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They say that great pirates die with pride taken into their hearts, whether it's of old age, a disease, or an enemy. Therefore, the only "resignation" for us pirates is death.
—  Dydas talking to Devil Fruit dealer Trarcon

Evo D. Dydas is a very powerful pirate that sails through the Grand Line, being the deuteragonist in The Sword's Shadow. He often takes problems very gently and can be a big hassle if one of his crew mates is hurt or injured. Dydas is the captain of The Evo Pirates who are big timed in the North Blue all the way to The Grand Line. He has since eaten the Shine-Shine Fruit which is considered a very strong version of the Glint-Glint Fruit.


Dydas is only serious when he's fighting or arguing with someone, he doesn't like it when innocents are hurt and really doesn't like breaking things. Evo D. Dydas has three transformations, Light Up, Light Up 2 and Light Up 3rd. These transformations are based on his emotions, if he is determined, Light Up is activated, if he is in pain, Light Up 2 activates, if he is angry, Light Up 3rd activates. Dydas sometimes becomes very serious when he is talking about his family, but does not show it to those close to him.


The Evo Pirates Right now, Dydas' crew has 5 people, including himself, he really admires his crew and gets mad when they get hurt, the crew contains Aiden Rainro, Suvaliko Tim, Saren Cinder and Doctor Stevpunk.

Family It is unknown about Evo D. Dydas' family but the only thing we know is that Dydas' father is a Celestial Dragon known as Saint Zaxus. He also has a brother called Asuran who is a powerful pirate and is yet unknown.


Dydas has many goals, one is that he wants to be the Pirate King, because he thinks becoming one gives him the ability to save many people throughout the world. But another goal catches many people's eyes. His goal to defeat his father and brother, Zaxus is a powerful Celestial Dragon in the world, while Asura is also a pirate and both powers are unknown, but since Dydas wants to fight the two so bad they must've been vastly powerful. He talks about them in a menacing way, in a way to show as if they were evil.


Dydas has the power of the Shine Shine Fruit, a powerful devil fruit that was eaten on purpose when he was trying to save Aiden from one of the Marine captains. The Shine Shine Fruit grants the user to be able to become light more brighter than the sun, it gives him abilities much more powerful than the Glint Glint Fruit giving him the speed to be able to punch a foe two million times a second, however, he has not yet mastered the fruit so he can't go that fast. Yet he was able to use three transformations from the power, making his speed and power several times stronger than before. With that power Dydas uses was able to defeat many of his opponents. But all three transformations can tire him out a lot. Although he only has three, he once explains that he can go for more soon.


Dydas Light Up 3rd


Evo D. Dydas Haki has not been recognized yet, so far he has showed Busoshoku Haki to several foes but still does not know what it is or what it's truly capable of. Unlike Aiden, Dydas does not know how to infuse his Haki into his powers, but he is still powerful enough without it.


He was a raised in the North Blue as a orphan, it is said that Dydas' caretaker gave him his first ever weapon, ten Impact Dials. But before that Dydas was a young Celestial Dragon who was punished many times by his father Zaxus, soon, he ran away from home. Dydas set out to sea to become the Pirate King but never mentioned it to anyone because he is afraid it will cause a ruckus. Evo D. Dydas has a huge ship called Evolute Away, it was given to him by a shipwright from the East Blue.

Dydas sailed when he found a Marine ship that was carrying both a prisoner and a powerful Devil Fruit to Marineford. He sneaks aboard the ship and found himself face to face to Rainro Aiden, who is known to the North Blue as Aiden The Rampage who killed hundreds of pirates. Dydas sees interest in Aiden and asked him to join his crew, so he agreed. As Dydas freed Aiden one of the Marine commanders came and showed off his Zoan Devil Fruit power. Aiden fought the commander with his Ground Ground Fruit, when all hope seems lost, Dydas opened the box which was containing the Devil Fruit and ate it. Through the foul flavour of the Shine-Shine Fruit, Dydas moved his body at the speed of light around the ship. Using the power, he was able to beat the unknown Marine commander with ease.

After getting his first and new crewmate, Dydas and Aiden sails the marine ship onto a island in the North Blue called Dierce, only to find their bounties go up. The two individuals found a place to stay in when Aiden suggested they train, since now Dydas is now also wanted. Hearing Aiden, he agreed and walked off to a mountain hill and began training. Aiden, however, did not, and waited for Dydas to come back.

