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Longinus Connor leaned against the wall on his right side. He stood quietly at the Corrida Coliseum II's entrance, observing another person who trained at the center of the arena. Connor's face was tense, his senses were up, though his mind focused on the person in there...he could still feel what was happening around the nearby parts of the closest city of Dressrosa.

There it was. The lustrous jade coliseum that stretched on for 207,000 square meters. The masterpiece of Dressrosa, Corrida II. Its audience seats were lined in circular rows of a hundred seats each, forming concentric circles around the true stage itself. It was an open, circular space, framed with walls painted with floral designs of all colors in the rainbow. It was truly a spectacular place, worthy of being any warrior's final battle.

However, instead of that, it was being used as a training ground. A youthful individual with brown hair covered in a dark green bodysuit stood at the center. The man held two spears, one gold and the other crimson. With a deep breath, the man held both spears and retracted his arms so that the tips of his spears pointed back. In a single, clean and powerful movement, he snapped both arms outward, swinging both of his spears with enough strength that the wind itself moved in the direction of his slash. Shockwaves of such strength and precision were emitted that steel training dummies almost two hundred meters away were cut perfectly in half with almost no interval of time felt.

However, the spearman paused. He could feel an antagonistic presence eyeing him from the entrance of the coliseum. Without any hesitation, the man turned around and identified the individual peering at his training routing. He needed only to take a single step, and he had appeared on the wall opposite where Connor stood, causing a marking on the wall to disappear. "Can I help you with something, Connor? You normally do not interrupt my training." This fearsome man was none other than the Crown Prince of Dressrosa, and the eldest child of the Longinus Family: Longinus Judas.

Connor kept his cool, despite his brother's sudden appearance. He was used to it since quite some time ago. He eyed his brother. "Indeed, I wouldn't like to interrupt you..." Connor paused, a vein popping up on his forehead as his hands tightened into fists. His eyes hovered around the coliseum from time to time. "However, recently, I have been thinking about many things. And noticed that all of the subjects...culminate into you."

He looked around. "It's...q-quiet, okay"

Connor paused a bit again, checking for any questioning expression on Judas' face. His eyes looked around once again. "I-I remember all the scenes of the fight that transpired between you...and late brother Yeshua..." Connor breathed, his right foot tapping on the ground as his eyes did a quick scan of the place once again. "You're supposed to be so strong...a role model for the others..." The image of a dead Yeshua flashed in his mind. " could you submit that woman?!" He grit his teeth, pointing at the direction of the castle with his thumb.

"What stops you from killing me...or the others?!" Connor pointed furiously at Judas, expecting any answer at this point. He looked behind himself quickly and turned again towards Judas. "If you may as well do it, it may as well be in a fight!"

"..." Judas was silent for a moment. The topic of Yeshua's death always caused him to become absent-minded. Even now, he felt the spirit of Yeshua haunting him through his blood-red spear. But it was a feeling he had become used to. But to think, his own younger half-brother had been so blind as to avoid seeing the reality of their Mother's cruelty. Or...was it a coping mechanism?

"Was that it?" Judas asked, as he began to walk away, turning his back from Connor. "Let me answer your questions, one by one. I shall see if you believe my words." Judas did not dare say Connor was delusional. After all, under the exposure of the Red King, any mental condition had become...normal. "I submit myself fully to our Mother because there is a clear difference between us, Connor. Or did you forget the Day of Red?"

The image of Niu cloaked fully in blood came to mind once again. Involuntarily, his red spear had begun shaking violently in his hand, but Judas tightened his grip and refused to let go. "And what stops me from killing you and the that woman herself." Judas' voice traveled to the air, as opposed to Connor. Was he attempting to console himself? It was a matter that he couldn't guess. As the Crown Prince answered these questions, however, a vision came back to his mind once more.

The King, when Judas was eight years old and had achieved victory over Yeshua. A genuine smile appeared in Niu's face on that day. And yet...tears streamed down her face. Judas, till this day, has never asked that woman about the circumstances that lead to that conflict. Nor did he dare to raise the question of her tears. But...perhaps there was something he was missing, even after all these years.

Connor grunted at Judas' seeming mockery towards the question, feeling that his brother made less of it than it is. "The Day of Red is one of those I can never forget..." His fists tightened even more as the memories flooded his mind. Connor didn't lower his guard either, his eyes which once hovered to the scenario now observing the many mannerisms of his brother. Judas was quite expressive when it came to gestures, at least in Connor's opinion, though he wasn't completely readable.

"Stops you...? So you could say you're pretty much out for our head...even if we don't betray Mom?" Connor's face gained a frown as he observed Judas' expression and gestures. "I'm still surprised you seemed to never question her though...I could never feel it from you. And for some reason it bothers me...but seems I was really are willing to kill" This time, Connor looked at the scenario once again.

Connor sighed. "I may as well give you an opportunity now...a serious battle, no one's here." He grunted, his right hand hovered over his left one, which trembled. "I don't think the King values me that much, our siblings don't talk much to me either...none of you would be at loss if we carry on."

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