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The Shotgun Stance is the second stance of Fist of Firearms Kenpo.

Overview Edit

The Shotgun Stance is a primarily offensive stance that focuses on overwhelming powerful strikes. This stance isn't as commonly used among practioners as the Pistol Stance or Sniper Stance, however those who are capable of using the techniques of this stance are considered to be very skilled in the over all fighting style. In order to use the techniques of this stance the user must first bend their knees into a near squat position that is not too low. They must then place their left fist in their right palm and then draw their hands (while still together) towards their left side. Once this stane is achieved they can now perform the various techniques.


Here are the various techniques of the Shotgun Stance

  • Shotgun Shove: The Shotgun Shove is a powerful attack used for clearing away a large group of enemies. The user draws his hands back (similar to Gomu Gomu no Bazooka) and then thrusts them forward. The power of the move can be adjusted to either focus on a single target, or multiple targets. When adjusted for multiple targets the attack releases a wave of pressurized air, sending the targets flying.
  • Buckshot Blast: The Buckshot Blast is a fundemental yet very advanced technque. It is very useful for a variety of situations, and the power of the move is in direct proportion to the user's skill level and strength.

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