A few hours passed, Dydas mocked Aiden by scaring him. He has fairly gotten stronger, and asked Aiden to fight him to see who is more superior. Their battle destroyed the hill but with relief, no innocents. But then three giant ships appeared on one of the docks of Dierce. A figure on the ship appeared, the man's name was Stylos, he claimed to be the new king of Dierce. Stylos ordered his crew to take as many supplies from the town as they can. Dydas sees this and is boiling with anger and rage. Just as he was about to head into battle, Aiden stops him and tells him they need a plan. Dydas calms down and listens.

Aiden explains that Sea Eye Stylos has three leaders of his division, he says that Stylos will be at Dierce for no less than 5 hours, so instead of going for an all out assault, they have to research his Devil Fruit powers to gain a advantage. Dydas and Aiden goes to the library to search for information on Stylos. But what they didn't know was that Stylos had already picked up on them with Observation Haki, just as Dydas was about to read out his Devil Fruit powers, one of Stylos's division leaders destroyed the entrance of the library. The leader's name was Otto, luckily, Aiden used his powers to dig underground, while underground, Aiden secretly went towards Stylos's ship while Dydas deal with Otto, one with the Zoan Squid Squid Fruit. Otto showed off his eight tentacles and stabbed Dydas. This made him lose blood fast, it was then that Dydas formed a light blade chopped off one of the tentacles. He says he doesn't have time to be fighting Otto, and cut the squid into pieces.

Meanwhile, Aiden arrived onto the first ship of Stylos, where the first division leader walks up to him, Mira. Aiden shot a ground blast at him, he was surprised when it went past Mira. Mira laughs and says he was given a Artificial Devil Fruit, a similar version of the Flame Flame Fruit. They then battle, Mira used similar moves like Fire Fist to Aiden, while he struggles to stand ground. Aiden digs into the ship and comes out to punch Mira. Their battle destroyed half of the ship and they were both injured. Mira gets angry and forms a ball of fire, Aiden managed to knock him out in the nick of time just before the ship collapsed. He took a few breather and ran directly towards Stylos's main ship, avoiding the second one.

Dydas turns towards the second ship and was about to destroy it, when another division leader appears. A man named Karin. Dydas asked him to politely step aside and let him see Stylos. Karin disagrees, he held his palm to Dydas, and Dydas felt a surge of pain. Karin says that he has the Gun Gun Fruit, and that Dydas only just got his Devil Fruit powers, so he doesn't know how to travel at the speed of light yet. Karin shoots again, this time Dydas jumps up and fired a light beam at him. Karin was hurt, he ran up to Dydas and punched. The punch was not normal as it was fast as a bullet. Dydas forms the light blade again and stabbed Karin, utterly defeating him. Dydas stares at the last ship, where Aiden was going to.

Every crewmate on the last ship saw Aiden and attacked. He seals them into the ground and also seals up the whole ship, claiming no one can escape. As soon as he said that another voice spoke up, asking him why would he escape. The voice belonged to Stylos. Aiden runs up and tried to punch Stylos, when suddenly his hand was stuck, Aiden looks down and a piece of wood was stuck onto his hand. He looks up at Stylos, whose expression did not change. Stylos had the Log Log Fruit, Aiden then felt a strong punch from Stylos, he had used Haki. Aiden manifested a blade made out of the ground, Stylos states that he was just copying Dydas and breaks it with one hand. Aiden tries to punch but was again stuck into wood. The wooden man calls him a fool as he knocked Aiden out into unconsciousness. Stylos then heard a shout, he yelled out that no one shall hurt his crewmates, Dydas appears and Stylos laughed, he explains to him that all Dydas and Aiden are doing was dancing in the palm of his hand, and that it was just an Outstand to them, a game for him. Dydas gritted his teeth as Stylos continued, saying the Will Of D. are foolish people who are truly an Outstand. Dydas didn't know what he was talking about as they both prepared to fight.

