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Eraldo Coil(エラルド=コイル, Erarudo Koiru) is a member of the criminal organization Kokuban and has the title of Knight within this organization. He uses metal claws as his weapon of choice, and has sworn full loyalty to Masamune. He has eaten the legendary Mythical Zoan type classed fruit of the Kaiju Kaiju no Mi Model: Manticore that allows him to fully turn into a Manticore or even a hybrid at will. Due to his position within Kokuban and his devil fruit he had earned the epithet Kaibutsu kishi(怪物騎士, The Monstrous Knight) even though very few people in the world even know of his identity.



Coil had lived in a large city on an island in the Grand Line, and had lived with his two parents and one brother. His brother was much older than him, which had resulted in his brother obviously bullying him. Coil had been home schooled by his parents, while his brother had been going to the school on the island. During this time, Coil had been eight years old and his brother had been 19. The bullying had been mostly pranks, insults and sometimes even physical injury. He had always told Coil," It's not my fault that you keep running into my fist." This had always angered Coil. Each and every day his torment had slowly built up his rage, the inability to do anything about it had also struck Coil. His parents would do nothing and would always side with his brother for the pure fact that he was older. Each and every day, Coil had cursed his brother in discreet whispers, while his brother had always continued the tormenting. His anger had slowly built up, having nothing to use it on he had grown more crazy as the months had gone by.

At the age of 10, Coil had begun training himself so he could be able to stand up to his brother. He had run around the city while having stones attached to his legs and arms with poorly made plastic shackles. He had done this every day around the morning, even to the point where he would even start tearing up due to the pain of him being entirely too exhausted. He had ran to the point several times where the shackles or even the stones had broken from overuse. Every few months Coil had increased the amount of stones onto the shackles, which had increased the progression of training himself. He had also trained during the afternoon after lunch time and his home-schooling where he had punched trees for two hours at a time, conditioning his fists while increasing his physical strength. During the night before his parents had required him to sleep, he had done many sets of sit-ups and pushups as well as stretching him self to increase his flexibility.

At the age of 13 he had still continued his training while progressively intensifying his training in the process. His parents had never taken noticed to Coil's repetitive training he had done for years. He had tried his best to keep this from them and especially his brother. His parents did not care to find out ever, even when it had seemed obvious such a thing was suspicious. His brother however, had become very suspicious and had decided to track Coil throughout the day. As he had followed Coil he had taken notice to his daily exercises, and had begun at his running around the island. Coil had attached many large pieces of stones to his legs with a more refined piece of plastic used for the shackle rather than a normal material of metal. As Coil began running, his brother had lost track of him because of his inability to catch up to Coil, even though he was being weighed down, he had ran faster than his brother could follow. His brother had seen him during the afternoon punching the wooden tree, and had been shocked to when the tree had fallen to Coil's strength. He had peeked through the Coil's door to find Coil doing hours of pushups and situps past his bedtime, with only a few drops of sweat after that.

At the age of 14, Coil had felt confident enough to finally challenge his brother, who was 25 at the time. His brother, knowing Coil's ability to be able to do such feats in his training had arrogantly accepted this challenge. His brother had felt that with his age, there would be no possible way to lose to someone so inferior in age. As his brother had charged at Coil, he had smirked at started to begin his attack, Coil could easily see how slow his brother was moving. Coil had spoken quietly and had said," You're open." Coil dashed faster than his brother could see and had delivered a fierce elbow strike right to the stomach. His brother had fell to his knees and had groaned in pain, whimpering in his defeat he had become enraged. He had refused to be defeated so easily and had charged at Coil again, blinded by rage. At the sight of his enraged brother, somewhere in Coil had snapped and had unknowingly awakened a hidden force in him that he had no idea what it was. Coil's entire arm had turned whole black, and harder than the strongest steel he has ever seen. Coil had hesitated and had delivered the same elbow strike to his brother's stomach, which had resulted in him coughing up blood and falling to the ground without moving a single muscle after that.

