The Silver Moon Wolf Pack is are a large pack of wolves that live on Silver Moon Island in the Calm Belt.


The Silver Moon Wolf Pack live on Silver Moon Island in the calm belt. The pack of wolves have lived almost undisturbed on this island for hundreds of years. These wolves are very intelligent, powerful, and large. The smallest a wolf from this pack are around the size of an average house while the largest is the size of a giant. These wolves feed on sea kings that they conveniently live in an area they thrive in.

The Silver Moon Wolf Pack have a society that has the characteristics of a human society. First, the wolves have their own language they speak that no person or most animals can understand or decipher. Their language is spoken in different growl pitches and howls echoes out and can be heard and understood by other wolves not just their own. However while it can be understood by other wolves, it cannot be spoken by them. Additionally these wolves can understand human language and all language spoken by animals excluding sea kings. Their language can be taught to people however not only is it difficult but the only person who currently is capable of doing so is Lycan.

These wolves have a hierarchy in their pack as well that separates them into classes of sort. The top three wolves in the pack are the Elder, King, and Alpha. The Elder wolf is the ironically the oldest wolf in the pack and the wisest among the wolves. The elder wolf is respected among every single wolf but is not the strongest. This wolf gives advice to the other wolves makes decisions that affect the entire pack as a whole.

The King Wolf is second under the Elder and is the strongest among the wolves in the pack. This wolf sole purpose at this rank in the protection of the Elder Wolf.....

The Alpha Wolf is third under the Elder and King wolf and is responsible for ensuring the protection of the island from invaders and directly has control over every other wolf on the island with the exception of the elder and king wolf....

Abilities & PowersEdit

Busoshoku HakiEdit


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