest to Power as well as to return her tribe to in her opinion their rightful place as Nobles of the world, this quest would lead to the rise of her Empire and Her Grand Fleet both actions resulting in her being labeled as a Dangerous Element and a "World Terrorist". Often comparable to the likes of The "Revolutionist" Monkey D. Dragon.

She is also a prominent Broker of the Underworld who operates under the alias of Morgana and is the consumer of the illusive and deadly Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Lich and currently holds a staggering Bounty of Beli 000,000,000,000.


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