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"Winged Death" Falco is a Bounty Hunter working on the Grand Line. He is an artificial falcon that was created, raised and trained by an unknown scientist of the Marine. After his owner's death, Falco was released on the nature and started hunting pirates for his own amusement.



Falco's full body

Falco is a medium-sized, dark brown-feathered falcon, with lighter feathers on his chest and neck. His beak is yellow light with a diamond-shaped black spot in the upper mandible where is located the signature "tooth" of his species. He has light blue eyes and pronounced brow ridge that gives him a menacing glare. He also possess sharp and strong claws.

He wears a technologic, ornate falconry hood made by his former owner that allows him to talk through two speakers in each side of it. It has a golden heart motif on the front and other details in the same color, adorned with three pink feathers. Falco also wears a pink scarf over a broken shackle on his neck.


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  • Falco's appearance and some characteristics are based on the Peregrine falcon.