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— Gurin

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Gurin (愚林, "Foolish Forest") is a pirate and the Swordsman of the Fang Pirates. Born on the mysterious Kuraigana Island through currently unknown means, Gurin was also abandoned there as a child, and found himself promptly attacked by the Humandrill that lived there. Forced to fight against them to survive, Gurin found himself battling everytime everyday, scrounging for food and supplies, as well as a good place to sleep whenever he possibly could, all the while hurting and wondering why he had been left there, and his overall purpose in life. Eventually, in order to fight back against the Humandrills, Gurin developed his own sword fighting style, known as Rokutouryuu (緑刀流, "Green Sword Style"), and build his own custom sword in order to use it, which he refers to as Suigyokuryū. With this in mind, Gurin continued to fight against his adverseries, and as more time went by he slowly developed the ability to fight equally to, and slowly began to superseed the Humandrills in swordfighting. However, before he could complete this stage of his training, he came across a stray newspaper that had made its way onto the island, and from this he learned of the title known as "Greatest Swordsman in the World". Becoming entranced by this idea and the fun that could be had seeking it out, Gurin set out to sea in the hopes of achieving the fabeled position for himself.

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As a child, Gurin's personality is almost imposible to describe, if only for the fact that it can be considered nonexistent. All the thoughts that went through his head where based purely around the art of survival, and of preparing for his next round of combat with his persisent simian adversaries. Because of this, he had next to no time to develop the likes of interest or enjoyment in anything, save for swordplay itself. In fact, his devotion to the art of sword fighting can be considered even extreme at times, especially when he was a child and had little, if nothing else to become interested and invested it.

After leaving the island and becoming exposed to a massive amount of people for the first time, Gurin had no real way to take it all in, and was forced to adapt to constant social contact as fast as he possibly could. However, he also developed an intense enjoyment for being simply around people, which clashed violently with the incredible shyness and quietness that gripped him after he realized how many people there were in the world, and he seems to give off a mixture of both, leading to him often being seen to the side of large crowds, usually in a semi-corner of the room, happily watching everything going on around him while remaining as quiet and out of the way as possible. Some people even initially believe that Gurin is mute, for he speaks very little, usually replying to other people in the form of a variety of motions and random grunts. However, he is fully capable of speak, albeit slightly odd speech thanks to acquiring this knowledge from a wide variety of people who all spoke slightly differently, though he prefers to avoid speaking due to the aforementioned silence. In fact, his standard habit of pulling the top of his scarf over his mouth is symbolic of this, indicating that he has no desire to talk, and generally will not unless the situation calls for it. His shyness also allows him to move around surprisingly quietly, at times leading to him seemingly appearing from nowhere in the middle of a situation, usually watching idly or preparing to use his words in order to enter the conversation himself, however briefly this may be.

Gurin also mostly comes off as a rough and tumble rulebreaker, in a matter of speaking. He dislikes taking orders from those he views as inferior to him, and even for those who are in a higher position than him he will show a decent amount of unhappiness at being told to do something. The lone exception to this seems to be his captain, Bellamy D. Samuel, who he mostly defers to out of respect (incredibly rare exceptions not counted). At times, his rebellious streak can lead to him point blank toning out anyone whom he doesn't want to listen to, regardless of the situation, preferring to act on his own judgement and instincts; a temperament that has gotten the swordsman into trouble more times than he would even admit. Gurin does show a decent amount of respect to all people, however, so long as they don't attempt to tell him what to do without good reason, and he generally treats someone the same way he treats everyone: respect, but no difference. He has also seems to have discovered and delighted in the art of sarcasm, and he often indulges in it when he speaks, when not giving off something of an aura of indifference, which generally causes others to become angry or surprised at him. 

In keeping with his massive interest in the so-called "outside world", Gurin is always eager to try something new, no matter what it is, which can lead to trouble as it makes him much easier to prank than others. He has developed an intense sweet tooth, and has even trained his nose to pick up any smells of sugar or other desserts when he reaches a new island or town, often wandering off on his own at first in order to find them and quickly devouring them. He originally had no real concept of 'money' or 'payment', and found himself piggybacking off his crewmates at times, though he has gradually developed an idea about the monetary system in general. While he can't quite be considered a pervert, Gurin isn't necessarily the type who would close his eyes either, and generally views such circumstances in an almost academic fashion, adding them to his experiences in the 'outside world' (because of this, he rarely reacts with a nosebleed or the like, though depending on the situation this will indeed occur).

Gurin is addicted to swordplay, and often spends the most time during an ordinary day polishing, inspecting, and fixing his sword to make sure that it remains in the best condition possible. He takes an insane amount of pride in his work, and isn't afraid to show it off to any passing swordsmith that he meets, or simply other swordsmen in general. The easiest way to provoke him is, therefore, to damage or insult his blade in any way, in which case Gurin will often fly into an over-the-top and comedic range, forgoeing his dislike of speech in order to bite the ears off of anyone who thinks that his sword isn't a fine piece of art. This can extend to him giving the offender an in-depth look at the sword and how he constructed it, demanding that they accept it as incredible craftsmanship and refusing to take anything resembling 'no' as an acceptable answer. Gurin is also incredibly protective of his sword, and is loath to let it leave his hands at any time, often keeping it either slung around his back or holding it with his right hand, keeping it as close to his person as he can possibly keep it.

When it comes to combat, Gurin is very much a combat junkie, though his love of swordplay still shines through. He generally forgoes any kind of rules or honor when he is fighting seriously, his years of fighting as a child leading to him believing that winning and surviving is more important than fighting honorably. However, he still shows respect to an opponent that he deems strong, and often complements their fighting style and the construction of their blade in general, as well as being equally open to doing the opposite and degrading them for their style and construction skills. Gurin considers someone whom he can fight more than once to be a miraculous thing, and is highly happy when he meets such a person, often humming cheerily for days on end when this occurs.

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