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"Nine-Tailed" Foxpack[1] is a fox mink and a founding member of the Titan Pirates.[9] He currently serves as the vice-captain of the crew's Fifth Division, just beneath division commander Montblanc Burling.[1][7] Originating from Zou,[3] he formerly served as the captain of the Inuarashi Musketeer Squad nearly 30 years ago.[4]

Upon leaving Zou, Foxpack joined the Navy and held the rank of Marine Rear Admiral.[2]

Appearance Edit

Foxpack is a mink resembling a humanoid red fox, and as such, bears red colored mink. By mink standards he is quite short for a fully grown adult, barely eclipsing the threshold of 5 feet. More often than not, he sports a serious expression across his whiskered muzzle, alluding to his disciplined ideology and way of life. He has gold colored eyes, one of which is kept hidden with the use of an eye-patch. Despite possessing large paws for hands, the paws comprising Foxpack's feet are much smaller by comparison.

He wears a long black coat that reaches down to his ankles yet still allows room for his bushy tail to stick out freely behind him. Beneath this coat is a red sash adorned with medal-like pendants. His two swords are sheathed along his hips, with a weapon on either side.

Personality Edit

In contrast to most pirates, Foxpack actually has a strong distaste toward alcohol, despite the fact that the entirety of the Titan Pirates' Fifth Divison is composed of heavy drinkers. For this reason, he is their designated guardian, watching over them as the only sober figure so as to make sure they do not cause any sort of mischief while being drunk.[10] Furthermore, when Salazar offered him the chance to converse over drinks before their battle, Foxpack actually lashed out in utter disgust, referring to alcohol as a "terror".[11]

I did not intend to call forth my Logia. Please, allow yourself a free blow anywhere upon my person in compensation for my mistake!
— Foxpack's honor in enabling Salazar a free blow in compensation for mistakenly using his Devil Fruit powers after the former Shichibukai had announced his dislike towards them.[12]

A running theme with Foxpack is his way of living life honorably. When he overheard that Catrina had considered herself responsible for the death of the famed giant Jack Stalkman within the boundaries of Elbaf, Foxpack was outraged and vowed to take the woman's life to honor the death of the former war-hero.[13] Furthermore, when a fight broke out between he and Salazar in the presence of his intoxicated crew, Foxpack questioned Salazar's honor before averting their battle away from them,[14] and once again after the swordsman had allowed his wife to intervene in what he had assumed was a one-on-one battle.[10] When Salazar accused Foxpack of having attacked the resting quarters of the Black Widow Pirates as they awaited the royal wedding on Elbaf, Foxpack stated that there was no way he would have ever brought himself to do something so "dishonorable", even to an enemy.[15] During their battle, when Salazar expressed his displeasure of Devil Fruit powers, Foxpack honored the former Shichibukai's request by opting to not utilize his own for the duration of their fight.[16] And, after activating them by accident during their battle, Foxpack went so far as to enable Salazar with one free blow anywhere upon his person as compensation for his mistake.[12]

While known and most well received under the pretext of his hard, no nonsense demeanor, when surrounded by those whom he has known for years and around those whom he is most comfortable, Foxpack has shown himself to be quite the prankster. This is seen most notably when he had arranged for Mengis to be assigned to lunch duty following the latter's demotion to an Ensign and furthermore forced the tiger mink into wearing an apron and a hairnet and nothing beneath to humiliate him in front of a large and public crowd composed of several high ranking marines.[2] He is also less serious overall during matters not pertaining to battle, if not a tad bit disrespectful in certain instances.[17] Through his frequent encounters with Raptor D. Baron, Foxpack had come to address the Marine Admiral in an all too casual matter, shrugging off his orders and hardly ever taking him seriously altogether.[18]

Foxpack has his own laughter style: Fufufu.[19][20][2]

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Abilities and Powers Edit

As the vice-captain of the Titan Pirates' Fifth Division, Foxpack is second in command only to Montblanc Burling within the entirety of the division, and one of the heavyweights of the Yonko crew.[1] However, because Burling is intoxicated by alcohol most of the time, Foxpack is usually the one in charge of the division.[7] His bounty of Beli Small500,000,000 suggests that the World Government considers him a serious threat to their operations.[8]

