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Flower Bonny (フローアーボニー, Furooaa Bonī) is a World Noble that was the reason for Lucifer Hendrick have quit the job of Bounty Hunter. Although she seems like an innocent girl she managed to deceive him so that he falls in love with her and she couldn't get captured. After he found out about her plans he had already given up and because of that he destroyed the mansion of her and gave him a punch in the face.

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Bonny is a young woman in her 19 that in spite of her age has a relatively mature body with a curved figure and relatively large breasts. In terms of height she is low when compared with all other members of her family and even more so when compared with Hendrick. Despite being a grown woman and currently have several people who follow what she says, Bonny have a face which can be said as the one of a child. She have bluish-purple hair to her shoulders and large red eyes. She wears a black and white dress with detached black sleeves. A blue bow decorates the front of her bodice, and the black of the dress outlines her breast and hips as it trails down to the front of her skirts. She has a large bow at her tailbone in the back of her dress. Two white skirts layer over each other and reach down to her knees. She wears black stockings that reach right above her knees. She wears blue high heels.

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