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Pallottola nella tua testa.
— Marco X. Esposito

Marco X. Esposito (エスポジトX.マルコ Esupojito X. Maruko?), also known as Captain Bullet (大佐弾 Taisa Tama?) by the general public and his marine subordinates, Marco is one of the most skilled Marine Captains[4], often regarded as Sharp Bullet (急弾 Kyūtama?) by criminals and Pirates alike, he is one of the most skilled marksmen known[5], rumoured to have never missed a shot in the entireity of his life. The man, having consumed the Dan Dan no Mi at a rather young age, has become a Bullet-Making Human (弾作り人間 Tama-Tsukuri Ningen?). Marco is known to have feelings for a certain other, a fact he kept secret until he revealed it to her[6].


Marco App1

Marco's general appearance.



Born as Marco Xiomara Esposito, Marco’s birth was unconventional to say the very least. Marco’s father, Nicholas, was the leader of the Mafia in Perduto Island, and his mother was a commoner who fell in love with Nicholas, and joined the Esposito family as a member of the Mafia. Marco was literally born while chaos was active. His family mansion was attacked by minor gangs who were upset with the Esposito family’s dictatorship over Perduto Island. While the house itself was burning, Marco was born, expected to die. However, Nicholas was able to carry his son out of the fire, having to leave his first love behind. Thus, Marco’s middle name is the same as his late mother's name, Xiomara. His father, Nicholas, decided right there and then that he would raise his son to be a fighting machine, not wanting him to suffer the pain he had felt. Marco was raised in a smaller mansion near the outskirts, and was directly trained by his father to become an expert marksman, and as such, Marco first used a gun at the mere age of three. As he grew, his skill with any gun models became more and more obvious, often outclassing those with more experience than himself. Once Marco was eight years of age, he was fed the Dan Dan no Mi, and became regarded as a Bullet-Making Human (弾作り人間 Tama-Tsukuri Ningen?). This fruit would allow Marco to never run out of ammo while in combat, and if needed, he could control the path of the bullets fired, and even create different types. However, Marco preferred, and still does prefer to use his own skill than his Devil Fruit’s ability to control the path of his bullets, and only controls the path under dire circumstances. During his younger years, Marco was often found at his father’s shooting range, improving his marksmanship over time. At the age of nine, his father remarried a woman by the name of Alexandra, and mere months after, Marco’s half brother would be born, a young boy known as Luca.

Marco had always felt a natural instinct to protect his younger half-brother, often referring to him as his full-blooded brother. Marco and Luca were noted to be inseparable, Marco willing to protect Luca from scoldings, and Marco would even take the blame for Luca’s mistakes. It was rare to see such a bond between two brothers who were distinctly different. Luca, at the meagre age of nine was already bulkier than his elder brother, despite the nine year age difference between Marco and Luca, and was much crueler. Luca was more physically prepared for the work of a Mafia Member. Yet, no one would suspect what would happen next. The duo, assigned to their first mission was to interrogate an old couple. The two agreed, and made their way. However, at the moment of the mission, Marco was unable to do it. Physically unable. Seeing his brother abusing the couple, Marco snapped, the unknown sense of justice filling his body. And Marco fired the bullet, shooting a hole straight through his brother’s head, causing for the now corpse of Luca to collapse. Marco let out a guttural cry of madness and grief. He collapsed to his knees, holding his brother corpse, remaining that way for hours, eventually falling into a slumber. Marco woke up the next morning, still laying by his younger half-brother’s corpse. Marco slowly rose, staring into the cloudy sky. Marco knew that he couldn’t return to his home, not after murdering his brother. His father and step-mother would quite literally try to kill him. In fact, Marco didn’t want to return to any form of crime. Not any form. In fact, he felt disgusted by crime, a feeling which he hadn't felt before. Marco right there and then decided on his career choice. He would become a Marine, hoping to atone for his sins[7], and he aimed to become an Admiral[8]. Marco left Perduto Island soon after, heading to the nearest Island with a Marine base.

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Devil FruitEdit

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Glock 18Edit

Marco carries a pair of Glock 18's...

Springfield XDsEdit

Marco carries a pair of Springfield XDs...

Taurus PT111Edit

Marco carries a lone Taurus PT111...


Marco carries a lone SR-25...

Dragunov SVDEdit

Marco carries a lone Dragunov SVD...


Marco carries a custom-forged gun, a handgun known as Baiite (倍射手 Double Shooter?)

Den Den MushiEdit

Marco carries a Black Den Den Mushi, a Den Den Mushi used by many Marines to...TBA


Rokushiki (六式 Six Powers?) is a form of superhuman martial arts, a very powerful art which is utilized by a select few. Those who do manage to gain an understanding of this martial art rarely complete the full set, that being limited to a few very powerful individuals. Marco is an individual who has not mastered the full set, deciding to only learn one. The Kami-e techniques. Kami-e (紙絵 Paper Arts?) are a branch of techniques, which Marco has mastered. Marco has stated the only reason why he did not try to learn the other Rokushiki techniques was due to his natural laziness[9]. Marco's prowess with the Kami-e techniques are phenomenal, and is one of the few things that Marco had shown actual interest and dedication towards. All three of the afore mentioned techniques...TBA

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