Coil's parents had arrived home to only see his brother lying cold on the ground and Coil crying heavily. His parents had let out a shriek and had yelled," Monster!" Coil had been frightened at what his parents had said, and had slowly backed up to the back of the room. His parents had ran out of the room while calling for the police to hurry, Coil had hesitated and had ran from the home. Multiple police officers had chased him, and had required for Coil to beat them down to the ground as he was running away. Coil had successfully made his escape, and had decided to sail further into the Grand Line in order to find a new home.

At the age of 16, Coil had still trained himself, only on a different island and while the marines were looking for him due to his escape off the island. On this island, he had met Masamune, a man wielding a sword that had gave off a deadly, intense power. Masamune had looked at Coil, and had said,"I see your troubles, join me and you will help me make a new world. I will take you in, give you a home and friends. I will assist in training your unrefined style, you can believe in me." Masamune had put his hand on Coil to only end up Coil attempting to remove the hand. Coil had challenged Masamune to a fight to test if he is trust-able. In one swift movement Coil had launched a flurry of attacks only for Masamune to easily dodge each move as if they were coming to him in slow-motion. In one quick strike, Masamune had drew his blade from his sheath and had gotten Coil to the ground with the sword to his neck. Coil had accepted defeat, the hatred of feeling inferior had washed away ever since the death of his brother. Coil had come to respect Masamune and had agreed to join in his organization, Kokuban.

Time in KokubanEdit

During Coil's time here, Masamune had trained him more intensively than any other training he had put himself under. Masamune's goal was to refine Coil's fighting style so he could fight more efficiently. Masamune had given Coil a pair of claws to use as his weapon, and had taught him how to use them well in combat. The training was mostly sparring with each other and some times other members of Kokuban. Every day he had sparred, increasing his skill every day had given him far more of an edge of strength. Coil had mostly been trained in his physical strength and had been praised for his outstanding endurance, able to take several direct blows from stronger members of Kokuban to seem almost unfazed, but it was only him blocking out the pain. His endurance had came from straight hours of sparring and doing exercises like jogging and push-ups. His endurance had even exceeded that of Masamune's but had lacked the amount of speed and power to be able to surpass him fully.

Coil had begun as the rank of Rook in the group, since he was a new comer he had begun at the bottom. Quickly after first joining and proving his strength he was quickly promoted to bishop. People had been surprised at his ability to fight so well especially for someone so young. From much of Coil's training in fighting there had also come Haki training. After Masamune had discovered that Coil had awakened his Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku Haki he had begun training under it. After two years of training, Coil had mastered his Haki to the point where he could use it at will.

During a raid on a Marine base that was led by two bishops and many pawns, Coil had discovered a devil fruit there. This devil fruit had given Coil and odd feeling, and might as well have had beckon to him. Coil had slowly walked towards the devil fruit and had grabbed it in his hands. Looking at the fruit had made Coil hesitate if he should eat it or not. Coil had imagined all the possible fruit abilities, imaginations of blazing fire, electric and dinosaurs had come to his mind when he had thought of what it could possibly give. Coil had hoped that this fruit would have been a Logia so that he could be more useful to the group than he already is. In one swift movement, Coil had bitten the fruit and had stepped back a couple steps. The awful taste had gotten to him and he had fell to his knees.

He had looked at his hands and had wondered what had happened, he didn't feel any different. He looked left and right as his comrades had been calling for him. They had been in the presence of a captain that were taking out the pawns one by one. Coil had leaped at the captain, and had punched him to the wall. As the captain had charged at Coil, a sudden tail had appeared behind Coil. This had looked like a scorpion's tail and it had pierced the captain by accident. The poison from the tail had gotten to the captain and had made him fall to the ground. Everyone stepped back away from Coil in confusion and he had laughed nervously.