And so, the two of them fought, it's light vs wood as they clashed. The battle grew more ferocious once the force of the fight shook Dierce. Stylos asks how Dydas grew so much more powerful than what he'd expected. Dydas explains that after fighting Stylos's division leaders he learned to control his Shine Shine powers more better. Stylos turns into a wooden golem and attacks him, Dydas uses his light blade and sliced off the golem's wooden arm. Stylos used his other arm to punch again, this time Dydas was ready, he shot a light blast into the golem as it exploded into pieces and Stylos came out. He was now angry, the battle heats up even more until both were injured. The main ship was almost destroyed, Stylos sees this and laughs, telling Dydas if he attacks him they'll both sink and die. It was then that the injured Aiden forms a ground wall, covering the ship, so that the battle may continue on. Dydas punches Stylos with Haki, he fell to the wall, angry and frustrated, Stylos forms a thousand wood cannons and was about to launch them at Dydas. So, as fast as light, Dydas stabbed Stylos into the stomach. The wooden man fell into the ocean as Dydas walks over to Aiden, claiming they have won this battle. Soon, they quickly left Dierce Island and on their way to The Grand Line.

After visiting several small islands, Dydas and Aiden continued their journey towards the Grand Line. When suddenly, a small door appeared on a island front of their ship, the door was big and had a lot of dirt. Dydas got excited and opened the door, thinking it would be a secret hidden room where they would find a lot of treasure, but inside they found a huge city. Aiden muttered on why such a small door led to a big town. Two guards saw them and attacked, Aiden placed his hands on the ground and sealed the guards into coil, four hands grabbed them and took them into a house. It was a girl and her father, she explains that her name was Tasha and that this was the city of Mittili Cania, ruled by a king who hates outsiders, she claims to have never seen Aiden's powers before. Dydas explains to Tasha and her father to whom they were and their Devil Fruit powers. Tasha then receives a call from her friend Rose, she was yelling, saying that her house was surrounded by many guards because they suspect she has an outsider weapon. Dydas and Aiden quickly goes to her house, both simultaneously murmuring "stupid king" under their breaths.

Aiden estimates a maximum of fifty soldiers surrounding Rose's house, Dydas gets surprised and says they can't take on fifty soldiers in such a small space, and that Aiden may have to clear out some houses. He jumps down, and with his ground powers, Aiden makes a earthquake, Dydas also jumps down and they got to the middle of the soldiers. He fights the soldiers off while Aiden goes into Rose's house and rescues her. They started to not attract any more attention as it will draw the king closer to them. Dydas and Aiden takes Rose back to Tasha. Rose holds up an unknown machine that was not of what Dydas and Aiden seen before. She explains that she found it during one of the king's marches. Aiden eyes it carefully, taking it and unexpectedly firing it upon himself. The machine broke but Aiden gotten a new power, Awakening. He explains what happened to him to Dydas. He nods and agrees that Aiden's abilities grew stronger. But then gets a panic that if it was found during one of the king's marches, that would mean the king also has an Awakened Devil Fruit. Aiden looks at himself and wants to test his new abilities out against Dydas. They both take a fighting stance.

Their battle was fought at from where the king won't see them. Aiden surrounds himself into ground, creating a giant ground beast, he tells Dydas that he should call this Earth Drake and the moment it touches an individual that person will be sealed into the ground. Dydas gets excited, forms a light blade and fights the ground monster. He gets sealed a few times but managed to cut them off. Dydas shoots light blasts against the drake and it cut holes into it. It finally breaks but Aiden doesn't give up, he makes an earthquake and this time it was more powerful. Dydas speeds up and punched Aiden with Haki. They both praised each other's powers when they heard a faint scream.

The scream came from Tasha, she sobbed, explaining that her father and Rose have been kidnapped. Dydas curses the king, they came outside and the dictator was making an announcement to the city. He says that two outsiders have come to Mittili Cania, and the people must find them and receive nothing back. One civilian objects, the king smirks and his face darkened, his arm shifted. This scared the people and triggered Dydas, he was about to confront the king when Aiden stopped him, saying that if they show themselves now the king would bring all of his soldiers towards them. Dydas and Aiden waited for some of the soldiers to come to the far end of the town for these two to use sneak attacks. One of the king's generals Ria found them. Ria laughs and explains that he has mastered the Six Powers, Dydas fights the man while Aiden goes towards the castle.

Once getting hit by many of Ria's Finger Pistols Dydas finds out about his strategy, he now manages to keep up with Ria, hitting him once with Haki. Ria gets angry and shoots many Rankyakus. But Dydas counters and knocks Ria out with Haki. He then runs off to the castle. Once inside, Dydas defeats many soldiers, at one point, a slash wave appeared, Dydas quickly dodges it and meets a sword master, Mahan, the king's right hand man. While Aiden meet a fishmen, Hen, the king's left hand man. Both willing to fight them until the end.

