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The Guta Guta no Mi (ぐたぐたの実 Concrete-Concrete Fruit) is a Logia kind of Devil Fruit, which enables its user the capability of producing, manipulating and transforming into concrete.[1] The user of this fruit is known as a Concrete Human (具体人間 Gutai Ningen). It was eaten by Naosaki Jun.[2]

Its powers were first hinted during the Marine Reunion at Mariejois,[1] and it was only named during a Mission at Bluenote.[2]


Jun already had her powers when she was nearly sold out as a Slave, having acquired them at the age of ten.[3]



As with all other Logias, this fruit's main strength is the fact that Jun can produce and control limitless amounts of a certain element, it being Concrete, at her own will, encasing herself and her surrounds in it. This concrete usually manifests with a grey-brown tone.[1] She is also capable of shapeshifting into said element through reflex, making her intangible.

Differently from most Logias, which dissipate out of harm's way, this is one of the few ones which can be actually hit by a physical attack. Even so, Jun is still capable of reforming her shattered parts.[4]

By concentrating, Jun can feel what the earth around her feels, through touch. Thus, she is capable of locating and sensing disturbances through a certain range.[5]



Aside from these, the Guta Guta suffers the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.



  • Lizard Wing ():
    • Black Lizard Wing ():
  • Lizard Fury ():
  • Lizard Embrace ():
  • Lizard Spine ():
  • Lizard Smash ():


  • Guta comes from Gutai (ぐたい), the Japanese word for Concrete.



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