Foxpack's strength is often overlooked by most others due to his meager standing in the New World. However, unbeknownst to them is that it is strictly done through his own choice and reasoning. Foxpack's bounty peaked at Beli Small830,000,000 more than six years ago, and it should be noted that it would have likely far exceeded this total had he not had it reset so many times. Reach, a notorious pirate in his own right, warned Gilbert D. Bertram not to underestimate Foxpack for this very reason and stated that he would have lost his life at the hands of the mink were it not for his intervention.[9]

As a former high ranking marine, Foxpack possesses a wide link of connections to the World Government, so much so that he was able to quite literally dictate what he wanted his bounty as a pirate to be.[21]

Devil Fruit Edit

Main Article: Mou Mou no Mi

Foxpack ate the Mou Mou no Mi, a Logia Devil Fruit allowing him to become, generate, and manipulate milk.[22] He has mastered its abilities to such an extent that he can instinctively turn into milk at virtually any given time, seen most notably when his head was severed from his body by Salazar yet milk splattered about in place of blood.[23] However, even despite this, he is far from being invulnerable, as Delahaye Jacquotte still managed to shoot him in his stomach while he was off-guard, meaning he must consciously be aware of an incoming attack in order to transform into milk beforehand.[10]

With milk being an excellent source of calcium, Foxpack's powers are directly able to modify and influence his bones and skeletal structure. After nearly dying at the hands of Bathory McGhinnis and being left in a horrid state, Foxpack later used his milk to reconstruct his broken bones and supplement his endoskeleton.[24] He was also able to piece together Apu's wrist through the same method after it had been fractured by Gilbert D. Bertram.[25]

Through being able to produce copious amounts of milk, Foxpack has uncovered a method of converting the milk into related components, such as cheese, butter, and even caramel.[26]

Swordsmanship Edit

Foxpack has an extremely high level of skill in swordsmanship, being able to defeat Catrina, the most skilled swordsman of the Fire Rocker Pirates, in a single move.[27] He also posed to be a match for Salazar, a former member of the Shichibukai, while also earning the latter's respect throughout the course of their 11 hour battle.[28][29]

Kyuubi Edit

Sealed under the eye-patch of Foxpack's right eye is an apparent "demon", from which he draws forth his inner, true strength.[30] Through the physical projection of his Haki, Foxpack is able to release the "Kyuubi" from within his Meito, Kyūchi, shrouding his frame in a veil of energy that takes the form of a nine-tailed fox.[31] Upon doing so, his physical abilities increase dramatically, and every one of his attacks is multiplied by the number of tails behind him.[32]

  • Kyū-Ryū: Unari no Kitsune (九流・唸りの狐 Kyū-Ryū: Unari no Kitsune?, literally meaning "Nine-Style: Fox Howl"): Foxpack rushes toward his opponent and unsheathes his swords at incomprehensible speeds, his additional tails invoking a chain of simultaneous attacks within the span of a single moment.[32]

Weapons Edit

In battle, Foxpack wields two blades, one of which is a Wazamono Grade Meito by the name of Kyūchi.[33]

History Edit

Past Edit

Childhood Edit

Despite all minks being powerful warriors straight form birth, Foxpack was below average at best through the early stages of his life, a strike contrast to Mengis, who was viewed as the prodigy of their generation.[34] Nevertheless, this did not initially prevent Foxpack's mother from trying her hand at training him. However, after he showed very little progress and overall failed to develop into the warrior she sought to breed, Foxpack's mother gave up on him, stating that it was a waste of time for him to train any farther.[35]

After his mother had given up on him, and seeing the liking Nekomamushi had taken in Mengis, Inuarashi elected to take Foxpack in as his very own pupil. The daytime ruler of the Mokomo Dukedom succeeded where she did not, as Foxpack began to show great promise as a warrior, proving to be a late bloomer.[34]

Captain of the Musketeers Edit

In the year of 1548, Foxpack served as the captain of the Inuarashi Musketeer Squad, being second in command only to Inuarashi himself within the daytime mink combat force.[4] During this time, he shared a competitive rivalry with fellow mink, Mengis, who was the captain of the opposing nighttime combat force that served under Nekomamushi known as the Guardians.[36]

Marine Service Edit

In the year of 1567, Rear Admiral Foxpack was among many Marine Officers present within the cafeteria of Marine Headquarters during the open lunch hour. It was by Foxpack's design that Mengis --who had recently been demoted to the rank of Ensign-- was placed in charge of lunch duty. Playing a prank on his longtime rival and as his superior officer, Foxpack had Mengis dress up in nothing but an apron and a hairnet, which led to his embarrassment before the large crowd of marines. As Foxpack enjoyed himself, a marine cadet informed him that Admiral Raptor D. Baron wanted to see him inside of his office.[37]

