Fēdo Fēdo no Mi is an article presented and written by AlmightySavageTheEternal

The Fēdo Fēdo no Mi (...., Fade-Fade Fruit) is a Devil Fruit that gives the user the ability to transport a target within a space or a use to a void of pure emptiness. This involves the use of creating a spatial barrier. After being within the confines of the void, the objects (or people) within it are lost forever based on the user's will. The Devil Fruit also allows the user to travel to a place within sight or to a location that they've visited before. Time within the void flow at a set pace of the user's choice so the user could be there for hours and he'd be gone for days in reality or he could be there for days within the void and return minutes later in the real world. His alternate ability is after his blade or hand is engulfed in an aura of white, whatever part of an object that was cut is sent to his void as well (ex. The user parry's an incoming sword slice with his aura engulfed blade, with the sword blocked at the exact middle of the sword. The sword would fall in half due to the part that he touch being removed.)