Haevyn Village is an article prescribed by Ash9876

Haevyn Village (ヘーベン村, Hēben Mura) is a small port town in Paradise.

History Edit

Following their encounter with Admiral Warren D. Ralph, the Veno Pirates had landed at Haevyn Village's port. The local Doctor, Hazen Yosef treated them of their injuries and took them to his clinic for recuperation.[1]

Soon afterwards, Shichibukai Salazar made his appearance to capture Veno. The Doctor took up his bow and attempted to fend off Salazar, but ended up relying on the assistance of Veno in order to escape from him. Veno took hostage of an innocent mother in order to escape, and ended up killing her in order to invoke the Shichibukai's wrath, leading to further pursuit down the line.[1]

Notable Citizens Edit

Notable Locations Edit

  • Hazen's Clinic (Destroyed)

References Edit

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