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 Fist of Firearms Kenpo (銃器拳法の拳 Jūki kenpō no ken) is a superhuman fighting style created by Berret A. Stampede. It is called the Shooting Fist Style in the FUNimation Dub.


The fighting style consists of various stances which center around the themes of firearms and shooting weapons. The whole essence of the martial art is to provide quick, efficient and focused strikes on the opponent and allow the user to even defeat groups of opponents in the quickest amount of time possible. The martial art is used by various pirates and only few marines, (most marines, once they reach a high enough rank or strength, are offered to be taught Rokushiki - especially those who wish the join the various Cipher Pol branches).

The origin of the martial art is very skewed as it was originally created and perfected by Berret A. Stampede, however it somehow wound up being a martial art passed down the Delfino Familiy - though it is only used by Delfino Bugzy.

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