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GREED is one of the most mysterious of the Shichibukai. With a bounty on his head, and no actual Pirate crew at all, many people wonder how this man got into the Shichibukai. The only thing that can be said was that he was part of an accident in Vegapunk's Labratory, and that he was studying devil fruits.

Anything else afterwards was just a major slaughter of many scientists and that he was the one responsible for "Baldimore's Second Nightmare".

He's also the User of the Kuchi Kuchi no mi, allowing him to produce several mouths from his body

Appearance Edit

GREED is a very skinny and stringy man. Though he's very tall almost twice the size of an average human (about 10'2").

He wears a suit that seems to have patterns of many mouths for some reason.

He also wears a paper bag over his head at all times so no one has ever seen his face... And those that did are gone.

Personality Edit

GREED is psychotic and unpredictable and no one knows what he'll do next. He always mumbles when he talks to someone and about 50% of his words are all just jumbled up and incomprehensible.

But despite his insanity, he seems to have a well adept brain to do advanced math problems... In crayon. Which proveshow spontaneous he can be sometimes.

History Edit

What People Know About Him

No one knows who... Or what he is. All that is known to anyone on Karakuri is that he was once a former scientist just like Vegapunk's who was researching Devil Fruits.

How he came to be... Is what caused the Second Nightmare of Baldimore

Powers and Abilities Edit

Natural Abilities Edit

Devil Fruit Edit

GREED has eaten the Kuchi Kuchi no Mi, aka, the Mouth Mouth Fruit.

Similar to the Hana Hana no Mi, the Fruit can sprout several types of mouths from the Users body. (Such as having teeth appear on his suit)

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