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Ernest, most recognized by his alias Kanto, is a Vice Admiral in the Marines who is deployed only under special conditions due to the nature of his skill-set.[1]

Unlike the majority of Marines, Ernest is a man who underwent considerable modifications on his body and, in the process, has become a Cyborg, albeit one that still retains his identity.[1] He was a part of a secret project within the World Government that intended to extend the Pacifista worked on by Vegapunk and take them to new heights. The severity of the experiment on its subjects left Ernest the unlikely survivor of the project.

He was placed into the Marines like all other recruits and grew from the bottom-up. As a result of his cybernetic modifications, Ernest had a considerable advantage compared to his fellow Marines, excelling in the Marine's combat training and rising meteorically through the ranks. He was eventually placed in expeditions, where he proved his true worth as an incredibly potent adversary towards all Devil Fruit users. Ernest's continued rise in strength eventually lead to him being feared by the World Government's enemies as "The Devil's Bane" (魔王の滅人 Maō no Metsujin?).[1]

Despite serving the Marines faithfully, Ernest's obscure background and his loyalty to "validating my [Ernest] strength" lead to the organization keeping regular tabs on his person, for if a weapon of his caliber falls into the hands of a sufficiently threatening Pirate, the tables may very well turn in the Three Great Powers.

Appearance Edit


Ernest's "Samsara" on display.

Personality Edit

Ernest is a dutiful man that follows his orders, irrespective of whether they follow standard protocol or not. He is calm, meticulous and serious in his work, ensuring the survival of all his allies and maximizes opportunities for future success over risky short-term gain. Willing to go to any extreme in order to fulfill his directives, he can be frightening persistent if forced to undertake tasks beyond what is asked for him.[1]

When directly confronting a given enemy, Ernest has found himself to be non-complacent with listening to flawed ideologies. As a victim of being bombarded by ideologies against the World Government, he is quick to point out the logical fallacies in his adversary's ideals. Whether this is an attempt to resolve conflict peacefully or simply out of spite is unknown. Notably, Ernest does not support the World Government out of fanciful reasons such as abiding by Absolute Justice, instead, it is purely an outlet to validate his strength and pay back his debts. This simple-minded ideology was soon taken advantage of by the scheming God of Destruction, who would soon find that there is a deeper layer to his loyalty to the World Government: his inability to betray it.[1]

When forced into a state where his conscious cognitive processes have been shut down, Ernest is robotic and merciless. His voice becomes monotonous and his actions are all instilled with the purpose to eradicate the World Government's enemies. His movements lack forethought and are executed instantly, making them exceedingly difficult to predict. Overall, in this state, Ernest is truly a dangerous machine in the World Government's hands.[1]

The Vice Admiral also finds himself taking failure quite seriously. Despite being aware that Dao was overpowered by his actions as a robotic agent of the World Government, he found himself disappointed that Dao was able to escape, believing this was weakness on his part.[1]

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Abilities and Powers Edit

As a Vice Admiral, Ernest is a highly capable agent of the Marines and comprises the top bracket of its fighting force. He possesses the authority to command any soldiers lower than him in rank and can partake in Buster Calls should the situation demand it.

Among those of a similar rank, however, Ernest is noted to possess peculiar duties that lead him to only be deployed when faced against specific types of opponents or situations, those being when the primary culprit possesses a substantially powerful Devil Fruit.[1] Although not normally sent on reconnaissance, Ernest has demonstrated highly capable skills in the task, easily tracking the likes of Munakata Shinji despite his cautious nature.[1]

Within combat, when Ernest looses his inhibitions, he proves himself to be a merciless opponent with great power behind him, outpacing and overwhelming the likes of Dao with little difficulty or opposition, although he ultimately failed to kill the man.[1]

Physical Abilities Edit

Being a cyborg and a Vice Admiral, Ernest has considerable physical prowess that is expressed both within and out of combat. He boasts strength that enables him to use any of the Rokushiki techniques with strict ease. Not only that, he is capable of landing blows that can put pressure on even the likes of Busoshoku Haki barriers made by an opponent of Dao's caliber.[1] Moreover, under the influence of his cybernetic mind, Ernest managed to display a hefty amount of durability and endurance when dealing with injuries and exhaustion, which was further displayed as he returned to his normal self.[1]

Ernest likewise possesses enhanced mobility and reflexes. One of his signature forms of attack is through using barrages of relentless attacks from different angles. Complimenting his base speed with his cybernetic enhancements and keen reflexes, it becomes a significant challenge to try and move a battle's flow away from the Vice Admiral.[1]

There is also a considerable amount of self-control in the way Ernest expresses his physical abilities. This is best displayed through his proficiency in swimming, where he is able to regulate his swimming speed to match the ocean waves to mask his presence on a physical level.[1]

Fighting Style Edit

Ernest is noted to possess two distinct types of fighting styles that he integrates seamlessly in order to combat a given enemy. He has formally undergone instruction in the Rokushiki like numerous Marines, while simultaneously making use of his body modifications and his own physical powers to significantly bolster the effectiveness of these techniques.

Rokushiki (六式, Six Powers) is a superhuman martial arts style practiced by the World Government, in particular, the Cipher Pol.[2] Ernest boasts considerable skill within the techniques and, within combat, tends to make use of them wordlessly.[1]

Body Modifications Edit

Haki Edit

As a Vice Admiral, he is capable of using both Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku Haki. He has shown to employ both with a great degree of mastery even while he was technically unconscious.[1]

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