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Francis was born on an island where the rich lived over the poor. Francis was born poor, but he loved watching the rich and happy people go about their days living their lives, and envied them greatly. The young Shai would do anything to try and elevate his status, starting with sneaking into theatres and art galleries, and moving on to robbing people of their money. Eventually he stole a devil fruit from a merchant, hoping to sell it for a lot of money himself, but was caught by the merchant’s guards. He chose to eat the fruit rather then return it, and was mortified by how it tasted. The enraged merchant took Francis and sold him as a slave to an underground fighting arena. Francis had to learn fast in the arena, as if you lost and by some miracle were spared, you were fed to the owner’s pet Sea King. Francis wasn’t particularly strong at first, and took to using his wit to defeat opponent after opponent, slowly building up enough money to buy his freedom. After he earnt his freedom, Francis took up being a bounty hunter until he had enough money to retire to a life of luxury. But shockingly, after having everything he had ever wanted, Francis wasn’t satisfied. His life felt empty without the thrill of battle he had unwillingly become addicted to.


Francis is a young adult with a tall and lanky frame, he spends most of the time in his hybrid form and rarely ever leaves it. His skin is lightly purple and he has short dark blond green hair. His cape is actually the wings he gains from his devil fruit in a relaxed state. He has two antenna poking from his head he uses to feel his environment and read hearts. He wears a frilly white shirt and black trousers and shoes.

Shaiapouf's wings


Shai is calm and rational and values logic and reasoning highly. Francis is a master psychologist, and uses these skills in battle combined with his abilities to manipulate his opponents to an expert degree. Francis is artistic and refined, and this is heavily reflected in his many hobbies. Despite his refined tastes, he loves battle, and despite having made enough money to leave the fighting business behind, he can’t move on as he loves the thrill of battle so much. Hobbies: Wine tasting, violin, dance, embroidery, singing, making confectionaries, painting, theatre and reading. Skills: Voice mimicry, Shai has trained to be able to copy other people’s voices, he originally trained this ability for use in theatre, but it turns out this skill is quite useful. Lip reading, Shai trained this ability to watch the theatre from a distance as a kid. Master Psychologist, Shai is a self-taught from reading countless books, but thanks in part to his abilities, Shai is probably the greatest psychologist in the world, capable of understanding anyone, and using this to his advantage.

Devil FruitEdit

Francis’ Devil Fruit being a Mythical Zoan grants him numerous abilities, with properties of a Zoan and a Paramecia. The fruit gives Francis two beautiful butterfly wings that grant him the ability to fly, he is capable changing the colours the wings display at will and can even use them to create camouflage. His antenna’s give him the ability to feel emotions and read ‘hearts’ similar to mind reading, except he doesn’t get words, only feelings. This ability alone combined with his skills is psychology render him a very dangerous person. His wings are capable of scattering scales, the effects of the scales he can manipulate from poison, to confusion, hallucination, hypnotising or sleep. Francis’ fruit also gives him enhanced senses: butterflies can feel air currents and vibrations with their antennae which also double as ears and noses. His vision is similar to the Oniyanma Dragonfly, giving him dynamic vision allowing him to determine the distance, speed and direction of an object instantly, this allows him to do some crazy dodging. Additionally, Francis basically has taste buds all over his body, allowing him to taste things by touching them and giving him a heightened sense of smell. Yeah. As a fairy, Francis can talk to animals and heal people with his tears. Similar to a dwarf, Francis has incredible speed. Francis from time to time enters his full Fairy Form, especially in times when he needs to take smaller space. Additionally, Francis is capable of producing fine and resilient silk, he can’t control it like Dolfamingo, but he can use it to make fabric, he made his own clothes out of this silk.

Shaiapouf mini


Francis despite his light build has developed incredible strength, capable of smashing rocks with his hands and feet whilst flying without losing speed.


Dust Cutter: Francis through his limbs or wings makes a wind cutter attack, which he uses to distribute his scales.


  • Shaiapouf from Hunter X Hunter. I recommend you watch it.