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Glynn "Ghost Violet" Tom is a Rookie Pirate and the Captain of his own crew, The Ghost Pirates. Among one of the most infamous Rookies of the past year, he has been a thorn in the side of the World Government since he began his journey, one marred by the loss of many civilian lives given his ruthless disposition. As Glynn funds his crew through pillaging villages he comes across. He's known for his arrogance and brutality, belittling his foes and finishing them off in the most painful manner possible.

Much of Tom's arrogance stems from the Logia-type he acquired early on in his pirating career, namely that of the Gasu Gasu no Mi; which allows him to manipulate, generate and turn into poisonous gas. Due to the fruits defensive power and the general dearth of Busoshoku Haki users outside of the New World, Glynn has come to view himself as almost invincible.

Beyond his status as a Captain, Tom also happens to be an amateur toxicologist; who studies various toxic compounds in order to increase the potency of his Devil Fruit in combat. Overall, Glynn is considered to be well on his way to becoming a so-called Super Rookie.


It cannot be contested that Tom enjoys the finer things in life, for his attire is of impeccable style and tailoring. Glynn claims that he had a master tailor design it just for him while he held the man's family hostage. It consists of silk pants and a black leather vest over a long-armed fine shirt with a bent collar. Around his neck he wears a gorgeously made purple silk tie, with an amethyst brooch set in the center. Purple is a color that Glynn adores, for it signifies magnificence, wealth and most importantly, power.

Superficially, Glynn is a man of a pleasing appearance, with an angular face, fair skin and piercing eyes. His dark eyes are bespectacled, which together with his fine dress gives him the look of a well-established statesman or magistrate. Civilians who meet him for the first time thus let their guard down, allowing him to exploit them more easily.

As someone who's fought in his share of battles, and trained in order to ensure he's stronger than his opponents, Glynn also maintains a healthy and strong physique, fit to endure the hardships of a life at sea.


Many things can be said about Tom Glynn, but the words forgiving, kind or generous is not among them. Indeed, Glynn is an extremely vindictive man and goes to great lengths to destroy the lives of those he believes has wronged him somehow. Without care for the consequences, or the people who might get in the way, such as him opting to kill an entire family of rebels when he was unsure who were actually responsible. Although he's not above displaying a degree of superficial charm and well-manners, at his core he's every bit the thug and tyrant as any other ill-meaning pirate, just with more expensive clothing and better groomed appearances.

Another defining trait of Tom Glynn is his thirst for excellence, whether it be in matters of wealth, influence, personal strength or power. It was this that eventually lead him to become a pirate, as he realized that while being a noble had many advantages; it limited his potential and scope. As a noble he would not be in want for anything, but it wasn't an existence that offered much in the way freedom, and in the grand scheme of thing, its power was restricted only to the Goa Kingdom. To attain his personal ideal, he realized, he would need to be unbound by any laws or conventions, he would need to become a Yonkō; a king unto himself, a man unrestrained by laws or regulations except those he made himself, a man with true freedom.

Tom is also a highly inquisitive person, and is interested in knowledge for the sake of knowledge; eagerly listening to whatever is said in the hope it might one day benefit him to remember it. He enjoys conducting experiments of the powers of his Devil Fruit, typically on innocent civilians or prioners, something that usually leads to a long and torturous death on their part -- showing an utter disregard for life in its many forms.

However, despite the wealth of bad traits, Tom Glynn appears to genuinely care for his crewmates, having picked them himself and viewing them as the closest thing he has to a family. Although he's unwilling to die for them, he's still willing to go to great lengths to retrieve them should they disappear.

But by far the most defining trait of Tom Glynn is his immense arrogance and ego, believing himself to be destined for a great destiny, this trait is only made worse by the fact that Tom Glynn rarely encounters Haki users. Leading him to somehow view himself as being utterly invincible as a combatant, and a man who's surely chosen to become a Yonko or perhaps even the Pirate King someday. In his eyes, the Logia-intangibility of his Devil Fruit is yet another proof of the great things he's meant to achieve, and insists that people refer to him respectfully with honorfics for that reason.


Noble BeginningsEdit

The man that would later be known as Tom Glynn was born in the Goa Kingdom to a family of Noble standing. His name then was Tomateus Archimedes Glynn, a hideous name that he would later disown, and he was the son that his parents wanted in order to further their legacy. From an early age, Glynn was taught about the importance of proper etiquette, and about how he was simply superiour to mere commoners, being chosen by the divines themselves in order to stand above the filth of the world.

However while they went to great lengths to ensure that he inherited their ways, and understood what was expected of a noble like him. They failed to instill in him the idea that he was loved and cared for, because to them, he was simply a bargaining chip in order to increase and preserve their social standing. But this didn't bother Tom in the least, for he realized that his family had great resources and exploiting his parents was a simple matter as long as he played the part expected of him.

