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Ernest, most recognized by his alias Kanto, is a Vice Admiral in the Marines who is deployed only under special conditions due to the nature of his skill-set.[1]

Unlike the majority of Marines, Ernest is a man who underwent considerable modifications on his body and, in the process, has become a Cyborg, albeit one that still retains his identity.[1] He was a part of a secret project within the World Government that intended to extend the Pacifista worked on by Vegapunk and take them to new heights. The severity of the experiment on its subjects left Ernest the unlikely survivor of the project.

Following his cybernetic modifications, Ernest had a considerable advantage compared to his fellow Marines, excelling in the Marine's combat training and rising meteorically through the ranks. He was eventually placed in expeditions, where he proved his true worth as an incredibly potent adversary towards all Devil Fruit users. Ernest's continued rise in strength eventually lead to him being feared by the World Government's enemies as "The Devil's Bane" (魔王の滅人 Maō no Metsujin?).[1]

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Ernest's general visage.

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Ernest is a Vice Admiral within the Marines, who has proven his exemplary service time-and-again, departing on extremely dangerous missions and surviving every single time. Being a Vice Admiral comes with numerous privileges, including the ability to lead Buster Calls and command Marine officers underneath his rank.

There have been mentions that Ernest is one of the few Vice Admirals who possess the necessary skill to be promoted to the Admiral position, although by Ernest’s own admission, he believes the gap between himself and powerful figures such as the Fleet Admiral is still far too vast. Nonetheless, even the likes of Daddy L. Legs believe Ernest hosts considerable potential, and looks forward to recruiting him in the future.

Despite his own doubts, various Marine soldiers believe Ernest is a highly dutiful, powerful and intelligent leader figure within the Marines, and put full trust within him to complete any of his duties. Likewise, Ernest has fought against several powerful enemies, including the likes of Sontara Hino and Dao and overwhelmed them both, despite their individual power levels.

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Ernest, during some point earlier in his life, obtained cyborg modifications. These cyborg modifications were noted to be an extension of Vegapunk’s work with the Pacifista, and are accordingly, extremely high quality upgrades. The nature of these upgrades are able to be synchronized with both Haki and various Martial Arts styles, enabling Ernest to vastly bolster the basic skills of a Marine to levels far above the typical human. In accordance, Ernest does not wield the powers of a Devil Fruit, instead using his cybernetic abilities to match, and even surpass, the scale of those mythical powers.

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Ambrinyte (生息金 (アモブリナイト), Amoburinaito; lit. "Living, Breathing Metal") is the metal used to construct Ernest’s cybernetic frame, and is one of the rarest metals known to the planet, for it is a synthetic alloy developed after decades of research in cybernetics. Ambrinyte is a metal that bears a significant difference to others in that it actively reacts to the Lineage Factor of an individual it has been synchronized to, enabling the metal’s properties to be adapted to suit the host body. The metal’s most staggering property is that it completely overcomes the most critical weakness of machine organisms, which is their inability to grow. Through reactions with the Lineage Factor and the willpower of the individual, Ambrinyte has the capacity to become an increasingly powerful metal as the host organism grows.

At Ernest’s current state, Ambrinyte has managed to vastly enhance his base capabilities as a human when it comes to core physical ability. His physical strength is such that he can use any of the core Rokushiki techniques with absolute ease, and has managed to overpower various veterans of the New World with his physical ability alone. To this extent, he has momentarily matched the likes of Daddy L. Legs’ strength, and also put pressure on barriers of raw Busoshoku Haki with his strength alone. In saying that, it is not Ernest’s raw strength that he is proud of, but rather, his ability to exponentially enhance the force of his attacks through his Punkfuel Armaments. By channeling various elements throughout his body, Ernest can vastly enhance the scale of his combat, to the point where it appears as if he is utilizing Devil Fruit abilities.

Ambrinyte also has exceptional conductive properties, being highly receptive of various energy types, including heat, electric, light energy and life energy. This enables Ernest to apply his various armaments at different parts of his body. Energy beams, cloaking oneself in lightning, and propelling himself with fire jet boosters are but a few of these applications. Due to this property of Ambrinyte, Ernest’s capabilities with the Rokushiki techniques have also skyrocketed, enabling him to perform unique elemental variations that can seamlessly cripple unsuspecting opponents.