As Coil returned to their base, he had shown Masamune what had happened. Coil has an odd tail behind him that oddly resembled a scorpion's only much bigger. Masamune had heard Coil's story regarding the strange devil fruit he had eaten and had commented," Its obvious isn't it? You ate a Zoan type fruit. Try focusing on that form and see if you're able to activate it." As Coil had focused, wings had grown from his back as his tail got slightly larger, and his teeth had grown extra rows. Coil had activated his human-beast mode of his devil fruit. As he had focused more on the fruit, Coil had grown even larger wings, his teeth had become more noticeably similar to that of a shark and his tail had grown larger. Fur had grown on his skin that resembled that of a red lion, Coil had become a sort of monster. Masamune had decided to call the kind of animal he was a "Manticore", based off of the mythological creature.


Coil keeps a calm behavior almost all the time, even in the face of a challenge. Although he is usually calm, he won't let a situation get the best of his mind and he won't let his obsession take over. Coil takes his calm outer appearance from how Masamune normally acts around others, but only to an extreme. Masamune's obsession would interrupt his calm personality, which in Coil's case would not happen. When in a bad situation, in the face of absolute defeat he will not lose any kind of temper.

Much like Masamune, Coil is an intelligent being, his deductive skills are quite impressive. When he had first joined Kokuban he was already quite intelligent, much like his fighting style he was unrefined. Through Masamune's mentoring Coil's thought pattern had become much more refined and trained to think similarly to Masamune, while maintaining his utmost loyalty to him. This would make Coil an effective successor to Masamune and his group if he had happened to die by any chance.



Coil carries a pair of sharp claws that he wears almost always, this is what he uses for his particular style of combat. These claws are shown to be quite endurable especially when he imbues it with the invisible force of Busoshoku Haki. However, when Coil takes his partial Zoan or complete Zoan form he abandons his claw weapon and use the literal claws grown from the form which he can freely turn it into a black-metal like substance with his Busoshoku Haki.

He also carries a creation of Senor Rainbow's which is known as the ASP. He as well as few others carry this tool which can be shown as to provide him a defense against a weakness from devil fruit users, Kairoseki.


In his pure ability, Coil had far surpassed the original second in-commands of this group. In terms of speed, strength, skill and intelligence he had far exceeded them, but still lies inferior in power to that of Masamune's skill.

Power of DestructionEdit

This technique had been developed by Coil through Masamune's training after Masamune had made his trip to Wano Country and back. Through use of this technique, he is capable of flowing energy through his metal claws and even to the regular claws grown by him through his Zoan transformation. He can flow energy through his body into these weapons to enhance each of his strikes, similar to the product of Haki, however he has shown to fuse both his Haki and his Power of Destruction together to create devastating air slashes. These air slashes are solely produced through Coil's strength and his Power of destruction combined, through his claws he is capable of creating three individual air slashes that ride along with each other. Each of these slashes produced by Coil has shown to be incredibly powerful as Coil cut down a marine prison ship with his claw without needing the use of Haki.

He has shown to be able to cut objects as well that were of stronger or equal material to that of his weapon. As such, he has shown to cut marine soldier's swords with ease as well as cutting metal frames of a building with no resistance. Since he can channel his energy to cut down objects stronger than his sword, he can also use it to defend against such, allowing for say if someone somehow made a diamond sword, they would not be able to cut his claws.

A technique Masamune had tried to reach to him that is a a part of the Power of Destruction was the ability to cut elements itself. Masamune had shown his mastery over this art to Coil through demonstration of him clear cutting fire in half. Coil had shown to be a true student of Masamune, learning his technique of the Power of Destruction allowing him to transfer this ability to cutting electricity as efficiently as he can cut through fire.

