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"Nine-Tailed" Foxpack[1] is a fox mink and member of the Titan Pirates' Fifth Division, wherein he serves as the vice-captain of Division Commander Montblanc Burling.[1][3]

Appearance Edit

Foxpack is a mink resembling a humanoid red fox, and as such, bears red colored mink. By mink standards he is quite short for a fully grown adult, barely eclipsing the threshold of 5 feet. More often than not, he sports a serious expression across his whiskered muzzle, alluding to his disciplined ideology and way of life. He has gold colored eyes, one of which is kept hidden with the use of an eye-patch. Despite possessing large paws for hands, the paws comprising Foxpack's feet are much smaller by comparison.

He wears a long black coat that reaches down to his ankles yet still allows room for his bushy tail to stick out freely behind him. Beneath this coat is a red sash adorned with medal-like pendants. His two swords are sheathed along his hips, with a weapon on either side.

Personality Edit

In contrast to most pirates, Foxpack actually has a strong distaste toward alcohol, despite the fact that the entirety of the Titan Pirates' Fifth Divison is composed of heavy drinkers. For this reason, he is their designated guardian, watching over them as the only sober figure so as to make sure they do not cause any sort of mischief while being drunk.[4] Furthermore, when Salazar offered him the chance to converse over drinks before their battle, Foxpack actually lashed out in utter disgust, referring to alcohol as a "terror".[5]

I did not intend to call forth my Logia. Please, allow yourself a free blow anywhere upon my person in compensation for my mistake!
— Foxpack's honor in enabling Salazar a free blow in compensation for mistakenly using his Devil Fruit powers after the former Shichibukai had announced his dislike towards them.[6]

A running theme with Foxpack is his way of living life honorably. When he overheard that Catrina had considered herself responsible for the death of the famed giant Jack Stalkman within the boundaries of Elbaf, Foxpack was outraged and vowed to take the woman's life to honor the death of the former war-hero.[7] Furthermore, when a fight broke out between he and Salazar in the presence of his intoxicated crew, Foxpack questioned Salazar's honor before averting their battle away from them,[8] and once again after the swordsman had allowed his wife to intervene in what he had assumed was a one-on-one battle.[4] When Salazar accused Foxpack of having attacked the resting quarters of the Black Widow Pirates as they awaited the royal wedding on Elbaf, Foxpack stated that there was no way he would have ever brought himself to do something so "dishonorable", even to an enemy.[9] During their battle, when Salazar expressed his displeasure of Devil Fruit powers, Foxpack honored the former Shichibukai's request by opting to not utilize his own for the duration of their fight.[10] And, after activating them by accident during their battle, Foxpack went so far as to enable Salazar with one free blow anywhere upon his person as compensation for his mistake.[6]

Abilities and Powers Edit

As the vice-captain of the Titan Pirates' Fifth Division, Foxpack is second in command only to Montblanc Burling within the entirety of the division, and one of the heavyweights of the Yonko crew.[1] However, because Burling is intoxicated by alcohol most of the time, Foxpack is usually the one in charge of the division.[3] His bounty of Beli Small470,000,000 suggests that the World Government considers him a serious threat to their operations.[1]

Devil Fruit Edit

Foxpack ate the Mou Mou no Mi, a Logia Devil Fruit allowing him to become, generate, and manipulate milk.[11] He has mastered its abilities to such an extent that he can instinctively turn into milk at virtually any given time, seen most notably when his head was severed from his body by Salazar yet milk splattered about in place of blood.[12] However, even despite this, he is far from being invulnerable, as Delahaye Jacquotte still managed to shoot him in his stomach while he was off-guard, meaning he must consciously be aware of an incoming attack in order to transform into milk beforehand.[4]

Swordsmanship Edit

Foxpack has an extremely high level of skill in swordsmanship, being able to defeat Catrina, the most skilled swordsman of the Fire Rocker Pirates, in a single move.[13] He also posed to be a match for Salazar, a former member of the Shichibukai, while also earning the latter's respect throughout the course of their 11 hour battle.[14][15]

Kyuubi Edit

Sealed under the eye-patch of Foxpack's right eye is an apparent "demon", from which he draws forth his inner, true strength.[16] Through the physical projection of his Haki, Foxpack is able to release the "Kyuubi" from within his Meito, Kyūchi, shrouding his frame in a veil of energy that takes the form of a nine-tailed fox.[17] Upon doing so, his physical abilities increase dramatically, and every one of his attacks is multiplied by the number of tails behind him.[17]

  • Kyū-Ryū: Unari no Kitsune (九流・唸りの狐 Kyū-Ryū: Unari no Kitsune?, literally meaning "Nine-Style: Fox Howl"): Foxpack rushes toward his opponent and unsheathes his swords at incomprehensible speeds, his additional tails invoking a chain of simultaneous attacks within the span of a single moment.[17]

Weapons Edit

In battle, Foxpack wields two blades, one of which is a Wazamono Grade Meito by the name of Kyūchi.[18]

Trivia Edit

References Edit

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