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Emi Also refereed to as the Demon Surgeon by her peers, is a student at Blackwell Academy medical school studying to become a world class doctor. During her years of practice she has become the top prodigy in the entire academy as well as the greatest surgeon in the entire school. She suffers from a split personality disorder that changes into a cold hearted demon known as Irene when her dominant personality is ever in danger or feels threatened. Due to this she is considered an outcast to the teachers and students of the school calling her a demon as a form of insult.


Emi has been noted as one of the most beautiful students currently at Blackwell Academy. She is a slim young woman of average height. She has long, knee-length, flowing pink hair and green eyes. Her facial expression has a soft and carrying face which matches her personality. She has pale and soft skin tone.

She wears the Blackwell Academy school uniform which consist of a green, buttoned vest with white outlining in the buttoned area and at the end of the sleeves. The vest is buttoned once keeping it attached and has a white shirt underneath it with a high collar folded down to look professional. She also wears a brown mini skirt with white lines crossing through as a design and dark blue high socks and black shoes this school uniform was designed to make the students appear more professional to their work as a doctor and has became Emi's main outfit. She also wears a black choker with a cross shaped charm attached it by a chain that was given to her by her mentor that she keeps as a memento.

When she changes to her alter ego, Irene, her hair changes to a brilliant silver color 



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