Yūrei No Me RyuEdit

Coil, as a co-inventor of this style of fighting had naturally mastered it's use as well as it's strengths and weaknesses. Coil had perfected this move to his use to be able to utilize it to multiple proportions, being able to multiply both his arms by many times to relentlessly attack his enemy. This allows for him to master his offensive skill as well as becoming defensive to guard from attacks at all angles. When used in conjunction with his claws Coil is able to repeatedly cut people as he quickly moves past them with minimal effort when using this technique due to this style. Coil had mastered this style to a point where he could create these illusion-like strikes at a moment's notice as well as gaining experience from actual combat utilizing it. Mastering this style only proves to show how far he is capable of using his Busoshoku Haki with ease. Coil can use this style in his Zoan type transformation allowing for his Manticore form to become even more dangerous than it already was.

As with his mastery over utilizing the offensive priority of this style, he had mastered the defensive priority in this style. He is capable of utilizing his Kenbunshoku Haki to further his memorization of one's fighting style allowing for him to easily adapt to an enemy. This differs from regular use of Kenbunshoku Haki because this actually revolves around utilizing the technique of seeing the attacks before they happen to memorize a whole style of movement one use's in their style of combat. This would give Coil an advantage in any sort of combat orientated situation and only makes it more difficult to fight him as the situation lasts.

Burējingu yūrei(ブレージング幽霊, Blazing Ghost): This is a technique utilizing the fast pace movement of the arms to create illusions, however instead of creating practical illusions with the fast movements one would use this to accelerate the amount of friction one creates in the air essentially producing a fire like presence around the arms. To prevent from burning himself, Coil coats his arm with Haki to be able to resist such burns, but at the same time utilize it to coat his arm in this fiery power to burn Coil's victims as he strikes with his manticore claws, and even his own fists. When combined with Haki it allows the fire to take a lava like texture when looked at by other's. The immense temperature in this attack allows for Coil to be an exceedingly dangerous one to fight. This technique is often only used when he takes form in his Zoan form rather than his regular form when he uses metal claws as his choice of weapon. This technique can be used in conjunction with the regular use of the style to form this allowing for him to create multiple strikes at once of this destructive technique. This technique resembles that of Sanji's Diable Jambe technique.

Physical CapabilitiesEdit


Coil's training prior to joining Kokuban had been him primarily training in his strength rather than speed, although his speed was quite skilled. His training as a child to fight his brother had pushed him to new heights with his abilities. He had an extreme potential with him, but no such starting talent and did not show any changes to his fighting ability until after his intensive training before challenging his brother. Once enough training had taken place, Coil had tapped slightly into his potential strength, revealing to have strengths than even the average man could achieve regularly, displaying super human strengths at a young age. He had kept this strength hidden and had shown no one until it was he had challenged his brother, and easily defeated him which had led to his brother to accidentally dieing. Another factor to his death, was the unrealized awakening of Busoshoku Haki, which contributed to it, but would have most likely caused immense internal damage to his brother if it had not killed him.

Having to escape his home town had forced him to travel the sea, searching for a new home and had also trained on his way. Honing his physical abilities he had several encounters of Pirates, displaying such speed and strength he had easily taken them all down at this age. Taking their food and their ship as well he had traveled onto the next island with quite some difficulties, only to be forced to losing this ship from the instant attack from Sea kings. He was forced to swim to the next island after killing the Sea King once it had made itself to the surface, another demonstration of his power. Landing on this island, he had met with Masamune who had coincidentally been on the island himself. Masamune had taken him in after convincing him to join his group, Kokuban, only to aid him in honing his skills even further.

During his training in Kokuban he had made great improvements in his strength, having it refined under Masamune and trained by sparring with other members, and fighting opponents in missions set out by the group. Training his skill from the rank of Rook to all the way to his rank as Knight had shown his progression of strength, showing great improvements and tapping into his potential even further from his fighting style to be refined. Coil had become a great deal more stronger than he was when he had first left his hometown, where his strength had already been great and easily classified as super human-like strength. His raw strength is shown to be the second best in the group, only to be beaten by Masamune himself, despite his primary skill in speed his power surpasses even that of Coil's raw strength in his normal form.

