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History Edit

Early Childhood Edit

His father was an abnormal giant by the name of Gorth, who sought to return home after venturing to conquer new lands. However, fate would ensure that he and his crew wouldn’t. Upon having their ship coated for the underwater expenditure through fishman island, they would be apart of the seventy percent that wouldn’t make it. A tidal wave devoured their ship, but Gorth continued to swim, until fatigue introduced him to the watery depths below. It was luck that saved him; a giant fish woman prevented his death, and took him in. Regardless of his life being saved, the amount of time he was submerged proved damaging. For months, she assisted him even in the simplest task: walking, eating, using the bathroom, etc. The shut off of oxygen from his brain took away his sight. Despite being a stranger, this fish woman took him in and it was that act of selflessness that won his heart, and the two promptly followed with marriage and a child of their own: Hachiman.

It was this birth that would bring about the end to their marriage however, with the death of Gorth. During the process, the giant retracted a disease that would gravely weaken his immune system. For years, he fought it, but in the end he succumbed to its effects and passed in third year of his son’s life; his son that was born with the appearance of a human. Despite Gorth offering very little financial assistance to the family, his death would indeed impact them in an enormously negative manner. As a giant, he was physically intimidating, and people often avoided his family out of fear of being destroyed. When he passed however, an opportunity for the fishmen and merfolk who hated humans—and by extension giants who are simply giant humans—to openly discriminate against the family.

At the age of three, Hachiman was placed into the local schools on Fishman island, where he would be introduced to some of the most inappropriate behavior. He was different, and it was no defying that fact. He was severely smaller than most of the other children, his skin was akin to that of a human, and so was everything else about him. It was this outward difference which would subject him to discrimination: from the teachers, from the other parents, but most of all from the other students. To them, he was a demon that they wanted to go away; they hated humans, and he was the most similar to human as one could be in their society. Often times, when the teacher wasn’t watching—or sometimes when the teacher pretended to not watch—the other children would physically abuse Hachiman by throwing pencils, spitting gum in his hair, and some would outright attack him with their first or whatever natural weaponry they had.

Despite reporting this to every possible official she could have, the problems ceased. She would’ve have pulled him from school, however she was uneducated herself, thus could not provide the education her son required to succeed in society. Instead, she enrolled him in a fishman Karate dojo where he could learn to protect himself. Unlike the other fishman, the dojo master was not reluctant to accept Hachiman as his pupil, thus he was allowed to practice the ancient fighting style of the fishmen. Whereas the other children and pupils were forced to undergo extreme physical conditioning exercises before even starting to practice the forms, Hachiman was naturally physically gifted. Due to his giant lineage, his body vastly surpassed many of the other students. He could do the exercises more effectively, and with very little strain; the martial arts seemed to come naturally to him as well. It was clear that he was the destine to be the best.

Within several years, he had become the pride of the dojo. Every tournament they partook in, the dojo won, thanks to Hachiman. By the time he was ten, he had already surpassed several of his elder peers by becoming a black belt. Although his talents benefitted the dojo, his fellow pupils grew envious; they hated him for his difference, but more so for his skill. The master often gave him the most attention out of them all. He had grown far too powerful for any of them to attempt to fight, thus they instead decided to attack everything he owned. It was intended to be a prank, but would turn into the most life-changing event in his life. When Hachiman was away at the dojo, some of the students approached his home, and mischievously set it on fire. They left quickly to avoid being spotted. However, what they hadn’t checked for was his mother who found out about the fire much too late and burned with it, orphaning Hachiman.

Young Adult Edit

With his mother dead, Hachiman (now ten years old) found himself without someone to take care of him, and without a home. His sensei, after hearing about the incident, extended his home to Hachiman. The boy gladly accepted, and in response he devoted the entirety of his time to perfecting his martial arts. With an increased focus, he was able to master the karate and juijutsu within a matter of two years; every single minute of every single day was spent perfecting them, so it was only natural. As a means to reimburse his sensei, Hachiman participated in numerous tournaments. However, the dojo itself required a gargantuan amount of funds to maintain, especially if it was to remain the best on the island. Hachiman, even as a twelve year old, could see the strain that he placed on his sensei. He had a wife, and three children to take care of, along with a dojo to maintain. The financial burden that he placed upon his sensei—the only man to ever offer him a fair chance—bothered him greatly. Seeing very little option, he departed his home and joined the armed forces of fishman island.

There, he yet again found himself heavily discriminated against despite is above par skills compared to the rest of the soldiers, especially for his age. Unlike his past, Hachiman no longer had people to comfort him in his time of need, nor a place to call his sanctuary. In this armed forces, he was truly alone. When he would fight back, he found himself forced to scrub the floors with his toothbrush, forced to skip dinner for three days, and in some cases they would restrain him and allow his assailants to physically attack him. He eventually ceased the fight after being punished for his resistance, and this only caused his "comrades" to show their malice more frequently. He would wake up beaten and battered, sometimes sliced open or with gunshot wounds. Their words, their punches, their bullets barely affected him after a time.

Although they were heavily prejudice, his fellow armed soldiers acknowledged his superior strength in comparison to theirs, and that alone was the reason why he had a record for the most missions attended, and the most missions successful in the entire kingdom's history. One day, the world government requested the fishman army's service. A group of bandits had escaped their grasp, but were near their island. Accepting, Hachiman was placed on a ship with two hundred other fishman to capture the small band of pirates, however the government had failed to specify that these pirates were giants. Upon confronting them, the fishman forces were crushed and most of them were killed. Standing on their bones, Hachiman found the energy to make one last stand, and challenged the pirate leader. If he had won, the pirates would turn themselves in, and if he didn't then Hachiman's life would forever be in his hands. Naturally, the leader accepted and they engaged in battle. This time, the opponent was stronger, faster, more durable, and much larger than what he was used to. Regardless, he fought to his heart's content.

