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This article Fang Pirates, is the stolen property of the Fang Pirates! Get out before we trample over your property as well! ...Just kidding! Talk to any one of us to borrow our loot, we won't bite...hopefully.

The Fang Pirates (牙の一味 Kiba no Ichimi?) are a Pirate Crew who have their humble origins in East Blue, before recruiting members from all across the seas. They are led by Bellamy D. Samuel and consist of a highly diverse membership. While Samuel's endeavor is to take vengeance on the Marines for the death of his father, not all of the members possess similar goals to this. Nevertheless, they all enjoy one another's company and camaraderie.

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Among most crews, which generally contain a vast number of individuals that banner under a single cause, the Fang Pirates stand out by the fact that they're individual people coming together under multiple causes. The crew's diversity is astounding, whether it be in their ages, abilities, origins or even personality. Due to this particular trait, the dynamics between the crew — despite being recently founded — are quite unique. Moreover, the crew has a rather odd trait of attracting more allies, sometimes completely unintentionally, which in the long run has had a positive effect on the overall atmosphere within the crew.

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  • While Kazama is the crew's youngest member standing at 17, Nore is the oldest standing at 43.
  • The Fang Pirates, currently, have the membership of the most users in a single crew, with the count currently at 9. The crew currently consists of Ash, Aru, Damon, Deus, Flame, Grunt, Highest, Yuurei and Zeon.