Once by his friends within Kokuban had commented on how Coil is built as if he himself was a fortress. This had been so after they all had gone through a battle where Coil sustained serious injuries without falling to the ground once during the entire fight. His ability to continue fighting has shown to be on a high level without even needing to use his zoan transformation which would only upgrade how powerful he is.


Despite Coil's primary skill being in his natural strength, he possesses an exceedingly impressive fast movement fighting style. During his childhood, he was not as fast as compared to his strength, but was quite noticeable such as when he had trained by running a lot of the time. Demonstration of his considerable speed is of when he had moved inwards during his battle with his brother. He had moved to the chest movement while using an elbow strike towards the chest in a speed that his brother had no possible way of keeping up with this speed, and had been struck without even realizing he had even moved in at that time. He had proved his speed by easily outrunning several trained policemen that were chasing him without breaking a sweat.

After meeting with Masamune, and being convinced to join his group he had been trained under him that had greatly improved his speed as well as his strength. Considering that Masamune's skills are primarily speed, he had trained Coil mostly in speed, making this skill of Coil's to improve greater than his Strength had during this training, even though his Strength had improved immensely. Having been refined in his skills as well, Coil had been taught how to apply his speed in combat in an efficient matter to take down his opponent quickly. Coil's speed is to be known as one of the greatest in the group, but will probably not be considered the second best in the group.

Much like Masamune's natural speed Coil is able to have a disappearing effect to moving in a burst. These bursts of movement are similar to that of Soru, but does not have the same principles as it is. In similarities they both have disappearing effects and can be controlled to the point where it can be used in combat, however Coil's does not require using 10 pushes in the leg in a moment.


As a child, Coil had been quite a bright one, able to figure out problems that other children his age would not normally be able to solve. Despite being a bright one, he lets his emotions get ahead of him, such as when he had fought his brother. If he had logically looked at the situation, it would have been easy to figure out that doing such fatal blows would easily kill almost anybody. He had let his fear cover his logical thinking, which had ultimately led to his brother's defeat and his untimely death. Although he lets his emotions get the best of him, he was able to think of an escape route out of the island and had a basic idea of where to travel to go to next from his memories of reading maps of the sea he had lived in.

His intelligence was inferior to that of Masamune's, but after learning under him he had begun to develop a mind set similar to that of his. His deductive reasoning had soon become almost identical to Masamune's and had been able to use it quite easily in combat. Despite having a mindset similar to that of his mentor's, he still has the flaw of letting his emotions get farther than his intelligence will let him, which will usually lead to his downfall in some cases.

Devil FruitEdit

Kaiju Kaiju no Mi Model: Manticore, a Mythical Zoan type fruit, a class of fruit that is said to even surpass the rarity of the famous Logia type fruit. A Mythical Zoan type fruit often takes the form of an animal told in legends and often considered obviously a myth. In this case, Coil takes the form of the infamous Manticore, a dangerous beast told only in stories and believed to be only a myth. This creature is a multiple of animals put into one, as in, it has the body of a lion, wings of a bat, tail of a scorpion and three layers of teeth. This is an incredibly dangerous sight to be seen of the most dangerous of animals heard in history to be put into one mythological creature. When Coil utilizes his devil fruit ability, he abandons his metal claws and utilize his manticore claws imbued with Haki for combat instead.

Coil had discovered this fruit on one of his missions as a member of Kokuban within a Marine Base and had decided to eat it. He had trouble learning how to use this ability until Masamune had assisted him in mastery over this fruit. Coil had soon learned how to fully use this fruit to its hybrid form and full species form he had soon understood the powers of this fruit.

Soon many years had passed by ever since gaining this fruit ability and he had further honed his physical abilities as well as the capabilities of his fruit. He had learned several uses of the fruit to use in conjunction with his fighting style he had developed. He is quite able to hold his own against normal opponents without the use of this fruit, however when he is pushed to the limit he would soon use this fruit for an increase of strength and speed.

