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The HMS Joke was a standard sexual slavery ship and the birthplace of Wake, who was the bastard child of a prostitute and a Chief Petty Officer. The ship's captain was Charles Vane. It was burnt and destroyed by Wake, while witnessing his mother killed.. This had given Wake's first bounty,Beli Small 4,000,000.


The HMS Joke resembled a typical marine ship, with four masts and two sails. The size of the ship is average sized. It is painted brown, with white sails and painted across them is the typical Marine symbol. It appears there are canons on the sides.


Not much is known about the creation of the ship, apart from the fact this is where Wake was raised, by his unnamed prostitute mother. Wake was raised poorly, as food supplies were small and was often hungry. Four years later, Charles Vane had found the Gufu Gufu no Mi, and Wake had secretly consumed it while looking for a meal to eat. His mother later on died from a gunshot by Charles, and Wake unleashed a storm upon the ship, triggering an explosion which led to flames that shortly consumed the ship.


  • This is based on the HMS Black Joke, which was a Brazillian slave ship.

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