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Elssa (エルッサ erussa): Is a Kuja belonging to the Kuja Tribe of her home land Amazon Lily and is now a member of the Fire Rocker Pirates. She is also one of the main powerhouses on board the ship. She was once apart of the guards that protected the palace from outside threats and was one of the personal guards asigned to protect the Viper Queen, Daddy L. Legs the princess of Amazon Lily. She left her home island of Amazon Lily in order to become a pirate after the pirate crew invaded the island.


Elssa is a young Kuja lady with long red hair tied into a pony tail with a golden hair tie, long slender legs, and a slim, curvaceous figure.

Unlike her fellow Kuja's, she dresses up in common clothing that has the Kuja style architect. This outfit consists of a black, sleeveless shirt with a golden neck brace and brown pants strapped with a black belt. She wears golden arm bands on both her arms and she also wears brown bandages around her forearms like elbow warmers.


Elssa is a fearless and dependable women. Despite what she and her crew goes through in the New World she shows no ounce of fear.




Elssa has deep respect and loyalty towards her captain, Korag, so much so that she is willing to leave her home of Amazon Lily to join his crew despite the fact that he envaded and attack the island to begin with. She is willing to follow him where ever he goes 

Kuja TribeEdit

Elssa misses her home island of Amazon Lily and all of her Kuja friends. Due to this every night, while everyone is alseep she stands on the deck of the Titan Waver and look out at the sea thinking about all her friends at home and how they're doing. This includes the Viper Princess, Legs as well

Daddy L. LegsEdit

As once a member of the Kuja Tribe, Elssa has deep loyalty towards her beloved princess, Legs even more loyalty then she has for her captain, Korag. If her crew were to ever enounter her's in battle she wouldn't have the courage to engage her and would most likely beg the princess to spare her and her comrades. The knowledge of Legs being one of the four Yonko as well as full knowledge of her true potential also makes her fear of her wrath. She spoke with Legs many times during her times as one of her personal guards many years back and was touched by her kindness.

Abilities and PowersEdit

As a member of the Kuja Tribe Elssa was raised raised in the ways of the warrior and is burly and strong. She is a highly skilled warrior who excels at hand to hand combat due to her many years of taining on Amazon Lily.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Elssa possesses incredible physical strength 

Elssa endurance and durability is incredible

She also possesses tremendous speed, agility, and reflexes to match her strength and endurance.

She is also shown to be extremely agile.


Like all the members of the Kuja tribe, Elssa possesses the power of Haki.

Armament HakiEdit

Elssa seems to have also mastered Armament Haki to an extremely high extent, being a warrior from the Kuja Tribe, and is able to darken her body (or parts of it) and harden it. She can channel this Haki through her arrows to increase their destructive powers and in her weapons allowing them to be used for both offensive and defensive purposes. After joining the Fire Rocker Pirates, Elssa has learned to improved her abilities to use Haki further then when she was a citizen on Amazon Lily


Snake WeaponsEdit

As with most of the other Kuja warriors, Elssa uses a Snake that can morph into a bow to launch arrows at her target. She imbues Armament Haki into the arrows to increase their destructive powers, being able to pierce through trees with ease.


Along with her snake weapon, elssa also weilds a large spear with the blade end made of the same steel as a sword. She normally doesn't use it in battle however she does offten take it out when she is about to engage on an island the crew is about to destroy.


She also weilds a sword she uses when engaging against another pirate crew. Just like her Snake Weapon She also imbues Armament Haki into the sword to increase its destructive power.


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