Mahan tells Dydas that this all should never have happened when they came to Mittili Cania. Dydas says they only cane here to tour, and they never meant the people any harm. He goes on saying that their king is a stupid and bad king. Dydas then punches Mahan, the double swordsman blocks it with one sword. Dydas looks at him and has a feeling Mahan's Haki is vastly powerful. Mahan attacks with a twin slash wave. Dydas shoots a blast to counter it. Mahan destroys the blast with one slash, he then stabbed Dydas into the stomach, causing him to spit out blood, the swordsman tries to stab Dydas again, this time the light boy uses Haki to block it. Dydas has had enough, he forms his own light blade, telling Mahan he is gonna win and make Mittili Cania a city with hope, and with no dictators. Mahan was then blinded with light and then stabbed, with his last words: He'll kill you. Dydas continues his way up the stairs of the castle.

Hen fires Fishmen Karate Uchimuzu at Aiden, he digs underground and then up, punching the fishmen onto the floor. Hen then clicks a button on his panel, water spreads the room fast. Almost up to Aiden's knees, Hen laughs, shooting Fishmen Karate to Aiden, forcing him to fall into the water. Aiden grabs a wall and covers the water with the ground. He then proceeded to transform into Earth Drake to attack Hen. The fishmen destroys it fast with his Shark Brick Fist, then does it again to Aiden. He coughs out blood while Hen punches him again with Shark Brick Fist. Aiden spreads his entire arm into earth and Haki, he punches Hen, knocking both him and Hen out. Aiden had used too much of his stamina and needed to rest.

Dydas breaks the door to the throne room. Between him and his friends' jail cell was the king. Smiling with evil, Dydas demands the king to let Mittili Cania go or he'll kill him. The king introduces himself as Kaiser, the greatest king in the South Blue. Dydas scoffs and shoots a blast at Kaiser, the king's hand shifted and blocked the attack. This time Dydas gets a closer look at the hand. It was a dinosaur hand. Kaiser explains that his Devil Fruit is the Dino Dino Fruit, Model Plesiosaur, the Zoan Devil Fruit was awakened. Kaiser transforms into his beast form, the giant Plesiosaur bites Dydas, he blocks it with a light blade. The dinosaur chokes Dydas with his tail. Giving in more strength, Kaiser stomps onto Dydas, almost knocking him out from losing so much blood. Kaiser stomps again but this time Dydas gets out the way with the speed of light. He shoots light blasts at the beast. Forcing Kaiser into his Man-Beast Form. The two of them clash, Dydas's Haki vs Kaiser's dinosaur hand. The clash almost destroys the throne room. Kaiser gets very angry, turning back to a Plesiosaur. He whips his tails at Dydas. Dydas forms a light blade and clashes again with Kaiser, this time destroying the castle. Both were down onto the ground, injured badly. Dydas turns his arm into Haki, and punched Kaiser in the face, yelling for him to let Mittili Cania go. The punch was able to kill Kaiser. He too falls onto the ground, they were able to stop the dictator.

Soon Dydas and Aiden opens the door back to their ship, sailing away and waving to the citizens of Mittili Cania, soon, they reached The Grand Line, and was about to go on a new and great adventure. Meanwhile, Tasha cries out for them to visit again, her father tells her that they were heroes, the reason that they won't hide in a door anymore.

Dydas and Aiden came to the Grand Line and was looking for cannons for their ship, the nearest island was Zero Sho, Aiden explains that this island was famous for building it's weaponry and potions. They then heard a bandit bullying a small girl. A man comes towards the bandit and asks him to politely leave the girl alone. The bandit refuses as then the unknown man shoots him with a gun, Haki infused into the bullets. The man was Tim, the gunmaster of the island. Dydas thinks that Tim was really cool and asks him to join his crew. Aiden crouches down and examines the bandit, across the dead man's arm was the mark of a pirate, but he didn't know which one. Until Tim gasped, he pointed at the mark, explaining that the mark was of the Fast Pain Pirates, a huge pirate crew led by Tecton Diablo, one with the epithet of The Infected King. A dangerous pirate that could match up to many of the pirates in the Grand Line. Aiden asks Tim if there is any soldiers guarding the island, Tim shakes his head. Dydas then suggests that they will guard Zero Sho from Tecton Diablo. It was nighttime, and the trio sees a ship with the Fast Pain flag on it. Tim says that the ship was just a minor ship and none of the main divisions. Dydas, Aiden and Tim goes towards the ship and attacked.

