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The Giant Combat is a fighting style which has been used by the Giants of the Elbaf Kingdom for centuries. Very similar Fishman Karate, Merman Combat, and Tontatta Combat, this unique fighting style incorporates the unique traits of their own race.

Overview Edit

Giant Combat is a form of combat which covers a wide scheme of fighting styles. The Fighting Style usually emphasizes on the use of a weapon, transferring the Giant's colossal strength to deadly tool. While not ideal against small targets, this fighting style is very effective against those of the same stature, granting them a numerous amount of way to punish their opponents.

In recent years, several advancements in the fighting style have been made in order for it to be effective against those of any race. Rather than solely utilizing their raw strength, the user use their longevity through qigong to store energy throughout the years then later use it in battles. Through this ability, the user is able to temporarily increase their physical capabilities and ignore repercussions such as pain or age. Plus, a user could be able to produce unique effects such as massive shockwaves through air currents, incredible heat, or even blasts of energy, if skilled enough. This modification was developed by Frederick Barbarossa.

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