  • Mantikoa denryoku(マンティコア電力, Manticore Power): Having the body of a lion naturally brings an increase of power and speed. Coil already possesses a level of speed capable of vanishing compared to the incredible speed of Soru, a fearsome accomplishment capable of only a few, without necessarily needing this transformation to do so. This transformation brings an incredible amount of speed gained due to the nature of a lion already having fearsome speed. This would provide a dramatic increase in speed to fighting an opponent to the point of being able to overwhelm one who had evenly matched Coil's base speed. His raw strength is also improved in this state as well due to the transformation having the body of a lion. A lion is able to kick much faster than most animals allowing for Coil to have an increased amount of strength due to this. He is able to easily overpower his normal state even though it is his main attribute proving that this transformation provides an immense increase to his physical strength. The immense increase to his speed and strength also come from the given strength amplifier by most Zoan type fruits allowing for almost anyone who had eaten one of those types of fruits to have their strength amplified.
  • Mantikoa no doku(マンティコアの毒, Manticore Poison): Perhaps one of the most deadliest and strongest aspects of this devil fruit is the ability to produce a poison capable of killing those who happen to be injected with it. This poison is actually strong enough to dissolve skin and perhaps even rock itself only showing how dangerous it is. The poison from this devil fruit however only comes from the scorpion tail aspect of the form. The scorpion tail comes in a form proportional to the person's body allowing it for to be incredibly dangerous to those it happens to come across. The poison as well as it's dissolving effects, it is fast acting which would almost instantly kill a human in seconds and perhaps a giant in the means of less than ten minutes. An advanced used of this poison would be a slow acting, however powerful and dangerous, where the poison itself can fool the body into thinking its actually apart of their body. The poison quite literally forces itself to take the position of a cell and their job without actually doing the job, forcing the body to break down and kill itself slowly much like the effects of cancer Much like other Mythical Zoan types, they have abilities that resemble that of a paramecia or even a logia, which in Coil's case is the ability to produce poison at will. Another aspect of the capability of injecting and producing fatal poison is his ability to convert what the tip of the tail touches(at will) to actually turn into the poison itself if his tail stays on it long enough. This could mean that in the means of only a few minutes Coil could turn an entire structure like a house or a large boulder into the deadly poison. This also means that if the tail sticks to the person for more than an instant the poison would start to turn their skin into actual poison, which could only resist absolute death is by intensifying one's Haki. Perhaps the most dangerous part of the ability to turn objects into poison is that Coil is literally able to use this and the production of poison together to create projectiles in the air at opponents that would potentially kill them. Due to this fruit giving him the ability to produce poison, it had also come with an immunity to this specific poison, how ever if it were ever ingested he would get incredible stomach aches and possible diarrhea much like the draw back to Magellan's devil fruit. This of course can be avoided due to it only being able to be produced from one point of his Zoan form. Due to this being a part of his body even when not transformed into his Zoan form, he keeps this wrapped around his body in order to keep it from being noticed by others. Coil can also create spikes off of his scorpion tail that can be detached but keep their poison creation ability when he chooses so.
  • Mantikoa Hikō(マンティコア飛行, Manticore Flight): Wings on the back of Coil sprout once he enters his half beast or full beast form that is brought upon himself from eating this devil fruit. The wings that appear take the form as giant bat wings, however do not grow from the arms like regular bats, they grow from the back allowing for Coil to access his arms without shifting the wings. The wings grow to relative size to his large body, this allows for him to be able to take flight with only the need of one or two bursts from the wings. He is capable of maintaining flight much like many species that depend on flight such as actual bats and birds. Through much training on this part of the body it is capable of producing incredible feats that allow him to use it for offensive purposes as well as being able to fly at much higher speeds. The velocity at which he flies at is high as marine soldiers often see a blur of a being at him flying at near full speed with his wings. This however does not match the speed he is capable of doing while on foot, however utilizing aerial speed he can gain advantage in battle as well as other situations that would require this. Through the physical power he has developed in his wings he is capable of creating bursts of wind that is capable of knocking down and blowing away people. Utilizing this technique in a more precise manner, he is capable of creating spiraling air slashes through his wings that resemble a sickle-like technique. This has shown to be able to cut through solid stone and leave a deep slash within steel. Through Busoshoku Haki, he can fully cover his wings in the condensed black metal-like substance of Haki and utilize it in a manner that can be compared to that of a shield, as well as fending off attacks from a multitude of directions.
  • Mantikoa Musabori(マンティコアむさぼり, Manticore Devour): Much like Arlong and regular sharks that roam the sea, he grows teeth that are razor sharp and have been shown to have immense durability. These teeth, much like the before-mentioned animals and people, have three sets. These three sets consist of teeth so durable that they are capable of clashing with a fully swung sword and remain in contact with little to no damage shown. It's strength has been shown one time, when Coil had broken a marine soldier's sword through use of his teeth, with quite some ease. The teeth are also razor sharp and have been considered at times to be sharper than the very tip of a sword, allowing for Coil to be capable of biting through one's bone or solid stone as if it were butter. Coil is however stuck with this set of teeth even when not in his beast form, though they appear to be less obvious and shorter than when he activates his devil fruit's ability. The effect of Paramecia and Zoan on most consumers is a change in their actual physical appearance, making them seem like freaks to others, for Coil's case is his scorpion tail and his rows of shark teeth even when not transformed.

