The Gazo Gazo no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to create solid or illusionary images of inorganic objects and themselves, making the user an "Image Human" (画像人間, Gazō Ningen). Gazō (画像) means "image" in Japanese. It was eaten by John Smith.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

The main strength of the Gazo Gazo no Mi is the ability to create images, solid or intangible, of any inorganic object and of the user himself. In order to do so, the user must be in direct contact with the object, and cannot create an image of it otherwise. This allows the creation of more weaponry or ammunition, or even food and supplies. However, their existence is only "half" of the original. For example, any object that gained a solid image is only half as strong or half as effective as the original, while food that gained solid images only has "half the taste" and only fills up the user's starvation by half the quantity of the original, despite its size. The object in question is always "halved' when a solid image is created, while for an intangible image it is unknown.

Solid images can remain in existence for long periods of time, even after being used up, while intangible images are mainly used as a form of "illusion" for distractions. Both can be dispelled by the user at any given moment.

The user cannot create images of other organic beings, but he can freely do so for himself. This effectively creates "clones", but said clones only possess half of the original's full strength, and may not always be useful in battle. However, Smith showed that it is possible to create "partial images" of only certain body parts, as long as they are attached to his body, such as creating extra sets of arms on any part of his body, allowing for greater numbers when punching.

Creating intangible images is seemingly an effortless feat, and requires no concentration, only physical contact with the object in question, and some time, depending on the quantity. Intangible illusions vanish after a while, or when the user desires them to vanish. However, solid images seem to exert the user's stamina, making them tire, and even exhausted if overused, since it is physically copying an object, even if the finished product is only "half as good" as the original. This makes it difficult for the user to abuse the ability on larger objects, while small objects, such as bullets, can be replicated in mere seconds, while swords and the like, take only a few seconds to gain a solid image.