When Foxpack arrived within Raptor D. Baron's office, he did so to the sight of the Admiral lofting around and Montblanc Burling sitting in a drunken state in a chair before his desk. After a brief jest, in which Foxpack nearly departed, Baron explained the significance of Michael D. Shiguma's pirate crew, detailing their sudden rise in power. The Admiral correlated Shiguma's latest antics to the involvement of Reach, a man who was in charge of supplying the Navy itself with weaponry. Opting to approve his suspicions, Baron made for Liega with both Foxpack and Burling in tow.[38]

Life as a Pirate Edit

Early Years in Piracy Edit

Citing irreconcilable differences from the Navy, Foxpack defected from the Marines together with Raptor D. Baron and Montblanc Burling. Together the three of them founded the Titan Pirates, and in coming years elevated the status of their crew to Yonko levels.

Throughout his career as a pirate, Foxpack's bounty continued to increase. Because marines are normally assigned to pirates based on their bounties, Foxpack had the size of his bounty correlate directly with Mengis' marine rank. However, because Mengis was demoted and promoted so often, Foxpack used his ties with the marines he had befriended during his past to have his bounty adjusted to his liking. This enabled him to continue his rivalry with Mengis.[39]

One day in the year of 1571, Foxpack was enraged upon learning that his bounty had increased to Beli Small740,000,000 berries. He immediately called Warren D. Ralph by transponder snail, shouting at him to have it lowered.[21]

Elbaf Royal Wedding Edit

When news revolving around the marriage of Frederick Barbarossa, the king of Elbaf, surfaced around the New World, the Titan Pirates, like many other pirate crews, saw it as an opportunity to ally themselves with the land of giants. Raptor D. Baron sent the bulk of his Fifth Division to attend the royal wedding in his stead. Accompanying Montblanc Burling, Foxpack was among the members of the Fifth Division that represented the Titan Pirates during the royal wedding.[40]

Later, while wandering the enormous streets of Elbaf by his lonesome, Foxpack's ears caught wind of a person's confession of murder. Naturally, he rushed toward the scene, only to witness Catrina and other members of the Fire Rocker Pirates standing over the corpse of Jack Stalkman.[1] Recognizing Stalkman as a retired war hero, whom he had heard many tales and legends about, Foxpack was outraged at the idea that a human had trespassed into the territory of the giants and taken one of their lives. He then vowed to avenge Stalkman by specifically taking Catrina's life, as she had been the one to claim responsibility for his death.[13] However, unknown to either of them, Stalkman's death in truth was instigated by Benjamin Tabart, albeit accidentally.[41]

Just as Foxpack reached for his sword, he felt a hand come down upon his shoulder and, before he had time to react, his face was smashed against the ground. Looking back, Foxpack was surprised to see Rear Admiral Dario on top of him, and even more astounded at the fact that the Marine had been able to slip past his enhanced observational prowess. As Dario released a point blank Haki shock wave upon him, Foxpack mustered enough strength to escape. Dario then urged the Fire Rocker Pirates to get away, stating his intention in stopping the "animal scum" that was Foxpack. Shocked by the Marine's racist remarks, Foxpack unsheathed one of his swords and stood ready for battle.[42]

With Dario transforming as a result of his Zoan Devil Fruit powers, he and Foxpack clashed swords, battling fiercely, yet briefly. For as the two engaged one another in battle, Catrina recklessly intervened, even in spite of Dario's constant pleas that she and her allies escape with the crates they were holding intact. Both Foxpack and Dario were left utterly confused when Catrina began to attack the two of them once, when Dario had been fighting all along to allow her to escape.[43]

Frustrated by Catrina's intervention and illogical behavior, Dario immediately retreated, stripping Cazzar and Killer Jones of the crates they had been holding en route his escape. Foxpack was yet again unable to comprehend Dario's speed as he fled, left astounded by the Marine's prowess. Turning his attention back to Catrina for no more than a moment --seeing as though she was incredibly persistent on battling him-- Foxpack defeated her effortlessly in a matter of a few seconds, at last placing a silence to her rash antics. Turning to her crewmates, Foxpack explained that he could no longer leave Montblanc Burling waiting any longer, and thanks to that he would allow them to live. Foxpack then leaped away to regroup with his crew.[27]