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Ernest's Ambrinyte body is additionally infused with liquefied Seastone, and was one of the major facets of his development cycle as a cyborg, which scientist Lyragold presided over. Because Ernest's body is constantly flowing with liquefied seastone, when this seastone is consciously activated, Devil Fruit users begin to weaken in very close proximity. In addition, attacks that concentrate this liquefied seastone in a single area by Ernest can completely cripple an unsuspecting Devil Fruit user for as long as they are exposed to the Seastone concentration. Although possessing Seastone does not make him inherently immune to Devil Fruit abilities, it can, to a degree, weaken Devil Fruit abilities enough that he can avoid lethal damage through conventional measures without Busoshoku Haki.


Ernest forcing his opponents into non-lethal submission through exposure to O⁷F³.

One of Ernest's key weapons in the fight against Devil Fruit-wielding Pirates was later installed by Peg Nez, was O⁷F³, which is a modified variation of the liquefied Seastone Ernest was imbued with. By heating up the liquefied O⁷F³ in his body and turning it into a gaseous form, Ernest is able to create a pseudo-barrier against Devil Fruit users that can force them to submission within an instant. Otherwise, he can transform this gaseous O⁷F³ as a weapon to deter enemies from approaching him, prolonging an otherwise futile battle even against opponents infinitely more powerful than himself.

Although rarely used by Ernest due to his merciful tendencies, Ernest has recently found a way to concentrate O⁷F³ to such a degree within his attacks that he can outright kill an opponent when his attacks connect to a vital area due to the chemical's reaction with the Devil Fruit user. While not a common tactic, Ernest believes that such a skill would be vital should he ever be forced to assassinate his enemies indirectly.

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Punkfuel (天才燃料 (パンクフーエル), Pankufūeru; lit. "Genius' Fuel") is the name of the fuel and energy source that empowers all of his actions. Named after the legendary scientist Vegapunk, the fuel bears a unique characteristic in that it is able to passively be formed through absorption and conversion of external energy sources within Ernest's body. Consequently, Ernest theoretically has a limitless quantity of energy unless someone cuts off his energy supply. However, a critical weakness of this fuel also lies in its inability to shut down its functions, meaning that Ernest has had to compensate through limiting the amount of energy he can access at any given moment, lest his cyborg body overheat from excessive quantities.

Punkfuel's unique energy conversion formula enables Ernest access to a wide variety of Armaments (武装, Busō) of different elements. Like most early Pacifista models, Ernest has access to light energy of a similar composition to former Admiral Borsalino's Pika Pika no Mi. In addition, he bears the ability to produce searing flames, static or current electricity, and has recently been granted a "frost breath" inspired by Admiral Ravinger Terell's Yuki Yuki no Mi. Due to Ernest's modifications, he is able to access these elements from beneath his "skin" in trace amounts, or access larger quantities through producing propulsion engines from virtually any part of his body. Accordingly, when engaging Ernest in combat, it is nigh-impossible to tell how one will be assailed, for the verity of options at the Vice Admiral's disposal is enough to keep even seasoned opponents in check.


Ernest's powerful laser beam.

Light Armament (光の武装, Hikari no Busō): The light armament is an application of Punkfuel in which the fuel converts directly into light energy that can be manipulated in the form of a laser. This laser possesses incredible penetrative and cutting properties, owing to it being a concentrated form of light. Likewise, when released in the form of a blast, it bears tremendous destructive potential, bringing down entire fortresses should Ernest release the full brunt of its power. Notably, Ernest's primary use of lasers lies in brief, explosive combat, where he gathers the energy around his limbs and uses it to supplement his close combat against enemies of naturally greater physical strength and durability. However, more recently, Ernest has made use of lasers to also combat swordsmen with sharp blades, or cover his whole body in a laser that acts as an armor which cuts through virtually all opposition sans extremely refined materials, or attacks imbued with strong Busoshoku Haki. Notably, as the Punkfuel is an extension of his own body, the Light Armament can also be coated with Busoshoku Haki, causing its power to be magnified and concentrated even further. In addition, much like his other armaments, Ernest can opt to use the Light Armament as a way to vastly bolster his own speed, but chooses not to unless he requires to move an incredible distance in a shorter period of time, for the explosive power of the Light Armament grants him less control than the Fire Armament.


