The Four Arm Tribe is a tribe composed of people with four arms.


As their name suggests, all members of the Four Arm Tribe seen so far have two extra arms located somewhere around  where the two normal arms are, Which results in them having abnormally four arms. Furthermore, most members seen so far have a toned and muscular body indicating that they are a tribe of warriors and fighters. Other than that, they have the same appearance as normal humans.

Inter-species RelationshipsEdit

The Four Arm Tribe are valued as Slaves by normal humans considering the standard price for a Four Arm Tribe member is Beli800,000.

Totto Land is a location in the New World where members of all races from around the world are welcomed and can live in harmony with other races, so Four Arm Tribesmen are welcomed there as well.

Overall StrengthEdit

the tribe's combat style revolves around their extra set of arms giving them the abilities of a master hand to hand combatant. The physical strength an average Four Arm Tribe member possess is double the amount of strnegth an ordinary human possesses.


Members of the Four Arm TribeEdit

Four Arm Tribe Memebers