Three explosions happened at the same time on the ship, they have cleared the last of the pirates on the ship. Aiden breaks the ship and went inside. A small Transponder Snail was ringing. Dydas picks it up and hears Tecton Diablo's menacing voice. Dydas asks Diablo why he is trying to kill them, Diablo replies by saying that Dydas competed in one of the games from the islands they went to. Diablo continues on saying one of his crewmates was suppose to win the 300,000,000 belis, and instead, Dydas won. He claims that he will target Zero Sho and destroy it. Tim shouts a no while Dydas tells Diablo to leave Zero Sho out of this, and that this is a 1v1 between him and Diablo. The transponder snail hangs up, Tim gets angry and starts shooting the ship, cursing Diablo. They came back to the island and tries to think of a plan to stop The Infected King. Dydas turns and sees another minor ship, he goes to destroy it and Tim follows him, Aiden tells him to wait. Asking him about his past life, and how he became a gunmaster. Tim smiles and sits down. Telling Aiden everything.

Meanwhile Dydas came onto the minor ship, just as he was about to destroy it, the Fast Pain Pirates Recruiter Talec comes towards him. Shooting what looked like a rocket from his hand. Dydas dodges it, Talec states that he ate the Paramecia Missile Missile Fruit, giving him the power to manifest missiles. Talec's feet turns into fire and was able to make him fly, he called the move Rocket Boost. Dydas shoots light blasts at Talec, he does this until the rocket man falls down back onto the boat. Talec shoots another missile at Dydas, this time he dodges it, kicking the heck out of Talec. He falls into some of the ship's barrels and gets very angry. Talec shoots missiles from his entire body, Dydas dodges many of them and tries to find a way closer to him. He goes closer and closer and finally hits Talec with an impact dial, knocking him out. After Aiden hears the story of Tim, they get up and was about to go to the second minor ship when Tim suggests they battle.

The fight was interrupted when a transponder snail was calling, Aiden picks it up, it was Dydas, he urges them to go out to sea as The Fast Pain Four Supreme Ships heads towards Zero Sho. On the first supreme ship Dydas is face to face with the 4th division commander, Yeno, with the Logia, Air Air Fruit, Dydas could barely touch him as it is. Yeno tells him that it is too hard to defeat Tecton Diablo, so they should just leave Zero Sho to get destroyed. Dydas refuses and punches him with Haki, Yeno gets hit but then goes into the Air Space. A space where there is no air. He comes out and hits Dydas, lowering the air pressure to tire Dydas. The two of them clashes and almost breaks the air space. Yeno doesn't change his expression and goes on saying Dydas will faint from all the pressure. The boy nods, agreeing he won't defeat a powerful pirate like this. Dydas hits the roof, revealing the sun. Light surrounds Dydas as he transforms into Light Up. Yeno gasps and asks what he did. Dydas explains that by letting the sun's light rays shoot him, he was able to convert the light rays into power, but also when he is determined. now Dydas was several times stronger than before. Yeno quickly attempts to escape through air space, when Dydas shoots him with a light blast. Yeno coughs out blood, falls down and stares at the now Dydas. He quickly runs into the air space again, came out and tries to punch Dydas, the light around him suddenly blocks Yeno's move. Dydas releases Light Up and stares at himself. Yeno faints from his last attack. Dydas continues on towards the other supreme ships.

Tim walks onto a ship and finds Anomato, wielder of the Mineral Mineral Fruit and 3rd division commander. He shoots diamonds at Tim, the gunmaster dodges and shoots him back with Haki bullets. Anomato holds out his arm and it turns into a giant diamond and steel arm. He runs to Tim with it, ready to punch. Tim shoots the arm, but has no effect. He gets hit in the face. Anomato laughs, saying he hasn't had fun yet, then punches Tim again, this time, he dodges and the punch destroys the ship in half. Tim was injured a lot. Anomato shoots out diamonds at Tim. He shoots them too and breaks them, the mineral man jumps down and attacks Tim. He jumps up above Anomato and kicks him into the sea. Anomato yells no as he fell into a Devil Fruit's weakness, water. Tim falls in too, and starts swimming towards the next ships.