Relocating to The Willow, a tavern somewhere in Elbaf, Foxpack watched over Montblanc Burling and the various other members of his crew as they rolled around on the floor in a drunken state.[10] Salazar entered the tavern after sometime and, spotting Foxpack, immediately approached him, suggesting that the two of them should share a drink with one another before settling their "score".[11] Asking him what he meant by that, Foxpack was left puzzled when Salazar claimed to have been attacked by him last night. The former Shichibukai then announced his intention of killing him at his wife's request, before swinging with at Foxpack with his sword. Calling forth his Logia Devil Fruit powers, Foxpack turned into milk upon being slashed.[23]

Fearing that his drunk comrades might get caught in the crossfire, Foxpack took his battle with Salazar to the streets of Elbaf. As the two of them fought, Delahaye Jacquotte caught Foxpack within her sights and fired a bullet toward him. Heavily concentrated on his bout with Salazar, Foxpack was caught off guard and pierced by the bullet. Bringing into question Salazar's honor, Foxpack rushed towards Jacquoette, making it seem as though he were bent on extracting revenge. This made Salazar chase quickly after him, as the ebony swordsmen feared for the well being of his wife. However, as he drew upon Jacquoette, Foxpack leaped past her, leading Salazar into a forest behind the town where they could continue their battle alone.[10]

Continuing their battle in the forest, Foxpack abided to Salazar's request that he not use his Logia powers for the remainder of their fight. They continued to battle, with Salazar gaining the advantage after Foxpack fought against his instincts to not employ his Devil Fruit into his movements. After Salazar suggested that they call it quits, Foxpack cut off his eyepatch, unleashing the spirit of a "demon" from within his Meito. As his body was shrouded by an ominous aura and a number of tails sprouted behind his being, Foxpack once again charged in to attack Salazar.[31][32]

Foxpack and Salazar battled fiercely for over 11 hours.[28] In one instance, Foxpack accidentally used his Devil Fruit powers to evade an incoming attack from Salazar after having promised to not use them. For his slip up, Foxpack allowed Salazar with a free hit anywhere upon his person, literally allowing the former Shichibukai with the chance to finally kill him. However, Salazar made light of the freebie, instead plucking Foxpack in the head and stating that he wanted a fair fight more than he wanted him dead. As Foxpack began to question Salazar's motives, both he and Salazar were surprised to see a heavily wounded Vice Admiral Kaldor fall back from deep in the forest, and even more surprised to learn that the culprit behind the attack was none other than Rear Admiral Dario.[44]

Dario effortlessly handled both Salazar and Foxpack in the coming moments. Seeing as though they were outclassed individually, the two decided to set aside their differences temporarily in favor of defeating a common enemy. During their battle, Dario made countless racist remarks pertaining to Foxpack's lineage as a Mink and addressed Salazar in all too familiar fashion. However, even with their combined efforts, the two were easily defeated by Dario. As he lay barely conscious, Foxpack was impaled by Dario's sword.[45] After Foxpack had lost consciousness, Dario revealed himself to be Bathory McGhinnis, who was able to take the appearance of others through the power of his Devil Fruit. He explained that it was he who had taken the appearance of Foxpack and attacked Salazar earlier, and that he had instigated the battle between the two of them, hoping Salazar would have been able to kill Foxpack for him.[46]

Sometime later, Wolfgang came to the aid of his fallen brother, using Electro to jolt him awake and share some of his energy with him. Surprised to see his brother for the first time after so many years, Foxpack could hardly believe what he was seeing, believing himself to have been dead after being defeated at the hands of Bathory McGhinnis. Still in terrible condition, Foxpack utilized the powers of his Milk Logia to reconstruct the bones in his body that had been severed, allowing him to move around again.[24] He and Wolfgang then made conversation, with Wolfgang criticizing Foxpack's skill in battle. Per usual, Foxpack shrugged off his brother's comments, not necessarily deeming them to be true.[47]

As the two brothers conversed, Vice Admiral Kaldor, who was on the verge of death himself, pleaded them to stop Bathory McGhinnis at all costs. Waiting for death to take him, Kaldor was shocked when Wolfgang suddenly lifted him up and hurled him toward town. Foxpack later arrived on the battlefield as the Rum Dealers and Veno confronted McGhinnis in battle. After Wolfgang intervened and lost his spear to McGhinnis' powers, Foxpack scolded him for acting so rashly.[48] When Frederick Barbarossa arrived on the battlefield and exerted his Haoshoku Haki, Foxpack, being in his wounded state, was forced down to his knees, yet still managed to retain consciousness while many others around him passed out.[49]

