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Gin is a martial artist and a member of the Wolf Pirates.


Gin is a lean and slim young man with very sharp features, yellow eyes, and long, spiky, silver hair. Though he initially appeared to be quite slim at first, this was due to his baggy clothing, Gin is actually very muscular holding a large amount of lean muscle mass across his frame, which is noticeably wide for his someone his size. He wears a tight black long-sleeved shirt and loose fitting white pants with a yellow sash tied around his waist.


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Gin seems to strongly idolise his sensei, Nannari Badr and as such has developed a personality vaguely reminiscent of the latter's. Sharing his sensei's anti-totalitarian attitude and dislike for the Marines and World Government as well as an extremely sense of tenacity. He however does not share Badr's views on justice, believing firmly in the doctrine of survival of the fittest. He lacks empathy for people he believes are weak, asserting that they are destined to. He also seems to be homicidal, possessing a casual disregard for human life.

Most probably his most noteworthy trait, gin is very bloodthirsty in nature, even someone like Badr has commented on it. He thoroughly enjoys fighting above all else and will more often than nought go out of his way to "get his fill". This bloodthirsty nature often makes him act recklessly even if he knows better, he simply cannot turn down the opportunity to fight someone, especially someone strong. As well as being aggressive and sarcastically rude, he is also very sharp-tonged and an avid user of vulgar language. He is apparently quite vengeful, taking it upon himself to punish the black hat gang for their betrayal despite receiving firm orders not to.



Nannari BadrEdit

Gin looks up to Badr and is inspired by his strength and willpower.



Gin has a certain amount of respect for Kal because of his martial arts prowess and power, but otherwise strongly dislikes him.


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Abilities and PowersEdit


Gin defeats the Black Suit Gang by himself.

Despite his young age, Gin is one of the Wolf pirates strongest fighters and is considered by the captain to be one of his greatest assets.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Main article: Gensoken

Gin's primary fighting style revolves around this martial art style, the Gensoken. Gin is a highly skilled user of this style and is considered a prodigy in it's use by his sensei, Badr. He is capable of using at least two of the four forms but he is particularly skilled in the art of counter striking. He can utilize slick and refined movement with ingenious countering and powerful strikes to devastating effect.

Besides his martial arts prowess, Gin is physical very powerful, his punches are powerful enough to inflict grievous wounds on the metallic and highly durable body of Hunter and knock out opponents with a single strike. He can throw blistering combinations in mere seconds and take the most spatially aware opponents by surprise constantly. With his impeccable reflexes he can react to attacks almost instantaneously. He can dodge bullets, in fact he can dodge a large group of marksmen shooting at him all once. He has even swatted bullets out the air with his bare hands.

He can continue fighting even when he has immense amounts of bleeding and multiple fractured bones. He has incredible superhuman senses. He is capable of sensing the trajectory of bullets fired from both long-range and short-range and reacting accordingly. Gin possesses a tremendous amount of stamina and endurance, often outlasting his opponents despite fighting for longer than them.

Tactical WitEdit

Gin has proven to highly resourceful and cunning, tricking Honos into distancing himself from his men so that he could fight him on more favourable grounds.


Main article: Haki

Being a pirate from the new world, Gin has awakened the mysterious power known as "Haki".

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