Ernest making use of his flames.

Fire Armament (炎の武装, Homura no Busō): The fire armament is an application of Punkfuel in which the fuel converts directly into heat energy that can be manipulated in the form of flames. The Fire Armament is his most common and familiar armament, for it provides the highest number of uses. Ernest is capable of manipulating these flames from his "pores", or alternatively eject larger quantities from propulsion points. He can produce such high-quality, and quantities of flames that many would mistake him for a Devil Fruit user at first glance. Ernest's use of Fire Armament is to primarily enhance his mobility, enabling the cyborg to perform high-speed ground and aerial combat, as well as reach distant locations far faster than if he were to use conventional movement techniques. Otherwise, he uses these flames in order to enhance his close combat skills, forcing his opponents to bow in front of their searing heat. Another notable application is mid and long-ranged combat, owing to his ability to fire off large quantities of flames at a time. While producing flames is all well and good, Ernest highlights this ability through his precise control over the flames. When attempting to maneuver at high speeds, Ernest can concentrate the flames to a single point, enabling for "burst"-type movement, whereas if he favors explosive range, he can weaken the flame's concentration and increase his attack range. The variety of options he possesses while manipulating flames, and the combinations he has created with his Rokushiki prowess, make him a tremendously fearful opponent to the inexperienced combatant, and even keeps seasoned veterans on-guard. Much like the rest of his armaments, these flames can be combined expertly with Busoshoku Haki in order to further their power and duration.

Electricity Armament (電気の武装, Denki no Busō): The electricity armament is an application of Punkfuel, where the fuel directly converts into electrical energy which Ernest can manipulate in the form of current or static electricity. To an outsider's perspective, this electricity manipulation is done on a scale that it mimics the ability to directly manipulate lightning. Electricity manipulation can be used for a wide variety of purposes: enhancing one's senses and bodily functions to the highest limits, projectile attacks, or even electricity-imbued physical attacks are but a few of these applications. Due to the nature of the electricity produced from his body, Ernest's electrical attacks can also heavily paralyze an opponent coming into contact with him, which is a method that he employs to deter opponents from striking him. While much like the rest of his armaments, Ernest can enhance the potency of lightning as an offensive tool through Busoshoku Haki, Ernest has found that by transmitting his Kenbunshoku Haki through current electricity, he is able to establish a contact-based sensory method that vastly enhances the range and clarity of his reconnaissance, enabling him to form preemptive strategies in response to a medley of assignments.

Frost Armament (霜の武装, Shimo no Busō):

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Ernest's "Samsara" on display.

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Ernest's Seastone System: Leviathan.


The wings of Leviathan

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  • The names for Ernest's various Life Return forms, sans Leviathan, are based off Aeons summonable by the player in Final Fantasy X.
  • The image of Leviathan was taken from an old Vice Admiral concept by the author named Barrett Roland. The name Leviathan is also a popular summonable spirit in Final Fantasy, but also taken from the sea monster in the Hebrew Bible.

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  • "I support the World Government because it is the choice that allows me to validate my strength. They have given me power, despite their selfish motives, and it is my duty to support their cause till my dying breath. I believe you are mistaken however, Dao. The world is not run by the World Government. They are, in name, a government. The world is run by a delicate balance of the Three Great Powers. To target just the World Government is a waste of time. If you occupy their position, you'll end up trapped by the same flaws and find yourself leading the world to the same disaster, won't you?"
  • "Something else, Fleet Admiral. T-thank you for responding to my initiative to wanting to better the Marines. I understand it was always in your best intentions to, but that seemed to have never come through in such dire times. I am glad we have you as our Fleet Admiral."
  • "B-BLACK WIDOW! We, the Marines, do not care for the power of the gods! The gods are but single entities that wield the power to change the world! But we, the Marines, do not back down to your power! For we are people! And united, we will protect our world from your conquest, and mold it into the ideal world for all!"

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