Zoan AwakeningEdit

A transformation Coil had unlocked during his training under Masamune, a step further than the regular Zoan half-beast and full-beast transformations. Of how he was capable of unlocking this hidden strength of his devil fruit, is currently unknown and only known by Masamune and Coil himself in Kokuban. It's a power that few users of Zoan type devil fruits have been able to tap. This is currently known as a last resort by Coil if all other techniques fail against an opponent. He turns into his full beast form, however on a much larger scale, capable of matching the size of giants and dwarfing his old size. A long with this size his power increases dramatically. Despite his increase in size, his speed also takes a large jump in power. He has mastered this form to be able to maintain his regular level of intelligence, allowing for him to utilize his way of fighting and Haki with this tremendous boost in power. Every aspect of a manticore is empowered as well, the ability to produce poison, to fly, and their teeth increase dramatically.


Busoshoku HakiEdit

Coil is capable of utilizing his Busoshoku Haki's invisible force to enhance his attacks by a great deal. He is also capable of bypassing the defenses of Paramecia and Logia fruits through the use of Haki as well as being able to resist the power of certain devil fruits through the use of his Haki. Coil has learned how to utilize his Busoshoku Haki in conjunction with his devil fruit to turn it into a much more menacing power. Through the concentration of Busoshoku Haki, Coil is capable of turning parts of his body a strong black metal-like substance that is capable of enhancing his attacks even further than the invisible force as well as providing a certain level of defense for him. It also allows for Coil to clash with other being's Hakis no matter on what it is used on, for example he is capable of clashing with a sword imbued with Haki utilizing his own Haki to fight it.

Kenbunshoku HakiEdit

An art of perceiving the very will power of a being as well as content that may lay with in one's soul. Such content can be viewed upon such as one's emotions. Coil has learned to utilize the art of reading one's emotions against them by playing on their weakness, such as if one is enraged he can provoke them to become far more angry, which would play in his favor. This 6th sense also allows him to pick up on what a person is going to do right before they do it through focus of his Kenbunshoku Haki, as long as he is fast enough to keep up with it and is focused on it, he gains a clear advantage against non-Haki users. Coil has shown to be more dominant with Busoshoku Haki however, than he is with Kenbunshoku Haki, although he contains the ability to utilize them both for combat and has found equal use for both of them.