Following Veno's arrival, in which his deactivation of his Veno Bombs led to Bathory McGhinnis' retreat, Foxpack stayed back to help with some of Elbaf's renovations. During this time he uncovered a recuperating Barney Kettle, who was in the midst of contemplating his future from thereon. Seeing Kettle's desire to right his wrongs, Foxpack invited him to join the Titan Pirates, which Kettle accepted.[50] Taking advantage of Kettle's reputation, Foxpack had him join the Xros Pirates as a ruse for several months.[51]

Battle for Bedina Edit

In the final months of the year 1576, word of an alliance being made to topple the Xros Pirates spread across the New World. Foxpack received word from Barney Kettle --whom had joined the Xros Pirates as a ruse-- that Michael D. Shiguma had arranged for a meeting with his top commanders. Taking advantage of this fact, Foxpack staged an attack upon Bedina --which served as the entrance to the Xros Pirates' territory-- with the rest of the Titan Pirates' 5th Division. Rather importantly, however, the Division would be without their commander, Montblanc Burling, as the latter had run off in one of his many drunken expeditions, without his crewmates being able to properly contact him on his whereabouts. Attacking the island during the meeting ensured that the members of the Xros Pirates stationed in Bedina would be without any major reinforcements, maximizing their chances of success nonetheless, even without Burling in tow.[52]

While sailing to Bedina from Dressrosa, The Good Burger, the ship of the Titan Pirates captained by Foxpack, battled through a large storm. In the midst of the storm, Katashi spotted a small banana boat along the way, upon which Benjamin Tabart was shouting for dire need of assistance. Per Foxpack's orders, Katashi rescued Tabart and brought him aboard. Suspicious as to what Tabart may do, Foxpack immediately threatened the boy's life through placing a sword by his neck. After Tabart claimed to have seen Foxpack around on Elbaf during the Royal Wedding, Foxpack eased off, he too recalling Tabart's involvement in stopping Bathory McGhinnis' antics. Foxpack invited Tabart to join the Titan Pirates, to which Tabart reluctantly agreed, fearing the consequences had he denied the offer.[53]

It took many days for the Titan Pirates' 5th Division to regroup on Bedina. Once regrouped, however, the Titan Pirates elected to remain within an enclosed cave on the far east coast of the island. During this time, Foxpack was more formally introduced to Draco D. Damon. Foxpack then carefully detailed the Titan Pirates' plan of attack, until setting it into motion the very next day.[20]

With Daryal's execution taking place, the Titan Pirates raided the streets of Bedina. However they were quickly confronted by Al Rauf Najeem, whose powers managed to subdue them through confusion. While Foxpack and the Titan Pirates fell prey to Najeem's countless holograms, they were also being sniped by Trickshot who was on a neighboring island. After losing Katashi in battle, an enraged Foxpack managed to strike down Najeem, while calling for Barney Kettle to turn the tables on Trickshot. This allowed a window of opportunity for the Titan Pirates, enabling Foxpack to embark farther into Bedina alongside Apu, while leaving Draco D. Damon and Benjamin Tabart behind, entrusting them to defeat Najeem.[54]

Foxpack and Apu then arrived in the plaza of the town, where they witnessed the crowd made up of holograms disperse in front of the stage where Daryal was being hanged by Gilbert D. Bertram. When Apu was swiftly outclassed by Bertram, Foxpack was forced to stay behind and intervene. He firstly healed Apu's broken wrist, before electing to face Bertram himself. However, just as he made to attack Bertram, Foxpack's swords were intercepted by Reach, who appeared on horseback. Reach went on to warn Bertram against underestimating Foxpack again, stating that it was in a fox's "nature to deceive" and that the mink was far stronger than he had let on.[9]

Without any further indication, Foxpack and Reach engaged one another in combat, however those present were greatly taken aback by the unorthodox method of their fight. As the both of them possessed great skill in Kenbunshoku Haki, the two pirates stood entirely still for many moments, having a mental battle within their minds of the endless possibilities that could take place should a certain movement be made. They continued out predicting one another until eventually it led into a stalemate.[55]

Major Battles Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Foxpack was created on April 16, 2017.
  • Foxpack's name was inspired by a joke said on chat by User:Vegeta2314.

References Edit

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