Aiden goes on a very quiet ship, it seemed very ghostly. The 2nd division commander Dank jumps down using Six Powers against Aiden, he dodges by digging into the ground. Dank stomps the ship, causing Rankaykus to be thrown underground, hitting Aiden. He gets up and punches Dank. The commander smiles, turning into a Zoan Coyote Coyote Fruit beast, Dank explains that Aiden can't defeat a Zoan with Six Powers. Aiden smiles and hits the wolf with ground punches. Dank transforms into his man-beast form instead, using many Finger Pistols, hurting Aiden a lot. He was losing blood fast, Aiden punches the ground, causing a massive earthquake that made the wolf beast fall into the ocean. He falls down, coughing blood from the pistols he was shot at.

The gunmaster was done swimming as he landed on the second ship of the Fast Pain Pirates. Tim lights a cigarette from all the swimming he had. The break was interrupted by a slice wave by the Vice Captain of Fast Pain Pirates, with the Slice Slice Fruit, both his hands were knives, Tim grabs his guns and shoots at him, all the vice captain did was wave his hands, and the mast was sliced into pieces, also cutting Tim's bullets. He jumps behind the two bladed man and shoots, injuring him. The vice captain slices Tim, giving him cuts around his body. He does this again and again until the top layer of the ship was destroyed, leaving a plain space and a injured Tim on the ground. The vice captain prepares another wave of slices, when Tim grabs his guns, and they both hit each other. Tim coughs out blood as the vice captain faints. He lights a cigarette again and looks towards the final ship, where Dydas as heading. Then starts to swim again.

Dydas sees Tim arriving onto the final ship and greeted him. Tim asks him where Diablo was, Dydas just shrugs and replies, saying that the ship was deserted. They walk around the ship, searching for the enemy they were looking for. As they were doing this, Tim starts a conversation by bragging that everyone in Zero Sho could never get sick because of the medicine and potions they make. Dydas was surprised, saying to Tim that they'll need a lot of potions for illnesses on their ship. Tim nods and continues the conversation. A sudden poisonous ball came towards them, Dydas and Tim dodges it, both down on the ship. Before Dydas was Tecton Diablo, one with the Logia Infect Infect Fruit, a powerful Devil Fruit that can control various poisonous substances in Diablo's body. Dydas stands up, looking over at Tim, who could not move because of his last battle. Dydas faces Tecton Diablo, and they clashed.

Diablo fires a poison beam at Dydas, causing the venomous poison to spread across Dydas's body, and making him scream from the infectious pain, Dydas turns into Light Up, takes out his light blade and stabs Diablo int the arm, the poison man tells Dydas that he can not resist poison, and that it has taken over most of his light body. He fires a poisonous ball at Dydas, giving him more and more poison, he falls down, heavily breathing from the infection. Tim grabs him quickly and ran behind the mast. He takes out a potion and gives to Dydas to drink, telling him that this will retract some of the infection. Dydas walks out of the mast and faces Tecton Diablo, telling him that he will never die. Converting his pain into light, Dydas turns into Light Up 2, Diablo scoffs and tells him that transformation will only last five minutes. He shoots many light blasts at Diablo, causing him to fall down to his knees for the first time. Dydas turns his arm into Haki and punches Diablo, throwing him into a few rum barrels. The Infected King stands up, as Light Up 2's limit was up. Dydas goes back into Light Up when Diablo fires many poisonous balls at him, he was infected once again. Standing up, Dydas stabs Diablo in the other arm, but it was all he could do. Dydas yells out from the pain, it hurts more than ever. He falls down, and became unconscious. Tecton Diablo sails his ship towards Zero Sho, once there Diablo fires all the poisonous substances he got into the city, destroying it and almost turning it into ruins. He then hears a STOP from behind, it was Dydas, still very infected. Diablo felt a headbutt from him, falling down, he shouts at Dydas, telling him to stop resisting and stop standing up. Dydas watches as Tecton Diablo covers himself with poison, turning into a giant infecting monster. Dydas stabs his light sword into the monster, then, moving it across the monster's body, preparing to slice it in pieces. Tim watches them from afar the boat, the two of them will decide the fate of Zero Sho. Dydas didn't care about the pain, he just kept stabbing into the poison, until he cuts the monster in half. Diablo falls from the sky into his ship, he looks at the fainted Dydas, knowing that the battle was decided. Dydas had won. Aiden and Tim came to him, they both knew that their captain did it. Tim calls for a doctor to Dydas.