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The Golden Cloud Pirates are a relatively new crew from the New World. It was co-founded by Toxikon F. Nor and Kinmichi Seraph who both were crewless at the time and decided to rectify the problem by making their own. Since their founding, they have sabotaged a ship belonging to the Marines and are currently in the process of stealing one.

Jolly RogerEdit

The flag of the Golden Cloud Pirates is a fusion of Seraph's and Nor's Devil Fruit powers, Seraph's fruit being the Kin Kin no Mi respresenting the gold and Nor's fruit being the Moya Moya no Mi representing the clouds. The actual Jolly Roger consists of a gold skull with bone shaped clouds.

Crew MembersEdit

Name Rank Bounty Status
Seraph KinmichiCaptainBeli 20,000,000+Active
Toxikon F. NorCo-Captain/First MateBeli 3,500,000+Active
Scott LiviaGunnerBeli 5,000,000+Active
Pengu MarekōCookBeli 150+Active
Tempest D. JupiterNavigatorBeli 15,000,000Active

Crew StrengthEdit

Main GoalEdit


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