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The Gen Gen no Mi is a Paramecia Devil Fruit that was fed to an ancient sword long ago. The Devil Fruit allows the consumer to manipulate gravity and any phenomena relating to it. This labels said person a Gravity Human (重力人間, Jūryoku Ningen).


Like all other Devil Fruits, it obviously takes the form of a fruit of sorts. In this case, it's in the shape of a gourd-like pear, having vines growing from the tip. Also, like all Devil Fruits, it has swirls all over its surface. However, unlike most of its kind, it's recorded to be a very large Devil Fruit — being twice the size of Dahlia's hands. It's known to be a very heavy Devil Fruit as well, weighing precisely 10 pounds (4.53592 kg); this makes it the heaviest Devil Fruit to-date. Ironically, the weight and size fits perfectly with the power it grants. One of the most mesmerizing aspects of this fruit is the color and the glow it gives off. Being a radiant shade of hot pink, it gives off a heavy aura. This aura is found every time the consumer calls upon the fruits power. This aura makes it hard for a normal person to approach it. Only those with a strong enough will can ever hope to make contact with its being. Dahlia stated that the only reason she was able to successfully consume it was because she had a strong enough will to resist the fruits' immense aura. If she didn't have that, then she would've been able to gain the power contained within this mysterious item.


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