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Faramond (ファラモンド Faramondo) is a pirate, and crew mate of the Monk Pirates. He is the top subordinate of Spirit, choosing to stay working for him instead of getting promoted. He is an electric eel fishman, who is known as Power Surge Faramond.


Faramond is a tall fishman of a light brown colouration. He is quite muscular, though not at all bulky, making him appear quite similar to the fish species he is based off of. His eyes are dark green, while his hair is a light orange colour. His face is heavily scarred around his mouth, a result of his own electricity as a child. Faramond likes to wear a white jacket, that has a high collar to cover his mouth, and white pants that are trimmed in electric blue. He doesn't wear any shoes, and will take off his jacket when swimming. If he is getting into a heated battle, he will undo the top of the jacket.





Powers & AbilitiesEdit

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Behind The ScenesEdit

  • His appearance is based off of Adolf Reinhard from Terraformars.

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