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Gregario is a Bounty Hunter who made it to the Grand Line to search for larger bounties. He has thus far been quite successful, and has made somewhat of a name for himself as someone that pirates should fear. Having eaten the Mushi Mushi no Mi, Model: Locust, he has become a Locust Man and gained the epithet Human Pestilence. He has been targeting the Dread Pirates for some time now, and seems to especially go after Aranka.


Gregario is a muscular man who is slightly taller than average. He has short, green hair, sharp green eyes and multiple scars on his face that indicate his life spent fighting. He wears a white body armour that has black Kevlar underneath, so as to provide protection at the joints in the armour.




Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Physical CapabilitiesEdit

Devil FruitEdit

Fighting StyleEdit

Gregario uses a kickboxing style that he created, so as to suit his Devil Fruit. It makes use of powerful sweeping kicks, while filling in the gaps with strong knees and quick elbows. From a young age, Gregario was trained in mixed martial arts. This past of his gave him the tools he needed to develop a fighting style that was different from what he previously used. He based the style on the strengths he gained from his Devil Fruit, and the effectiveness of it gets maximized when he is in his hybrid form. To fully take advantage of a locust's strengths, he included leaps as a major part of the style. It has proven useful when he is in his human form, but when he takes goes as a hybrid, he becomes capable of almost entirely controlling the distance of a fight. Long distance essentially doesn't even exist in a battle against him, as anyone who is capable of hitting him is within his strike range. He has shown the ability to take a sniper that was aiming at him out with a jumping knee before they could even react. He will usually fight opponents that are really close to him with his elbows. His elbows have been likened to two knives, as they slash just like blades. He often uses his elbows by slashing with them, and rotating in a circular, continuous motion while doing so, though he will occasionally stab with his elbows. Gregario's knees, on the other hand, are comparable to spears. He uses them to deliver thrusts at opponents from just about any range. Finally, his legs are his preferred weapon, and provide the greatest amount of damage from his arsenal. The drawback to using his kicks is that there is a small area of effectiveness for him to properly use them; where if the enemy is too close, their power will be drastically reduced; and if they are too far away, he will simply miss. To make up for these deficiencies, he included elbow and knee strikes to his repertoire. If he properly connects with one of his sweeping kicks, it has enough power to bend iron.

When he enters his hybrid form, his attacks all become more powerful. In addition, by gaining an exoskeleton, his knees, elbows, and shins all gain sharp edges. This makes his elbows slash deeper, his knees to pierce more easily, and most devastatingly, for his kicks to cut a person in half. By making use of the Gregaria form, he becomes even stronger than he normally is as a hybrid, and also gains an incredible ferocity that he didn't have before. This gets seen by his attacks showing signs of the Power of Destruction. His kicks become capable of aerial slashes, similar to a Rankyaku. His elbow slashes can also make flying cuts, though much weaker than the ones created by his legs, and his knees can pierce all the way through large objects. After fighting in this excited form for a short period, his body will begin to overheat, providing a fiery edge to his attacks. And as the Gregaria form grows wings, he can fly to better his mobility.

Other SkillsEdit

He has always held a fascination in navigation, having studied the ins and outs of it from a young age. By combining this knowledge with the natural skills he had for it, he became a very skilled navigator. After he had already become a well known bounty hunter in the South Blue and made it into the Grand Line, he ate a Devil Fruit that actually improved these skills.



  • Roberts
  • Aranka


Behind The ScenesEdit

  • He is based off of Thien from Terraformars.
  • His name was chosen as a play on the scientific name of the desert locust, S. gregaria.
  • His rivalry with Aranka is based off of this picture of a locust combating an orb-weaver spider.