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The Pistol Stance is one of the five stances of Fist of Firearms Kenpo.


The Pistol Stance is the first and most basic stance of Fist of Firearms Kenpo. The stance was originally invented as the go-to stance which specialized in the Balance between offence and defense. The user first spreads their legs a fair distance apart and the places their right arm in from of them (smiliar to the stance Luffy performs befoe he does Gomu Gomi no Jet Pistol), The user then clenches his/her left fist and tucks it in by their side as if they were about to do an uppercut. Once the stance is achieved they are now able to perform the various techniques of the stance.


Here are the various techniques of the Pistol Stance

  • Magnum Fist: One of the fundamental moves of the stance. The Magnum Fist technique is a powerful enchanced punch which deals a great deal of damaged when exceuted perfectly. The technique is said to have the proportional strength of a .44 Magnum Bullet. This move can even impale opponents.
    • Magnum Fist - Revolver Clip: An enhanced variant of the Magnum Fist technique. Instead of a single punch however, this move consists of six consecutive punches, each increasing in damage until the sixth and final punch. With each punch the strain of using the move increases. It's one of the lesser used moves.
  • Pistol Whip Kick: One of the less complex moves of this stance. The Pistol Whip Kick is a powerful reverse roundhouse kick that is strong enough to send even the largest of opponents flying when executed correctly.
  • Quickdraw: Another fundamental but more complex move. The Quickdraw technique has been compared to many as an advanced version of Soru, a movement based technique of Rokushiki. The Quickdraw technique

    A Student using Quickdraw

    allows the user to move at an instantaneous blinding speed which can be used to avoid attacks or even strengthen the user's attacks. Similar to Soru, the technique is initiated by doing a number of steps in the blink of an eye. However, instead of the usual 10, it takes 16. The added steps are actually a series of feints, the first going left which takes two steps, the next going right (another two steps) and the last going backwards(the last two steps). This adds an Afterimage affect to the move which can confuse the opponent.

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