Despite his strength, he lost the duel, but death did not claim his soul. Instead, he was taken as their captive—a slave who would forever serve their crew until he drew his last breath. As a man of honor, Hachiman served the crew diligently: mopping the deck, cleaning the toilets, preparing their meals, etc. Every minute of the day went into satisfying the crew in whatever manner he was allowed to, but during the night he'd hone his martial arts skills with hopes of challenging their leader again to escape his shackles. He practiced his control over the sea, and slowly he began to show progress. Whereas his master was forced to use excessive movements to pull the ocean, a flick of his wrist could cause the water erupt into the air; his superior physical strength proved the reason for this. A year following his enslavement, he challenged Brogy again with his newfound powers, but the giant had improved as well, and Hachiman fell in battle yet again. Much more impatient after a year had past, he challenged the leader within another six months, but the outcome was the same.

Broken, Hachiman continued his chores for the rest of the day, however at night he wasn't seen training, but weeping for one of the few times in his life. He remained frustrated, with his captain for the most part, but with reality in general. Regardless, he had always been the underdog and wherever he went it was always a living hell. Dorry, the co-captain of the ship, spotted Hachiman in shambles. Naturally, he approached, but when he did Hachiman turned away and faced the sea. It was then he was given the option to run away. After all, he was part fishman and he could easily escape. The other option, one that Dorry claimed Hachiman never did, was to stay and not only fight, but win. At that very moment, it was said his life flashed before his eyes. Whenever he fought, he was punished, but rather than continue to fight he would give up just as he was doing now. Imbued with a newfound confidence, Hachiman promised to stay and fight. Under the night sky, he began to train. However, for the second time in his life, someone willingly trained alongside him.

For the next few years, he challenged Brogy in the day, and at night he would train with Dorry, soaking in all of the techniques and tips that the elder giant educated him on. By the time he had become twenty five, he had never won a single battle from the captain, and he continued to serve as their steward for a long ten years, but with each battle his strength was noted to have surpassed the first mates of the crew exponentially; they respected him, and he unknowingly earned it, to the extent that when his captains disbanded the crew they offered him the captain's seat while they conducted their hundred year long duel. Wishing to form a crew of his own, Hachiman declined and the pirate crew was effectively disbanded.

Golden Pirates Edit

Several days after his journey, Hachiman was subject to the power of a large storm. Fortunately, he had lived in the sea, allowing him to continue passing through it with relative ease. When his boat was toppled, or devoured by the waves, he’d defy their power to retrieve it. During this however, he encountered a ship being claimed by the enormous tsunami, and watched as several of its members were consumed by the waves. To the best of his abilities, he attempted to save them, but the tsunami proved powerful even to someone raised in the depths of the sea, and he was only able to save two of the crew members. He swam for miles until he reached the sandy dunes of Alabasta. Within hours of arriving, they awoke, welcomed by a warm smile and a brewing stew. After regaining their strength, and overcoming their fear of Hachiman, they set their sights on the next town which lay across a sea of sand. Without the proper supplies and equipment, the group barely survived their journey across desert, and if Hachiman hadn’t been there they would’ve surely perished. Even he however, despite his relatively efficient metabolism, was barely able to cross it without troubles and nearly succumbed to the extremities. It was through sheer willpower that he managed to do so. Regardless, they reached a small desert town, where they recuperated and gathered the necessary supplies for their journey. In the midst of this, an enemy of Brogy and Dorry spotted Hachiman.

Recognizing him as the steward, they believed him to be weak, and attempted to reclaim their proud by injuring him. Unfortunately, Hachiman was not as weak as they expected, and he defeated them rather quickly. Taking their gold, and treasure, he departed with his two companions across the remainder of the desert, until they reached the capitol of Alabasta. At that point, Hachiman wished the two travelers fortune and departed. Traveling to the bar for a drink, he encountered a pirate being assaulted by other pirates, and he offered his help. He managed to subdue the assailants, and save the pirate who thanked him. The two conversed for some time, and Hachiman revealed that he was looking to purchase a “small” boat to travel, but then the pirate offered him a room on his own ship. Recognizing the opportunity, Hachiman accepted his generous offer, and the two departed for the ship. Upon arriving, he discovered that this pirate was a member of the largest pirate Fleet, The Golden Pirates. Originally, he was taken as a threat by the man’s crewmates, however after explanation he was thanked; the captain of the ship emerged and personally welcomed Hachiman aboard, and as a symbol of his gratitude, and he held a feast in Hachiman’s favor.

Their victory was short lived, as the pirates that Hachiman defended the Golden Pirate crewmember from returned with several of their own ships. Although they were a notably powerful crew, they remained unprepared and soon found themselves in panic. Using his superior physical prowess and skill in fishman karate, Hachiman conjured tsunamis that swallowed these ships whole, allowing the Golden Pirates to escape. Following this, they immediately requested that he be a part of their crew, however he ultimately denied despite their excessive pleading. During their venture, they came upon another island, overrun by pirates. Thanking the Golden Pirates for their service, Hachiman departed, but such was short lived. The survivors of the other pirate crew confessed that they were defeated by a giant, thus the pirates placed a rather large bounty on his head; 10 million berries. His stay on this island consisted of a series of attacks, which he managed to defend against. However, a band of pirates attacked, and their sheer numbers overwhelmed him. He would be saved by the golden pirates, who had followed him despite his denial. It was this act, coupled with the fact that he was no longer safe alone, that prompted Hachiman to become a member of their crew.

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