This charade of luxury, promises he didn't intend to keep and terrible treatment of those lower than him lasted until the man was sixteen years of age, whereupon he began to harbor ambitions of cutting loose from his situation and reaching for greater power still. For it had dawned to him that he needed to be both powerful, wealthy and influential to lead a life worth living. Thus he began to hire instructors to teach him how to fight, while his parents disapproved of this arrangement he'd learned their ways and threatened to destroy their reputation if they failed to go along with his wishes.

Given their fear of losing their status, they begrudgingly allowed him to do as he wished, and he in turn continued to play the part expected of him. Eventually, at the age of twenty, he decided the time had come to cut his strings and hired assassins to kill his own parents, feeling no remorse or affection towards them given how they'd raised him. With them gone he inherited their great fortune and used it to make preparations for his new ambition, to find One Piece and become the Pirate King.


In the year after acclaiming his great wealth, Glynn began to assemble a large group of muscleheads and mercenaries to serve as his crew, and began building a large ship capable of comfortably carrying him across the seas. But the vast majority of his parents wealth was put to the purpose of giving him power, specifically by acquiring a mighty Devil Fruit to give him an advantage over the other pirates in his area.

This fruit turned out to be the powerful Logia-type Gasu Gasu no Mi; which he only managed to acquire by selling all of his families belongings and estates, as the price of a Logia was simply astounding. Even so, with a ready made crew and a solid ship, Tom Glynn cast aside his heritage and set out to fulfill his dream, while using the powers of the Devil Fruit to wreak havoc across the East Blue. Experimenting and testing the limits of his power by murdering many marines in the area, dismanting a large number of their bases and escape by holding entire towns hostage.

Following his departure for the Grand Line, many towns were pillaged wherever he went, causing great numbers of civilian casualties. Towns were burned to the ground under his ruthless campaign and any marine who dared raise their hand in rebellion were swiftly dispatched by his wicked ways. Thus, the experience and skill he's achieved with his Devil Fruit was made possibly by many a human sacrifice.

While most of his original crew died during these dark days, Tom's power as a Logia-user kept him safe from harm and ensured his survival and ability to move into the Grand Line.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Devil FruitEdit

Captain Glynn ate the Gasu Gasu no Mi several years ago and thus became a Gas Human. Under the system devised by Admiral Fuyuki it is classified as a Scope-type Logia. Meaning that it sacrifices personal power in exchange for a much larger scope and variety of effects; allowing the user to generate, manipulate and become gas at will. In his hands, its power is great, as the man combines its properties with his knowledge of chemistry and toxicology to lethal effect.

Overall, Tom has proved knowledgeable enough to use it to recreate a large number of existing gases at will, most noteably utilizing his ability to generate Pyrophoric gases to form a far more concentrated offensive than that of its previous user, Caesar Clown. Allowing the Captain to simultaneously create and combust his own gases while manipulating oxygen to control their flow with pin-point precision.

His most common offense is through the application of characteristic blue-green flames generated through the interaction of concentrated oxygen and combusting gases. Being oxidized flames these attacks are capable of widespread devastation and are so exceptionally hot that physical contact is unnessecary for them to deal damage, and whenever he uses this extremely destructive application the surrounding area is set aflame almost immediately. [3]

In the event that this fails, Glynn has the ability to produce various gases of lethal toxicity, most noteably high concentrations of cyanide, chlorine and mustard gas. In addition to the ability to remove oxygen from the air itself, leading to a quick death by asphyxiation; an ability that Caesar once named Karakuni.[4]

Like the vast majority of Logia-type eaters, Glynn is capable of turning intangible in order to avoid injury, and anyone who inhales his incorporeal state are affected by its lethal poison. Furthermore, he's also capable of fully transforming into colorless gas in order to make himself invisible to most senses, granting him a great degree of stealth if required. Glynn also appears to possess a significant degree of speed, being able to position himself a significant distance within the span of a few seconds, vanishing from sight and appearing on a nearby rooftop during his first meeting with Phim D. Sera.[5]


Ghost Violet Tom
  • First Bounty: Tom received a bounty of 40,000,000 shortly after becoming a pirate, largely due to him possessing a Logia in sea where such powers were considered largely invincible. His abilities allowing him to enter marine-controled settlements and steal whatever supplies he needed, and openly defy them at every turn.
  • Second Bounty: Tom's inhumane actions at Yenny Island, where it was revealed that he orchestrated the terminal pandemic that ravaged its population, and attempted to coerce desperate parents into slavery for the cure. Ruthlessly killing marines sent to stop him, and advancing his powers largely through human experimentation, all in addition to similar atrocities committed throughout the East Blue and Paradise, caused Tom's bounty to double from 40,000,000 to 80,000,000 in a comparatively short span of time.[2]


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